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Ch 0 - Deleted - ⟨⟨ DELETED ⟩⟩ - Chapter 2 by SelfProclaimedNerd full book limited free

Chapter 2: Ch 0 - Deleted


Life may be unfair most of the time, but it only makes the good days sweeter. At least that's what the guys who got successful are saying, it doesn't actually reflect to reality.

A momentary success is nothing if the individual is trapped in a cycle of poverty, addiction, and/or criminal acts.

Licking my fingers, I tried to make sense of what Math is currently feeling. It doesn't look like he belongs to any of what I just pointed out.

Should love be included in that list?

"Thanks for the food" Bless the gods for creating whoever made that sandwich. May she and I cross paths in the future and be acquainted soon after, I still need more of those snacks.

There's a certain possibility that she may be a dude but that's not possible, that is so unrealistic. Still, I can't rule out the horrifying possibility. Although the chances of her being a guy are extremely low, it's not zero.

But I don't think my luck is that bad and besides, the wrapper from that sandwich has floral decorations. No man would ever use those as a bread wrap, they'll just use a piece of plastic to keep it safe from liquids and dust particles.

Guys think about efficiency, primarily because we are laz— busy thinking about... Uh, managing our time, yes that's it.

Girls on the other hand, prioritize making the product presentable. Ultimately attracting customers since humans are animals who desire beauty and—

...shit, our side is losing.

Time to deploy my family secret technique, "Topic Change". This forbidden technique allows one to redirect the opponent's thoughts, completely forgetting about the earlier conversation. Best used in scenarios where the user is locked in a losing battle.

A simple spell, but it's quite effective.

Although there's a slight chance of failing— actually, you can just ignore that probability. No technique is ever at 100%, except mine, but I need to stay humble. That is why I incorporated a 0.1% chance of failing.

Folding the sandwich wrapper into a square, I kept it secure inside my left jacket pocket. It may be of use sometime in the future, probably as a makeshift toilet paper.

I definitely don't consider it as cute and would be nice to collect, nuh-uh it just reminds me of my quest to marry a chef.

"Hey man, get up" Math is still kneeling on the ground in a daze, we need to go dude.

Peeking on the word counter on his wrists, it changed from 3 to 2. Time continues to move regardless of what shit you're in. You're about to die buddy, forget about your love life. Besides, it's never going to work between you two.

She's a kid for god's sake!

Not to mention, she has a terrible personality. I mean, who even throws food just because they're in a bad mood? Fucking brat.

"Come on dude, we're attracting a crowd"

Maybe it's because of the earlier spectacle, lots of people are staring at us. It's understandable though, you don't get to see a lover's quarrel everyday.

"God, did he really eat—"

"...right? Disgusting!"


My ears must be playing tricks on me, I need to get rid of all my ear wax. Once you let them pile up, it impedes your hearing. That is why you need to regularly clean your ears 2 times a month or perhaps once a week, if that suits your fancy.

"Get up, you big lug" We need to go. There's only a bit of time left until sunset, you might not see it happen before you disappear.

You planned this right? Stick to the plan. I'm the one who has to remember everything as long as I live, while you get to relax in hell. I'm the one who should be complaining and moping around, not you.


"Seriously man, we need to go" You can mope all you want once we're outside the city gates. For now, you need to lie inside your coffin.

"..." Math refused to budge.

Tried pulling him up, but this dude is extremely heavy. I can't even drag him away, my actions only made me look like a fool. Please, man...

Let's go and meet your death, your reputation is quickly sinking after that exciting event of a lover's quarrel. The crowd is hellbent on watching this event, do these people not have anything better to do?

Math didn't speak, on the contrary, he appears to be in his own world. Completely shutting everyone out, gosh how much love did you pour into that brat?

I'm a hair's width close to smacking his head with a rock, but he moved at the last second. Well played buddy, well played. Shame I couldn't hit him there, the perfect excuse of just trying to wake him up is readily available.

Well, at least he listened to my pleading voice.

Math got up and proceeded to walk towards the gate on his own. That sunken shoulder and slow walking clearly reflects his true emotions. A broken heart hurts like getting kicked in the balls, but instead of the balls hurting, the heart is the one in pain.

"Hey, wait up!" It was weird for the crowd to still be there watching me when the main character of today's event just left. Were they actually gossiping about me?

Nah can't be, I did nothing weird.

"Easy there boy!"

Rushing to catch up, I failed to notice an old man crossing the road. Obviously, a collision happened.

If I was driving a car, he would've been turned to grape juice. This is the result if you don't watch your surroundings, you'll hurt other people besides yourself.

"Sorry grandpa" Why would you even choose to cross the road at this time? Fucking idiot.

"Grandpa!? I'll have you know, I'm still 28 years old!"

Wha— really? Doesn't look like it to me.

The wrinkles on your face are heavily influenced by aging, you can't lie to me. In addition, you just called me boy. If you were actually in your twenties, then you would've called me anything but kid or boy.

I'm in my twenties as well, but you just referred to me like I'm some kind of teenager. You've gone and exposed yourself, old man. What a shame.

It looks like his groceries got flung during the collision, my bad. Since the accident was partially my fault, it's only fair that I help take care of the aftermath. I have quite the skills for after-sales service, how convenient. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the midst of picking the fruits and vegetables, I noticed my wristwatch is nowhere to be seen. I hurriedly inserted my hand inside my open jacket, that was close. I could've sworn it was there just a minute ago.

"Hey, have you seen a—"

Expecting the old man to help me find my watch, I tried calling out to him. Unfortunately, he's gone like that father who said he'll buy milk.

"...Where is he?"

Does he have some sort of teleportation technique?

Given that small amount of time I started picking up garbage, he should've still been near my location. Well, if he's gone then he's gone, not like I needed him.

Placing the bag of vegetables by the side of the road, I continued my task of safely delivering Math to his inevitable end. Problem is, where is Math?

Well, I'm sure he's doing fine. Mindless as he is right now, he knows which way to go even with his eyes closed. We've been visiting that cliff for a week, even I gained some sort of muscle memory.

In the meantime, I can buy some biscuits or chips to munch on while we wait for his timer to reach zero.

Sitting down on a bench, I opened my bag and looked for my wristband. This should cover my counter for the time being, that watch costs 20 K coins I'm not losing that shit. Pretty sure it's still around here somewhere.

Our currency is divided into three denominations:

Kindness, Honesty, and Wisdom

The first denomination is the lowest of the ranks, it's similar to bronze coins. The thing to remember it by, is that you give K coins to beggars.

Honesty got its name from employees who worked in earnest, thereby reaching a decent salary. H coins are the equivalent of silver coins.

Unlike H coins where the main focus are jobs involving labor, Wisdom tackles academic jobs. Scholars get paid handsomely, they're the ones who manage everything in the city, making sure it continues to function.

aaaaandd... you guessed it, gold coins.

Rummaging through my pant's back pockets, I tried pulling my wallet from there. Buying a chocolate-flavored ice cream seems like a good choice, popcorn could work as well. There's just a tiny bit of mishap, my wallet's not fucking there.

"..." Did I just get pickpocketed?

...That stinking old man.

He's the only one who made contact with me other than Math, then that means he stole my wristwatch as well. Dunno how he did it, but props to his skills. I didn't even feel a thing.

SelfProclaimedNerd SelfProclaimedNerd

Update schedule will be irregular for a while. I'm trying to get back to my top form "updating regularly", but the hands of procrastination are grasping my feet like chains. Please be patient.

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