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86.04% "Empress" Stephanie: They think, "She's a Goddess"! Well, I'm not! / Chapter 37: 29 almost finished editing! I thought that long chapters, would be nice.

29 almost finished editing! I thought that long chapters, would be nice. - "Empress" Stephanie: They think, "She's a Goddess"! Well, I'm not! - Chapter 37 by Jessica_Nicoll full book limited free

Chapter 37: 29 almost finished editing! I thought that long chapters, would be nice.

Notes about this chapter, are as follows ... :(In random order)

How the chapter, would look, if I presented it, the way, that I want it to look. I already lost, a lot of this sort of editing, with a lot of emoji pictures, and everything ;

Notes 1️⃣&2️⃣, are "credits", for phases, that I associate, with people, who are not in this story ;

How to read, and to visualize, the alien-sounding account, below, this text.

... .


( Not the "Heavy Metal Rock", band)


(Not The Song, written by Ellie Greenwich, or the Musical, which, is about the lady, herself.)


(ℹℹ☄🪔 (that emoji, was a 💣 bomb)



(Remember, this whole "attack story", is meant to be shouted, in a roller-coaster way, like a demented, group of people, taking turns, hysterically reporting, an horrific, actual occurrence, that couldn't be possible, yet we witnessed it ‼️


(Different devices, show emojis, differently. My "‼️", are bright red, on one phone, and gray, on the other phone. I like the red "‼️".)


Each paragraph, is made up of one "ALL CAPITAL LETTERS" word, with the huge red ‼️, or ❓

after each word. Then, the emotional emogis follow, as well as the body parts, or whatever, is intended, as "a show, and tell", to illustrate, the report. )


(I also use EMOJIS, to clarify, who's talking, or what's happening. )


(Oh boy! The alien, below, was green. and interesting. on my other phone. Why does this phone, insist on gray?)


"ℹ️" is my version, of the spanish exclamation point, at the beginning, of orders, yelling, ... .


Here is a small section, of the countess, facial expressions, on the humans, (in this report), as the reactions changed, back and forth,

"🤢🥵🤮🥵🥶😮😳😲😦🥺😨😰😱🙊 ... " .

The colors of the faces, kept changing.

The emotions, and physical features, also kept changing.











(Stupid music, of your choice)





One time, when 🤴🏼👱‍♂️ Brian, was still 🤣exited, about becoming 👑Emperor, he had a😱⚡ shock.

His opponent, had an even worse tragedy😱😱. I wonder, how the stranger survived.🤺

My husband👱‍♂️👑, went on a quest, to sting, a 💊💉drug-smuggling-ring. Well, that's what the disembodied voice, from the 🏅 amulet, sent him👱‍♂️👑, to do.

👑👱‍♂️He arrived in, a garage, where,👱‍♂️👑he was immediately ambushed. As he was surrounded, by a mötley crew. (1️⃣)

👱👑Brian, was confused, by what was happening. It didn't seem, like his usual raid. This wasn't a unified group. Plus, there was no sign of drugs, or anything.

One fellow, who, seemed like, "The leader of the pack"🗡🤺. (2️⃣), thought that, he would attack, the Emperor👱👑, with a big "wind-up", like in base ball, except that (🤺 the leader) had a 🗡machete, which is a huge knife, 🗡usedf for fighting.🤺

Well, Brian↔️Brandan, 👱‍♂️🤴🏼👑🤫was wearing his new, translucent, transparent armor, which somehow

"💥💣 SHATTERED ‼️🤺🗡💪💥.


THE WHOLE ‼️🤺🗡💪💥.


AS WELL AS ‼️🤺🗡💪💥.

THE ‼️🤺🗡💪💥



WERE 💪🤺🗡️💥


AND ‼️🤺



AND ‼️



That had to hurt. 😱😱‼️🤺🗡💪🤢😫💥.









GO ❓

That's right, folks!

As you might guess, this was what shocked (Emperor Brian ↔️Brandan, my husband)👱‍♂️🤴🏼👑🅱🙀💥. He let out an awesome angry, anguished, silenced scream, as he was jolted, and horrified. He was PETRIFIED ‼️ as a strange statue. It was like magic, how he suddenly became a human mannequin, with a look of sheer horror, on his features. (not plastic, like in the stores,)🤴🏼👱‍♂️🙀


(Remember, All capital letters, one word at a time, with red exclamation points, and emojis, to show, what happened, to THIS PERSON)

⬇️ ↕️ ↕️ ⬇️

This "Leader of the Pack ", Stood there, without any thing coming out, of his exposed shoulder socket. It was dry, clean, shiny, and white, like a bowl, right next to his chest. ‼️


The would be assassin🤺🗡, actually passed-out, after emitting a horrendously ANGUISH-sounding yell. 🤺🗡😱🤬🗣🩸 😵

It would have been similar, to the bloodcurdling screaming intensity as Brian was doing. Only Brian was succumbing to someone's spell, which (again) silenced him somehow. While, WE COULD NOT HEAR, THE EMPEROR SCREECHING OUT HIS BRAINS, 👑👱🥵🙀











After this incredibly intense experience, I found, the machete-sward man, in bed, with his own arm restored. It was like a brand - new real extention of his body. There weren't any signs, of age, sun, or any other types of damage. It was the color, of that arm, from, when he was born. We do have pictures, from, his history.

