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Love System [#5]: Love - [Random Novel Ideas] - Chapter 13 by DaoOfGay full book limited free

Chapter 13: Love System [#5]: Love

"I want you to tell me if i do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, okay? I want you to tell me if you want me to stop, I won't get mad or even blame you, i could never blame you for wanting to stop. You don't owe this, you know that right? Just because i love you so dearly, so deeply, you don't need to do this to please me... I'm, sincerely, afraid that I'll hurt you because you drive me crazy, you mere presence is enough to make my body want to wreck your little ass so bad you won't be able to walk and will still feel my dick inside you for a whole week." Midas's low, husky voice whispered on Anderson's ear, making him shiver in arousal as the hot breath of the minotaur that expressed how his heart was as golden as his horns.

"I-... I want to do this. Not just for you but... For me, i want this because i need to feel you with me, a part of me believes thay you are not real, and i need to have that certainty, I need you to show me you are real and that may sound ridiculous but, i think i just am dreaming and will wake up to my sad reality, where you don't exist at all, that when i blink you'll be gone forever... Please, just make me believe you, make me forget all my bad memories, I want you to mark me, my body, my soul, with your whole existence so that I may never doubt you exist again." Anderson couldn't help but hide his face below Midas's chin as he held his neck, the fluffy fur tickled his skin made him sigh in comfort. He could hear and feel Midas gulping due to him holding himself on Midas's neck to hide his fave from the golden eyes that tried to look at his blushing face.

"I'll make sure you never doubt my existence again." It was spoken more like a threat, but Anderson felt like it was a promise, and a promise it was. The very first thing that Midas did was to touch Anderson's waist and hold him close in a warm hug as he pulled away and kissed the boy, his mouth almost covering the smaller man's whole jaw, his black tongue was going deep inside Anderson's throat, it would've normally hurt or at least make him uncomfortable (His jaw couldn't open wide enough to take the minotaur's tongue inside his throat without some discomfort) but he felt nothing but a warm feeling on his throat... It delt good as well because the tongue made him feel sensitive without him ever knowing he could feel so good from a kiss!

The golden eyes of the proud black-furred minotaur locked in eye contact with the dazed-looking Anderson who couldn't help but feel embarrassed because this was only a kiss and he almost had an orgasm from just a kiss- "So adorable~" The sound of the voice of his smirking husband made Anderson blush when the minotaur took his tongue out of his louth just to tease him with comments... "I want to break you in half so bad!" Not giving Anderson a second to react, Midas pulled Anderson's clothes off in a simple manner: ripping them off, into tiny pieces with a single touch of his hand that had mana and glowed with a golden light. "Let's see..." Midas whispered to himself and looked at Anderson's body.

He felt a stab in his heart when he saw the scars on Anderson's arms, he practiced self-harm... His eyes did not change, but Anderson could feel his pain through their [Empathetic Connection] and that made him feel guilty, deeply guilty, which Midas caught really quickly. He needed to fix this, his eyes locked on the tiny penis that Anderson had, his amusement was evident on both his face and the link they had that shared their emotion, thia momentarily caught Anderson off guard and his emotions that sensitive to change, changed quickly with Midas's influence. "D-don't look!" Anderson covered his crotch area with both hands as he closed his eyes, face red and small tears on the corner of his eyes. "Oh? Are yoh shy, baby? Don't worry, i find your lenis incredibly adorable and i would like to make you to wild by just messing with it-" Midas caught the change on Anderson's emotions that was a deep arousal, making Midas feel content, which was easily caught by Anderson who knew there was no way he couldn't escape a embarrassing situation now.

His body was 5'5 (A/N: I don't remember which height it was, maybe it was 5'7?), he was slightly slim due to his eating disorder and depression, but Midas could help with that. The mind can be healed through magic, and even though Anderson's mind was broken beyond complete repair, it was possibly to strengthen it to an unseen way in humans before, of course it would make him not feel his PTSDs, Traumas, or any other mental or physical reaction for a trigger, but it didn't mean he would forget everything that happened to him, and Midas couldn't do this to Anderson even if he asked him to. Memories is what makes you... You. His hair was the standard short and brown, his were also brown and basic, he would he considered average or simply plain by normal human! But we're talking about a love-stuck minotaur who was now worshipping Anderson's whole body.

He started by his abdomen, which would be considered something not very attractive due to the lack of muscles and fat, he was what would be considered a Twink. He touched it with his tongue, licking it all the way to his lover's chest and nipples, making Anderson shiver and close his mouth with his hands. "You don't have to hide it from me, you know? Also, no one will listen to you other than me, and i love you, i want to hear your beautiful voice..." Anderson resisted the seducing voice of the black-golden minotaur who continued to tease and lick his nipples and chest, it felt like electricity running through his body, his muscles tensed before they relaxed again and again, he slowly couldn't control his voice anymore.

