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Ch 0 - Deleted - ⟨⟨ Deleted ⟩⟩ - Chapter 1 by SelfProclaimedNerd full book limited free

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Author: SelfProclaimedNerd

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: Ch 0 - Deleted


[ So you've come.

I don't know what made you take interest in my story, but you must go. The walls I erected, the laid-out traps, they are all meant to protect you.

Go! and never come back, my story should never be heard. This is just a mediocre tale of a pathetic man, there's not much to see here.

Leave this place!

This is an abandoned story. Forgotten, left to gather dust in a corner.

An unwanted book. A mistake. ]

"Alex! you done with your shit?"

"Almost! Just a few minutes more"

[ Where was I?

Ah yes— Stop visiting my story and go read the works of other authors instead. There's so much more to uncover in that place than this dump. ]

"Hmm... Something's missing"

[ Fuck off! ]


"Are you done now?"

"Yeah! on my way"

Hitting the enter key, I uploaded the last warning sign for my 'diary'. With the amount of security I laid out, there shouldn't be anyone who finds it interesting.

Rather than competing for the number one title, I'd prefer to stay in the dark and write my stories at ease. It's best to stay unpopular and hidden.

Closing my laptop and placing it inside my bag, I hurriedly turned off all the lights and went out of the basement.

"Man, you need to stop jacking off"

A voice filled with vigor greeted my ears as I entered the outside world. His voice perfectly fits his mustache-ridden face and sturdy stature, don't know how he got imprinted to me but he needs to go.

"Oh shut it, you pervert" Seriously, just go dude.

"Tsk tsk tsk... you got to be nice to me, I'm about to die"

He shook his head and made a gesture with his finger, insisting that he had the high ground in this conversation. It sucks since I have no power over him.

Contrary to his claim of being on his deathbed, he looks fine and healthy as a horse. This is just how this world works.

"Look I only have 3 hours left, why don't you give me a blow before I die?"

He raised his right arm to show his wrists, the number 3 shone with a neon green light.

Engraved in our inner wrists are numbers. We are deleted stories... and that numerical counter entails the word count of our stories.

"Gayshit... Seriously, stop that" Punching his shoulder, I made him stop his out-of-line harassments.

"Hehe, can't help it"

Every hour, that counter decreases and once it runs out, we vanish into particles. Some lives may be shorter than others, but we all die the same way. A peaceful death, an established end in this world.

"Are you sure about this? Took a long time to set this up"

"Yeah... I want to disappear surrounded by sky flowers"

Flowers mimicking the color of the sky, they are abundant in cliffs. Took us a whole week just to gather enough of them, if it wasn't for his massive frame, we would've finished a lot faster. Blame this guy for wanting to surround his body with flowers as he lies waiting for death.

"Man... of all the flowers to pick, why'd you gotta choose these hard to get piece of crap"

"Hey, I did it so we can spend the whole week together. I'm a genius at making endings"

Bruh, we could do anything we wanted for a week and you chose to hang on a piece of rope as we collect endangered flowers?

He'll die soon, yet his face shows no signs of any regret or sadness. Well, considering everyone has all the time they need to accept their death, it wouldn't be strange if this guy did as well.

Wish I could live my last days without regrets just like him.

"Hey, uncle Math!"

A little girl came running towards us, waving her hands in an attempt to grab our attention. I remember this kid, Math occasionally brings her out on a play date.

"You lolicon" Seriously, this guy is too charismatic. Maybe it's the stache... should I get a beard?

"Hey, it's not my fault she likes me"

If you use that defense in court, you'd be in jail by now.

Anyway, even though he acts like a pervert, I know he's a gentleman at heart. Which makes me feel reassured that he won't do a crime.


The kid brought a sandwich, it looked tasty as hell. She must've asked for the grownups to help her make that, you got to stop crushing on this pervert young lady.

'Love me instead'

Oh wait... The one who taught her how to make that is a much better choice. I need to trick whoever that is to marry me.

"Ooh! You didn't have to, such a good girl!"