Otherwise, The UNBELIEVABLY renewed "shoulder, to fingertips, was extremely accurate. It was like a naturally, muscle toned, mirror image replica, of the other arm. That is, it was smooth, and exactly like, a new born baby's. Course, we're talking about a 17 year old man's "shoulder, to fingertips," which as a whole, was the same, size and shape, as, before, the attack.



Again, I don't know, How he🤺🗡 survived.❓❓ Maybe, all of the Emperor's people, were skilled magical, medical👩🏼‍🔬🧑🏽‍🚀👨‍🚒🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️🧙🏽🩺💊🩸💉🛏⛑🥣 ⚗🧪🧫marvels.☆ Maybe, they had this potion,🥣🍵🧫🧪⚗ like, "skell-you-grow"🧴🧽 (Something like that), out of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" JK Rowling, Author.☆


I DON'T know, how the whole (shoulder, to fingers, to machete-sward tip) complex scattered‼️ Nothing was left. ‼️

(Not even, a Harry Potter arm, minus the bones, existed). No blood 🩸🩸🩸.

The whole phenomenal, superheroes event, was UNBELIEVABLY EXCRUCIATING, for, everyone, in so many ways‼️BOOM ‼️💣 💣 💣

Hay! That's the story, that I got, about what I witnessed, after the impact, of metal, to the fancy shiny armor.

I think it was true, as I was one of the first responders. Which means, I saw everything, for myself. Well, almost everything. I still don't know, where the arm went, as it certainly wasn't there, when, I came, yet, it was permanently restored, to its original splendor, minus any scars, scratches, broken, or fused (mended, fixed, healed) parts, from, the body, all the way, to the fingertips.🩺🩹💉💊🧫🧪🔋There wasn't any blood at any time, even at impact 🩸🩸🩸🩸 ‼️‼️


(see details of the Teseract, at the end, of the chapter. The first time, that I heard of it, was, in "A Wrinkle in Time" a novel, by Madeleine L'Engle ". ⚗🧪🔋🧴🍵🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️🧙🏽🧙🏽‍♂️🧙🏿‍♀️🧙🏻🦹🏿‍♂️🛌‼️‼️


(stupid music, of your choice, playing)


"ℹ️ℹ️👩‍🦰911 Empress Estephanie Vitality, Special daily news presentation of 'Sudden, Strange, Stupid, Stupefying, Stupendous, Superstitious, supercilious, superhero, Supernatural, Supposedly impossible, paranormal Phantom Phenomenon, amazing, Magical Mysterious, Mystical, Misty, Tragic, Terrible Trauma, Instant incredible transformations of time, matter, and space, that actually did happen to actual, amazing normal human beings.

Issued on : Year 12 : Month 7 : Week 47 : Day 6; of Empress Stephanie, and Emperor Brian↔️Brendan's Empirical Rein.

More Reinforced Reincarnations.

" ℹ️ℹ️ 911 EMPRESS STEPHANIE VITALITY, IS ISSUING, AN Excellent, Especially ubiquitous example, of the Real, reality, of The Vitality Realm.




(Whose "Shoulder to fingertips", were obliterated, when he used

a machete, to strike, Emperor Brian). REPORT, BY STEPHANIE, WHO AM ME‼️"

I was Screaming Dramatically, as I recounted this Real-Life Nightmare type of monstrosity, as it was excruciatingly painful, as well as completely insanely impossible!

Here is another answering, abusive, and absolutely absurd oxymoron alteration, of a babbling brook, called an awesome alternative alliteration:


¿¿ What was the Nightmare❓


"miraculously, mysteriously, mystically, and magically missing pulverized pulp of tiny dust", that formerly was a 17 Year-old's brawny brown *shoulder to fingertips natural human anatomy unit*, suddenly, surreptitiously, and stupifyingly, returned to its owner, completely rejuvenated, reinforced and renewed in a very visible, versitlte version, of reincarnation, of the formerly demolished, invisible, and then missing anatomy, and skeleton. The new (actual 💪 human, Not prosthetic 🦾, Not from another person) Regrown, reformed, Anatomical Unit, permanently pulsed and properly protuded, from the fortunately restored Seventeen year old "Drug King Pen", who looked more like The Leader of The Pack, of a Mötley Crew, of hastily assembled "Warriors" of various types. They had one or two things, ... : A navy hat, with summer street clothes ; A marine's cover (hat) with an oversized sweater, and baggy pants ; A mixture, of two military - uniforms, which was a full Navy Lieutenant's too-big, full dress uniform, with an Army Jacket. Some other gang members, were there, before I responded, to the call, of complete anarchy, and chaos. Whatever messes, that were in the room, disappeared, before my supercilious special arrival, in stunning, stupidly translucent transparent armor, that wasn't yet treated, with something, to repel, or shatter anything.



Another time, my man👱‍♂️🤴🏼👑 (Brian), was teleported mysteriously, mystically, magically and mystifyingly, to a deathly, 💥booming

war zone‼️‼️


to treat the wounded🧠🫀🫁🦷🦴👀🦾🦿🚑🦼.