It started as small hums and groans, but it slowly grew louder as he began to feel the minotaur's big, meaty hands holding his small dick, well, small when compared to the minotaur's own dick and massive hand of course. "Don't-" Anderson moaned as the hand, as hot as the winds of summer, grabbed his cock with a firm grasp... Well, it wasn't the hand, but two fingers because the whole hand couldn't hold it without hurting him. "Ahn!-" Anderson shivered as the feeling of a tongue on the head of his member made him lose the little control he had over his voice left, making him moan louder than ever! His voice sounded sweet to Midas, who almost lost control of himself, ready to pound Anderson's little ass ti je couldn't walk without help for the rest of his life. "You like that, huh?" Asking a question that did not need an answer, Midas smirked, only to hear the rather enthusiastic response he got from Anderson as he moaned loudly.

Midas completely lost it, he flipped Anderson over and pulled him so close their bodies would fuse together, their particles were going against the laws of physics by touching each other, that's how much intimate they were (Over exaggerating). "Our safe word will be Gold, okay? If i do anything you don't me to, say Gold and I'll stop, okay?" His lips were touching Anderson's ears, he was hearing it clearly and gladly, Midas always made sure he felt safe, so he will use it if Midas goes over the line that he deliberately started to low, because he was willing to try all the kinky stuff that Midas wants to do with some minor anxiety. Seeing Anderson nod, Midas pressed him down, the long and thick dick of the minotaur was pressed again his body, he could feel it beating like a heart on top of the small human, his dick was half his size and it looked very intimidating but all he could feel was arousal from the little brave human, he was fully submitting himself to anything Midas wanted to do...

He desperately wanted to feel loved, and loved he would be... No!

Much more than loved.

He would be adored by him, Midas will worship him as his God as long as he exists, which will be for a long, long time. His waist began to move as he pulled his dick back, Anderson watching nervously and hard as a rock as the human-looking dick touched his small asshole and one thought surged in his mind, that he said out loud: "Too big... Won't fit." This sounded childish, but that was all he could say when his mind was fuzzy and dizzy with pleasure, Midas chuckled as he looked down, just the head of his dick would be enough to pleasure his beloved, but when he touched his warm asshole his body kept moving and soon he was pushing his dick down the poor little human's asshole, his beloved's asshole! Midas caught himself back, it felt too good that he completely ignored everything and kept pushing, but now that he looked down and saw Anderson crying he stopped.

"Ahn- Don't stop- More!" Anderson had his stomach and chest fully covered in cum, which was his own. He was overwhelmed with pleasure and a little bit of discomfort that came from his asshole that was stretching wide, not only his waist and bones expanded, his stomach did as well as Midas kept pushing it down, they were only halfway through and his stomach was already inflating and expanding with the dick... It felt so good he quivered, and he was not the only one overwhelmed with pleasure! Midas felt unrealistically good, it was so perfectly tight around his cock, it wouldn't get loose no matter how many times he moved his dick, bit it also didn't mean it stopped him from keep going, he could easily go deeper... And he did.

"Argh!" Once again, Anderson felt his body expand to accommodate the monstrosity that was his husband's dick, making him sweat as his head got empty as he focused only on the pleasure he was feeling that moment. "Please, please, please, keep going i-" He was silenced by a tongue on his mouth, even though the 8' feet tall Minotaur couldn't possibly kiss him while his body pressed all the way down the monster cock of his husband, his ass and back could feel the enormous balls he had, the size of Ostrich eggs! "You don't have to ask, baby." Was what Midas said after he pulled his tongue out, he also began to pull his cock out of the tight and warm hole of Anderson, only leaving the tip of the head, before pushing it down all the way inside.

This simple move made Anderson enter a cum spree once again, this was what? His second? Third time? He can't even remember his name, so it's no surprise he forgot how many times he cummed with his husband fucking him so good- Midas did the same again, and again, again, and again, and again! Slowly at first, but it soon gor faster than anything Anderson every experienced, Midas was moaning his name at every thrust and Anderson was moaning Midas's name, but soon he began to simply call him "Love".

The emotion he lacked most of his time growing up.

He didn't know how long they've been fucking, but he can see white liquid on the walls and floor, they switched positions and places so many times now... The couch, the kitchen, the bathroom, the floor, and with magic, even the walls and ceiling were not spared.

In the end, everything was full of cum. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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