Math took the kid in his arms and raised her up high, shit careful!

She might drop the sandwich.

"Be careful man, you might hurt her" By that, I meant the sandwich.

"Oh yeah, almost forgot"

Math brought the girl back down. He knelt on the ground, probably to meet her eye to eye. Is he not gonna take the sandwich? Can I have it, please?

"Buella, look... I need to go on a looong trip okay?"

Oh shit, he's saying goodbye. Well, I guess tricking the kid into thinking you're just going on a journey is better than telling her you're about to die.

"Are you going to die uncle?"

"..." Well shit.

"Uh ahem— N-not really, no..."

Bruh, your voice just kept on decreasing its volume to a whisper. Perhaps you should tell her the truth, lying here would just hurt her more in the long run.

"He's gonna die kid" There, I helped you out buddy.

The kid looked my way, confused and probably irritated by my presence.

"Who are you?"

Look kid, I don't want anything to do with you, but the sandwich you're holding looks incredibly scrumptious. You holding her hostage makes me nervous, thus I must stick my nose into your business.

"He's my friend Buella, and what he said is the truth. It's my time now"

"But you said you'd marry me"

The kid was about to burst into tears, holy shit...

Math! What did you do?

I looked at the perpetrator in disgust, I thought he was a gentleman but raising a kid to be your wife? What a psycho.

"Did I really say that?"

Math looked confused, stroking his beard as he tried to recall the memory. Wait, did he really not say that? Hmm... this is a bit suspicious.

The little girl had her head down, quite possibly digesting the harsh truth. Easy there young lady, I can see you about to clench that piece of bread into a mangled corpse.

"Buella, it's best if you fall in love with some other guy"

"He's right, there's plenty of ants in the anthill"

That quote is so overused that it lost its ability to bestow wisdom, I need to come up with new ones.

Bertha or whatever, she had her head down still. She's been like that for quite a while now, we need to hurry up. The clock is ticking, 3 hours is not that much time. The kid stood there like a statue, quiet and unmoving, that's odd did she break?

The moment she raised her head, we saw... nothing.

Not a single expression can be seen on her face, it's starting to freak me out.

"Is that so? Well, have fun with your life"

The kid dropped that bomb of a line wearing no expression whatsoever; shit, Math this girl is sick in the head.

"Hey wait a—"

As soon as she finished her speech, she just casually threw the sandwich onto the ground. I could only watch as Margaret fell on the floor, her guts spilling out of her body.

'What is this...'

A bubbling feeling came from inside my stomach, it climbed its way to my chest. My head felt hot and dizzy, everything hurts.

'Is this, rage?'

Turning around in a graceful manner, the brat skipped her way back to wherever the hell she came from. Yeah, run away you murderer.

"Never knew she was such a heartless bitch" That kid will pay for what she did.

I picked up the sandwich and wiped off the dirt and dust sticking to it, should still be safe to eat right?

We'll be one at last; even if you're dirty, I'd still love you.

Blowing the sandwich, I tried to get rid of all the dirt. I took a bite, there's not much dirt so it shouldn't be a problem eating this.

Feathers came down from the sky, they caressed me with their soft touch. The warm rays of the sun travelled across space just so it could illuminate me in its glow. The world is perfect, I'm in heaven.

Ooh! Just as I expected, it's tasty as hell.

A wave of calm washed over me, all that anger building up just went down the drain.

"Don't worry about it buddy, *nom... kids will be kids" Fuck! This tastes so good.

I patted Math's back as he tried to keep his broken heart intact; being thrown away sucks, I know. Still man, can't believe she had that kind of personality.


"You okay bro?" Shit, did that really hurt him that badly? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"...yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit dumbfounded"

Well seeing as you're fine, we need to go and place you on your deathbed in haste.

SelfProclaimedNerd SelfProclaimedNerd

You are not supposed to be here. This novel has no cover nor a synopsis, even the title is deleted. These things should be enough to make you lose interest. Why are you here?

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