He pulled-out, several enormous, actual "circus tent sized" blankets, that were foolproof-ly secured, inside a sandwich, of his own Vitality Armor, that was like Batman's cape.

Luxurious bed coverings, that were each big enough, to house Barnum and Bailey's Circus; were laminated, on both sides, between 2 layers of the same material, that disintegrated, all of the machete attacker's shoulder, to fingertips, as well as the whole huge knife, when its blade, struck Brian. Okay. 2 layers of this important, impervious, infinitely durable material, was on either side of a blanket, that was insulated, heated, cooled, originated, and even had food and water in it. Also, the people were supposedly able to make protective suits, to cover themselves, like I did. Okay, how'd they do that?

How can I make clothing, out of that complicated, heavy, giant massive sealed mess?

How is it, that he just happened to have one, let alone several, in his military-sized backpack?

Anyway, the Emperor, helped people, by covering them, and everything in the warzone, with the unbelievably unbelievable tarps, that responsibly recycled cleansed and enhanced fortified air, into, and outside of the overlapping tents. They all had all the actual vegan 🍲 food, with everything that they needed, for several days. All the cleaned, purified, filtered water, that was also fortified, was always available. The Emergency Medical Teams, could do everything, that they needed to do. No lost life, limb, or digit, was taken, from anybody.

When, the warring monarchies noticed, that the battle ground, was completely, and properly protected, from, "THE ONSLAUGHTS FROM ABOVE the Earth", (All kinds of bombs 💣 🚀✈☄🔥🪔🪨🪵🛸🚁🚠🪂🌩⛈☄🔥🏹🪓🗼⚡🌋🧱

and bullets, missiles ... they hollered, "CEASE FIRE ‼️‼️"

Would you believe, the 🎯 targets, were totally invincible, underneath, the "Batman" inspired, enormous blankets?

When no body, was getting injured, except for the bombers, (Bing bang boom Ricochet Rabbit) Whatever someone dropped, on the tarp, bounced right back, even a missile, on that treacherous trampoline.

Both warring countries, called, "CEASE FIRE ‼️‼️"

Until they were blue in the face, and crying. The Royalty hurt throats, with all of that abuse, called, "Screeching".

Brian 👱👑⛑🪖walked through the smoke, from 🔥fires, all the way, to the "used-to-be" or former fighting Monarchies. 🕍🕌🏯🏰

The first one, was a despot. (Despot: Usually, a mean and ruthless person, with complete authority, over a country, ). This formerly 👹🤬😈😡👿👺scary leader, POLITELY 🙂opened the castle🕍🚪 door, himself. He had mixed emotions,😀😶🤔😔🥵😳😳😄😡🥺😿🙀😀😶 as he lifted his 👑crown, from, his 🧓 head, so he could put it, on 👱‍♂️Brian's head, instead. (It is, a good thing, that my husband, already removed his own crown, as well as his helmet, and face-shield. The former despot, pledged allegiance, to, Brian V. Vitality, of Vitality Realm. This unusually sad, and friendly castle owner🧓, also pledged allegiance, to🤵🏿🇺🇸 President Barack Hussein Obama II , of the USA 🇺🇸 world power. 🤴🏼Brian also bowed, his lifetime service, to 🤵🏿🇺🇸 This president. The Vitality Islands, are part of Connecticut, USA. 🇺🇸

The 👸🏾monarch, who was fighting the 👹🧓dictator, held a similar ceremony, for her new 🤴🏼Emperor, and her 🤵🏿President.

The same thing, happened to 👩‍🦰 me, only, the war was still exploding around me, for a while, on my way, to the first 🏰🏰 castle, in my annexations, to Vitality, USA🇺🇸. I think, that I told you about that. I forget, which chapter, has the "full story" of that bizarrely difficult "second" of time, when I also went to Africa, as a spy. Come to think of that, nearly everyone pledged allegiance, to Vitality Realm👩‍🦰 (Me), and (President Barack Hussein Obama II of) USA🤵🏿🇺🇸. (Probably, the chapter, directly before, the summary, of my "African Experience". I wasn't in Africa, for the first 2 annexations anyway. I didn't know where I was, before I got to Africa, due to the total destruction all around me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-a-goddess%22!-well-i&apos;m-not!_20937881105178105/29-almost-finished-editing!-i-thought-that-long-chapters-would-be-nice._56687481097090623">;s-a-goddess%22!-well-i&apos;m-not!_20937881105178105/29-almost-finished-editing!-i-thought-that-long-chapters-would-be-nice._56687481097090623</a> for visiting.

In this way, of going to palaces and other homes, of Country Leaders, one or more of my kinsfolk, helped to expand, the Vitality Realm of the USA world-wide, every few months.

Some of us, like my sister, Margaret Vitality, thought that Aunt Shirley, was mysteriously teleporting us, to various times and places. Well, we were wrong. It wasn't Aunt Shirley.

During this time, my older sister, Margaret, thought, that Aunt Shirley, was a wicked witch, with sinister magical plans.

Actually, Shirley Vitality, has always been a great and good lady, who was constantly a misunderstood person. She has been sickly, on an off, for several decades. We still, couldn't completely cure her.

It didn't help anyone, that I still blamed Shirley Vitality, for everything strange and unusual, that happened around the estate.)

👩🏾‍🦰Margaret Vitality:

As one of my older sisters, 👩🏼‍🦰Margaret, "KNEW" that she, was more aware of, "Aunt Witch👩‍🦳 Shirley's, Evil magical plans", than 👩‍🦰 I was, she had no problems, with dealing with Auntie Shirley Vitality.

👩🏼‍🦰Margaret, is one of VERY FEW PEOPLE, who, stand-up to the old "witch", with "demon-like eyes", authority, and a clenched fist. 👩‍🦳.

This much younger woman, was ... : Shameless ; Assuming ; Scheming ;

Impulsive, impudent ; impetuous ;

👩🏾‍🦰😀😀😿😀Margaret, thought that, her dark complexion, with an even tan, obviously made her more knowledgeable, about interpersonal skills, survival tactics, academics, and life experiences. Her reasoning, was as follows, : She obviously spent her time, in the sunshine, as she championed her challenges, and action packed adventures.

All of this, constantly consistent fighting, winning and achieving personal development, was combined. It gave her maturity, vitality, insight, and education, which, sharpened her Senses, Mind, Body, and Spirit. This is why, Margaret "Knew" she was nearly a Goddess herself.

👩‍🦰Well, I wasn't stupid, with my glowing, brightly shining, and lighter complexion. I was 4 years younger, than she was, not to mention, the fact that, I was basically alone, except for a small handful of people. After all, look at all of the things, that I had to do. I wasn't that good, at things, like housework, yet, someone had to do it.

Plus, there was the subliminal messaging!

Out of nowhere, Margaret appeared on our kitchen doorstep. Her car, was parked in the garage. Don't ask me, how she found a garage, next to the mansion. I didn't know, that we had one. A little mud room, or vestibule, was next to the kitchen. I didn't know, what door, led from that space, to a garage.

I wasn't home, that day.

Aunt Shirley Vitality, was quite surprised, to see a surly (angry), mini-me, standing next to her.

"Good Morning, Margaret, my love. Won't you come, into the foyer, with Uncle Henry, and Me?"

Margaret is reduced back to naïve human status, after finally talking directly, to Aunt Shirley Vitality

Margaret, simply materialized, on the castle doorsteps. Each ruler, simply carried out, the same ceremony. as the other Countries' Leaders, who surrendered, to A representative of the Vitality Realm Islands Empire, and to President Barack Hussein Obama II of the USA worldwide Powerful Country.

As I may have said previously, I don't know, how people, removed ... : half a mile, to a mile deep, of war damaged, and contaminated earth, water and ... ; The entire surface area, with a mile, or two around it, of the war-torn environment. How did they neutralize, clean, and prepare the soil, and the water, without having any evidence of war? Not even ghastly smoke, from incinerating, or using a powerful Kiln (Oven used to cook clay pots, into hard pottery.)

"How'd They Do That?"

Now, as my family's influence grew, I thought, that, it was time, for a new Empress, to reside over this "World Power". Wrong.

Even though, my niece, took charge, and started to call herself, "Stephanie the Second", she wasn't able to get more than one large city, to follow her. While that did help, I was still swamped. I still had way to many things do.

I managed to get Vitality citizens, to take-over the governing, of the "new" countries. I start with the USA constitution, then I put in my own flair, to make things just. Brian and I were lawyers, among other things, before we found our family. Which, is why, I can make laws, that are good.

What to do, with the people, who break, the marriage law, is a problem. I know, it is a heinous (evil) and treacherous (fancy adjectives of traitor), that can severely hurt, and annoy, someone else. Even so, do we really need to blast them with fire hoses? How about inviting the grandparents, to witness the debacle (fancy word for serious crime)?

Then, there's having the whole thing filmed! No! We don't need to add, to the perverted images, that are already too easy, for anyone, to find.

In the end, the young person, who argued the most, for this incredibly important impartial incriminatory evidence, could not talk, anymore.

She could get arrested, and sued, for failing, to get the permission, to photograph, or film someone, in anyway. Then, to show this, to anyone, was a bigger crime. For these reasons, the judges, wouldn't allow, this evidence, in court anyway.

We had other ways, of proving, what happened.

As far as I know, the secrets, are discovered, and relayed, by Shirley. She really must have specific, and special powers, to do everything, that she does.

I wonder, who she will train, to do, the more mysterious things, ... : Traveling through time and space ; Manipulating those dimensions (Look up Spacetime.); How does she know, what's happening, everywhere, all at once? Why is she playing God, by changing everyone, and everything?

Speaking of the strange antics (behaviors), of Brian's mother, more strange things happened. While she could do somethings, like ... : Cook by the stove, without holding the stirring spoon ; She had to disappear, to someplace special, in order to make someone else, float though the air ; or Surprise someone else, by suddenly, having him, appear, in another time, and place.

👩‍🦰While remembering all of these things, I summoned my superstitious superstitious supernatural Aunt Shirley, AKA Mother-in-Law AKA Pretend Mother AKA really remotely distantly related cousin, as she should have the answers, to my growing questions, about this whole story, that I am relating, to you. I had so many different emotions, that my voice, was like a "roller-coaster", of hysterical, or low, growling sounds.

My elder, seemed, "worn-out, tired, and listless" (Quote from Lucille Ball, as "I Love Lucy" TV show, also starring, her husband, Desi Arnaz.

"Aunt Shirley, how did you suddenly appear, at the bottom of this mountain, when no one saw you leave your room?"

"Simple. People keep creating trapdoors, "moving floors", and secret passageways. I tripped over something. Next thing I knew, I was in a free-fall. Some people, caught me, with a trampoline.

Then, they somehow, got to the changing rooms, and the bathrooms of a store. In the bathroom, I received, a strange sponge bath.

Now, these strangers, brought clothes for me. After all of this, I was suddenly behind you".

"Why did you push me, to the ground?" I was so mad My strange armor, was all ruined, although, it did prevent me, from getting scratched, and pricked ... as I went down, the treacherous mountain.

👩‍🦳"Did you see who pushed you?"👩‍🦳 My pretend mother asked *👩‍🦰me.* 👩‍🦳Shirley Vitality

👩‍🦰"I saw your reflection, in the puddles, streams, and that statue, of my (Jimmy, the Secret king) absent father". 👩‍🦰Stephanie Vitality

👩‍🦳"Oh no!" Shirley, hysterically exclaimed, in sadness, pain, anger, and even confusion, all coming together, at once. "I've been framed, again! I didn't do it!" I caught her, as she started to fall, towards the kitchen floor. Shirley Vitality, looked dreadful. Not at all Vital. 👩‍🦳🤢

After placing, my Auntie Shirley Vitality, onto a chair, in the kitchen, I got some of her favorite remedies together, so that I could calm-her down, as she sat on her chair. That near collapse, was scary. I need to give her, a full physical examination.

I needed to get her, to her own bedroom.

Maybe, I'm wrong, about her, as a bad witch, from my unbelievably arduous (harsh, and challenging, chaos), type, of childhood, at ages 4 & 5.

When Shirley, was breathing a little bit better, albeit (even while) still taking long, loud painful breaths, "like an automobile, that needed serious repairs", she spoke. "Listen, little lady, you were a tiny little thing. I was in bed, most of the time, after Amy, and the twins, Megan, and Rachel left us. They took care of all of us. See, we needed you, to grow-up, return to the mansion, and really cure, those of us, who weren't treated for the water-poisoning.

(Incidentally, I would love, for your Empire, to exterminate, all of those people, who decided to dump enough poisonous factory waste, to completely clog, and to pollute, the river, which, in turn, nearly destroyed everyone, and everything in its path, of destruction.

Even after all of this time, the whole mansion, still does not have clean tap water, or even clean pipes.

Maybe you can clean-up, and remodel, this rank and ruin dump, like you fixed-up, those distant war-torn lands".

Her Emotional adventure, kept changing, from ... : Despair ; Sadness ; Anger ; 👿 Demotic Rage 😡 ; Extremely Highly Hysterics ; to a "Softer, lower" growl, that ended up on a really frightening, Ear-Shattering, Earth- Splitting ROAR‼️‼️.

I fell off of my chair. It's a good thing that, I instinctively, cradled my head, in my own arms, so as not to get hurt, to much.

I was dazed, and breathless. I tried to calm, myself, with regulated long deep breaths. Even so, I passed-out, on the hard kitchen floor. Well, at least, I just washed it, so that I could eat off of it, without getting sick. Nobody stepped, where My head was. I don't think, to wear my translucent and transparent, helmet, and my matching visor, when I'm inside the oversized house. Otherwise, I would have been able to breathe, the special air, inside the armor, that usually, kept me, from having breathing problems. The helmet, would have protected my ears, as well as my head, and my nick. I always wore my armor, even to bed. That's why, on this day, as I loudly, unceremoniously, uncontrollably, and nearly unconsciously, "fall down, go BOOM‼️ ‼️ BOOM‼️‼️ "I didn't have to worry, about my already arthritic joints, and other ailments.

My relative, wasn't wearing any armor, so her whole body, went through visible changes, as I noticed, with the way, her dress, fit, or didn't fit. It was like watching an exaggerated human transformation scene, like they "Box Trolls" movie, or Eddie Murphy, as the "Nutty Professor".


🦌🐠 I saw her face, do this previously, after I blasted her, for manipulating "one second of time", so that she could send Megan, and me, though time, to solve as many things as possible. I do get dizzy, as I watch a dozen "time and place" relocated, and displaced, in time, versions of myself. I can see, and feel, everything, that "they" are doing. It's really horrible, when I have a bunch of them, staring into my eyes, all at once.

🦌 🐠🦁Well, despite her human-bubbling-contorting form, on that other day, she did manage to get countless people, to do all of those "Crucial" event changing adventures, (which made, our peaceful, prosperous, and happy, and healthy, Vitality Realm, USA, realize a globalization, all in one second), so that, I would not have to do it all by myself. Jumping in, and out of time, and space, is hard on the body, not to mention, having even more amazing adventures, while supposedly dealing with one person. Sometimes, I was yanked, in the middle of a speech. Talk about, not being able to "hold that thought", let alone remember it. Well, if my amazing armor and amulet, indicated, that I needed to eat, or something, that would be a good reason, to send me home. I don't remember, a lot of the interruptions, which sometimes lasted for several months. Well, if I were sedated, that was one obvious reason, for not knowing anything.


👩‍🦰 Returning to "Today's" drama.

Oh, yeah. I awoke, stiffly, and in painful discomfort, from being a funny-looking translucent statue, on the rock-hard floor. I somehow managed to, hoist my "complaining" form, onto a chair.

Fortunately, my medicine, food, and of course, the rest of the armor, were right next to me. Even so, it took a long time, to recover. I was all right, in a (long) bit.

Meanwhile, ... : Auntie, was still pinned, between the wall, and the table, as she sat in her chair ; and I was still woozy, from a body-relaxing pill, that I took, and the rest of today's drama.

I finally heard, some people, calling through the amulets, that the 2 of us wore.

"Where have you been, all of this time? I shrieked hysterically. I had to drink pure honey, to heal my throat, from all that noise.

"WE GOOPGI NGKVGGGJ‼️‼️Countless Cries carried by courier waves, clashed at once.

Aunt Shirley, burped, a long, loud ludicrous burp, to expell, the volumnus gasses from, wherever, through her mouth. The blast of wind from that, knocked me down, go BOOM‼️BOOM‼️ Again. Happily, this time, I was fully protected, from bashing my head, with my helmet, and face-shield. I couldn't move my arms, to my head.

It did not, take long, for me to get back, to my seat.

👩‍🦳Auntie was laughing so hardly. As she shrank, back to her normal form, her clothes hung on her, like circus tents.🎪🎪

👩‍🦳"Wow! I didn't know, that all I had to do, was to give off, an eructation (belch)!" 👩‍🦳Shirley Vitality said, while laughing, and gasping for breath. 👩‍🦳

👩‍🦳"That's the second time, that you fell from your perch, today, my little birdie". 👩‍🦳

👩‍🦰"Laugh it up, Fuzz Ball. (Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope. Harrison Ford, as Han Solo, to the Wookie, Chewbacca.) I quoted.👩‍🦰

👩‍🦳 "Whatever." She said, to me.

Then, Shirley Vitality, the incredibly shrinking woman, shouted, to our would be, rescuers ,,, :

"Hay! You clueless clowns! How many times, did I tell you❓❓❔❔

Pull the lever‼️‼️"

"What lever"? An exasperated Brian yelled. {WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT}

"My own son, really is a blockhead. I wish that, those girls never left. They would have gotten everyone healthy, noticed, and well fed. Grrrr"‼️‼️

{That lever} A sign pointed, to the very obviously prominent door handle.

👩‍🦰 I yelled, "Use the purple button, Brian!

The kitchen door, rolled-up, over my head, like Dad's garage door.

Very white faced, and scared, the masses entered the room. Then, they carried us, to the hospital. (My room, that also was Brian's, on the other side of a hanging blanket, became the hospital, for Shirley Vitality, Brian, and me. Some other people, and animals, decided, to stay as well. The room, was quite cramped.

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️ (Amy the eldest, is blond, Rachel has a curly brunette haircut, while Rachel's twin, has longer and straighter brunette hair, than Rachel). 👱‍♀️👩‍🦱👩

(They somehow didn't remember, coming home, on another occasion. )

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️ My 3 eldest sisters, were initially out of breath, when they entered the Vitality Family kitchen. They just arrived, by public transportation, from a war zone.

Since all they knew, for decades, was their medical work, my eldest sisters, didn't know, about what was happening, anywhere, save, their own mobile hospital, except that,

(A). The war is over, and,

( B) Daddy and the other missing family members, are discovered !

They're home again.

Someone anonymously summoned, 👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️My eldest sisters, who lived with our parents, when these girls were very young. That's when my mother got sickly, for only a couple of weeks, yet a whole lot of illegal activities occurred, which, brought the sisters, to Auntie Shirley, and Uncle Henry. As no one told the adults, who the children were, except for their americanized names, and birthdays, Auntie and Uncle, didn't know anything about the wee tiny little girl, and the twins, who were infants. The girls, didn't know, that they were princesses. Course, the babies, slept most of the time, And Amy didn't know, what her well dressed parents did all day, when they weren't doting on the twins, and herself. Our parent's didn't dress in furs, and furry cloaks, with crowns, coronets, or tiaras. There weren't any servants either. King James, did want any of his children, to know, that they were royalty. He wanted everyone to be 1


said, ,,, : 👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️Nobody told us, that we could not leave. We were drafted, to "Heal the injured, on the battlefield". 🧓Uncle assured us, that he would work harder, for the 2 kids👱👱‍♀️, and Auntie👩‍🦳, who was sickly. Plus, Lucy🙍‍♀️, was here, too".👱‍♀️👩‍🦱👩

👱‍♀️👩‍🦱👩No one told us, that Uncle got sick, and Lucy was working. None of us could leave, what we were doing. All of the things, that we did, to make things easier, for all of us, have been made into booby traps! Then, these guards laugh, as they make a mockery out of these conveniences. Those water-poisoned🐸🤢🥳🥸🤡👹🧟‍♂️🧙🏽‍♂️🦹🦹‍♀️🦹🏽🦹🏼🦹🏼‍♀️🦹🏿‍♀️ Trollish Toadmen, went berserk, with their jubilations, which is how Megan clobbered Stephie - Steff - Steff, that other time, when they fell through the hole, that was for something else, thatis, when those. hysterically laughing hyenas, were playing around, with the controls, for the hidden passageways, and the trapdoors, they broke the system. The door, to the control room, was locked. 👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️We found it, after it was ripped off of its hinges! Course, all of the damage, was already done. That explains, the horrible day, when someone installed subliminal messaging, to get Empress Stephie - Steff - Steff, to take-over the chores, and all of the newly adopted children, as well as the newly-made land and sea zoological Park. Meanwhile, Emperor Brian, was frantically, pathetically, desperately, trying, to rescue his wife, initially a frightening mad-house, of booby traps. 👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️ As the equipment, was broken, the idiots, who .... : Never went to the hospital, for water-poisoning treatment ; Thought that Brian and Stephie - Steff - Steff''s horrible day, was hysterically humorous, entrancing funny, and stunning brilliant ; Failed to realize that the control room, was a shameless shambles of rank and ruin, reeking of chemicals, gas, and exploding, with haywies of real electricity ; Failed to notice, that the contraptions, in the room, were necessary for controlling, "helpful shortcuts, elevating tables, chutes , and more" ; Failed to, "Summon real maintenance men and women, ( like electricians, plumbers and machinery repair personnel ) ; And finally test everything, before using it again. Better yet, those idiots, should have left the room alone, altogether. Wild lions ROAR ‼️‼️👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️


The whole population of 30 lions of Vitality's zoo, on this island, ROARED, on que, from, my 3 sisters, who took turns talking, in a smooth, and rehearsed manner.)

{{ Continuing their "wind bag" type of "Babeling Brooke" presentation, Amy Rachel and "Megan the eldest of two Megans" 👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️started up again. }}

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️ When these idiots, wanted to send people, to Africa, from "Megan the youger's café", The idiots ran into the dangerously smoky, 🔥📛fire filled junkyard of a control room, ( which CANNOT

teleport, TESERACT TIME AND SPACE, or TIME-MACHINE anyone, or anything‼️)

The girls stopped, to take slow deep breaths. Then they spoke again

👩👩‍🦱👱‍♀️Starting over again, When the idiots wanted to teleport Stephie - Steff - Steff, Megan the younger

[How were there two of them❓],

and Brian, from Megan the youger's café, to Africa

[That's impossible], the idiots ran into the raging inferno, wearing this crazy shiny armor. [Why didn't they get burnt to a crisp, or just a pile of ashes?]


While those three, were talking, and gasping louder, and louder, I could see my face changing colors. There was a mirror, in the room. My face went through, a variety of expressions.

(I started to complain, to Everyone.)

"I hate our life. I'm glad, we got rid of the clever clowns, yet why, did the good guys, prove to be stupid?

'What lever?' he asks.

The one that, you use, everyday, to open that door. Ding Bat! Maybe we did need more to eat, when we were kids. Still! He always faired better, than I did He had quite a few sharp-looking tailored suits. His face always glowed, too. He got first pick, of fresh fruits and vegetables, too. I wonder, about him, a lot.

By the way, is my face still going from crimson, to death color, to violet"

Will you please stop insulting, me! Will you please stop insinuating, things, about me? I'm actually 4 years younger, than you are. My mother, slipped through time, so you and I could be born together. Then, I was constantly jumping through time, to keep up with you. I don't know how, or why, this was important. No wonder, I can't remember my childhood, and mother was always 😫 tired, worn, and sickly. To busy playing with time, and space, " Brian screamed, in anguish.

"Someone, get out the honey. A lot of throats need it,"

"You know, I hate my life," I said. "I'm sorry Brian, yet you do seem hopeless, when you don't think, to pull, a simple lever," I said, obstinately. I think I was right.

"I was hopeless, not stupid. I couldn't find anyway, to open the door. It is not my fault. For some reason, there's a big purple button, with a metal cage around it, that I cannot open. Jim, had to use his magic, on it. Once he pressed the button, with enough strength, it released the lever," Brian cried out in pain.

"I'm sorry, homey honey," I said, as someone held me up, while someone else, dripped honey, into my "eager", and gaping maw. ( What do you want? My mouth is huge, so I can open it widely. Maw = mouth, gape gaping or agape = Wide open.)

oh, did I mention, we were on "hospital beds" by now? Everyone who actually lived on the same Island, was able to have our own rooms, converted into, treatment rooms. It made life easier. People don't have to be rushed, to the hospital, which might not have enough beds, to accommodate everyone. )

"You know, you don't have to be bitter, or jealous. I've always been big for my age, which makes me gangly, and clumsy. I always shared what I had. You may have forgotten, about it, but, I gave you my shirts, and my jackets, at breakfast, every morning. I always found, everything, was carefully crafted, cleaned, and pressed, when I saw it, the next morning.

I also, always, left some vegan food, for Lucy. One of her hands, is damaged, or maybe, she was born, with a unique hand. She can't cook, somethings. I wasn't tall enough to help her, and nobody taught me, to freed myself. I learned from you, Stephanie. Are you sure, you were only only 4 or 5, when you had your early hardship? Maybe, someone messed around, with your life, with dimensional manipulation". ( Playing, with time, and space, like a time-machine.) Brian announced to me, from his side, of the room.

"Oh is that a possibility?"

"Probably. Although, I have heard of kids, doing a lot of the things, that you did," He said.

"You people, have such imaginations," Shirley complained, as she was getting blamed, for everything, again.

"I'm not stupid. Why would I go back, in time, to raise my son, while I was sick? Brian, you are a unique bird, in this world. Very uniquely imaginative. "Who told you, all of your stories?"

"You are not, the only one, who, can control time and space. It is just that, you're the best. I have researched all of this," Brian, started to laugh, as he showed, that he was brilliant, as in intelligent.

"Wow! Someone, really does have a brain. congratulations. I'm glad, that someone, knows, 'What is happening, around-the-clock, and around the whole wide world' I said, sincerely, and happily".

"You don't have to editorialize, (explain) your comments deer," Aunt Shirley said.

I just wanted everyone, in this cramped tiny, wee, bit, of a room, to know, that "I wasn't making fun", of my sweetheart". I said.

"We know!" The other two, plus, some other voices groaned. They made it last, a very long time. The people even, made a strange song, with really sounded, like they played a song, from, " The Sound of Music", Starring, Julie Andrews, as Maria Von Trappe.

When it was quiet again, Brian, said, "After everything, it really is refreshing, to hear my wife, declare her love for me" Brian sounded so cute, and happy, that nobody said anything. Well, from my point of view, it is a lot of fun, when he's happy. Then, I can be 😂 Happy, with him.

The young ones, of the house, piled on the reinforced beds. Granny, Mommy, and Daddy, were all properly squashed. Ah, love!

Every now, and then, someone shimmered twice. The bathroom doors, opened, and closed. Sometimes, Laura, Megan, or Rachel, would follow some wee tiny tyke, to the kitchen, or the bathroom. My various family members, were always adopting children, so there wouldn't be any anonymous children, on the street. There were so many adults, for each child, we really did, have a village.

30 Empress Stephanie

It took a month, for my multiple purpose, Shirley Vitality, to be completely released, from hospital care ... : Really relaxed ; Recuperated and Realigning, and realizing how to rejuvenate, her healthy form.

I went into the room, a week later. I knocked first. Upon receiving permission, to enter, I saw, the two old folks, in their room. They had a thick blanket, between their beds too.

After exchanging pleasantries, I said, that I found a better way, to cure the water poisoning problem, forever.

All they had to do, was to drink, a vegan, medicated and smoothie, that would clean-out all of the problems. I had a blueberry one for Shirley, as that was her favorite. I had 🍒 cherry, for Henry, as that little miracle, masked, the taste of his medicine. Each person, is different. Each concoction, has to be personalized.

Those 2 awoke, the next day, like spring chickens, frolicking around the estate. They kept running, back and forth, as they delivered delicious delicacies, from the garden. They high-five, with giant jumps, and wide smiling mouths. Uncle, and Auntie, danced, and pranced, all over the country side, all day, long. Course, they cooled down, enough, to refresh, recover, and renew.



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"Teleporter" redirects here. For machines with booms to move loads, see Telescopic handler. For the album by Pseudo Echo, see Teleporter (album).

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This section needs additional citations for verification. (July 2019)

Teleportation is the hypothetical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. It is a common subject in science fiction literature and in other popular culture. Teleportation is often paired with time travel, being that the travelling between the two points takes an unknown period of time, sometimes being immediate.

There is no known physical mechanism that would allow for teleportation.[1] Frequently appearing scientific papers and media articles with the term teleportation typically report on so-called "quantum teleportation", a scheme for information transfer which, due to the no-communication theorem, still would not allow for faster-than-light communication.[2]



Science: Quantum teleportation


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Quantum teleportation

Physical phenomenon

Quantum entanglement

Correlation between measurements of quantum subsystems, even when spatially separated

Sandu Popescu

British physicist

Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

The space-time continuum consists of four dimensions: the three dimensions of space (length, width, and height…or up/down, left/right, and forward/backward, depending upon how you wish to think of them) plus the fourth dimension of time. › wh...

What Is the Space-Time Continuum? | Wonderopolis





Madeleine L'Engle


Note: This post contains moderate spoilers for "A Wrinkle in Time.")

Both the novel "A Wrinkle in Time" and the Disney movie based on it are all about traveling vast distances to explore the universe. There aren't any sleek, futuristic spaceships or rockets in the movie to cross the span between planets, though. Instead, characters rely on a weird, real world theoretical physics-influenced concept with a very familiar name.

The story kicks off with protagonist Meg (Storm Reed) struggling with the disappearance of her NASA scientist father (Chris Pine), who just up and vanished one day. Things change when Meg, her brother Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe), and her friend Calvin (Levi Miller), are visited by three interdimensional beings who show up to enlist the kids' help. Turns out, Meg's father, Dr. Murry, figured out how to travel across the universe interdimensionally — and now he's trapped on a planet that's an embodiment of pure evil, called Camazotz.



obstinate is an adjective

ob·​sti·​nate | \ ˈäb-stə-nət  \

Definition of obstinate

1: stubbornly adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course, in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion.

An Obstinate resistance to change

2: not easily subdued, remedied, or removed. An obstinate fever, simply stayed, no matter what the medical staff did.

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