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Chapter 24: Cats out of the bag

Did Felix Hunter actually love me?

Get your head out of the clouds... Said the sarcastic voice in my head.

"When reality kicks in."

Wow, you one to talk... I replied to the voice, remember what you said earlier... I'll wipe that "adorable" smirk off his face, you're really contradicting yourself, you know?

But speaking of earlier, no I mean now... wait, what did Felix say again... oh yeah...


"Look..." he said, "as fun as this is... I mean, I could do this whole day but I came here to tell you something important and I don't want to see you get hurt, so if you'll please just stop and hear me out." With that his face went from the playful smirk it once held to a face that seemed serious and concerned. His eyes then gazed into mine and it was if I saw something in them spark. I couldn't tell what it was... but in his eyes I saw a mixture of sadness, pain and something that was really unexpected... Love.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... and we know the rest..."

~End of flashback~

Breaking out of my thoughts...

"Damn, I think a lot... I think more than I speak actual words... I really need to work on being more talkative."

How are you not freaking out right now?!.. The sarcastic voice spoke once again. This "boy" standing in front of you just turned from your "cat" into a "human," wait, let me just repeat that so it can sink in... he turned from your "cat" into a "human." And you not even in the slightest bit freaked out about that?!..

Yeah, I was freaked out about Felix being my cat but honestly, what was the point of running around my apartment screaming... "Help!.. My cat just turned into a guy." Like anyone would believe that and besides it was Felix so if anything I'm just glad it wasn't someone else... you know what they say... "better the devil that you do know than the devil you don't."

"As I was saying... I think a lot... sorry."

And once again I was pulled back to reality by Felix's voice. His words getting louder as I finally snapped out of my daze... more like trance but you get the picture.

His eyes still glowing a bright green as they glistened under the moonlight. At first all I could see was his lips moving as he spoke... there was no sound and just his dreamy eyes looking into mine.


Get a hold of yourself!..

"Listen..." he said in his husky voice as his eyes stared into my own, "you weren't supposed to..." he trailed off thinking for a second as he looked deeper into my eyes.

He was still holding my wrists that he had caught when I was trying, correction... failing immensely in my pathetic attempt to get him to move, which of course he did not... leading to this, the predicament I am in now.

I didn't even realise that he was still holding my wrists though, it was only when I tried moving after snapping out of my thoughts that I felt his large hands cupped around my own fragile wrists.

His hold on my wrists, however, was not rough but soft and somewhat gentle as though he feared that if he was too rough with me... I might break. And to tell you the truth I probably would since I was nothing compared to him, if you want a clear comparison, he was like a giant, okay... that was maybe a bit over exaggerated, and I was like a spec, that wasn't over exaggerated but that sums it up pretty close if you ask me.

"You weren't supposed to see me turn. That was my cover, which I guess I blew... you already know too much."

I looked at him as my eyes widened... "I wasn't supposed to know?" I asked seemingly confused.

"It's complicated..." He huffed as he gazed towards me.

"Complicated?" I questioned him, my eyebrows furrowing.

"I wasn't supposed to tell you until it was time..." He spoke when I cut him off.

"Time? Time for what?"

"When you would be ready..."

"Be ready for what?" My eyes widened even more as mouth gaped open in shock. I was curious to know.

"Can you please stop talking and asking me questions?!.." Felix asked me, more like demanded but none the less I listened and nodded in comply.

"Do you remember the day when we first met?"

Wait, does he mean... when I found him as a cat or when I met him as a human?

Meh... *Shrugs*

I think I'll go with when I met him as a human.


I started to eat the apple while I was still walking towards the school gates where I saw an unfamiliar boy with a black hoodie. He had kind eyes that were glowing green in colour but I couldn't see his face completely, although I did catch a glimpse of his hair that appeared to be spiky and dark brown in colour.

~End of flashback~

Yes... I nodded, not wanting to cut him off. Was he finally going to answer me?.. I thought.

"Well that day," he stopped talking for a moment, "that day, I felt something..." he trailed off again not sure how to explain it, "you, you were different... different from the others. I felt this energy."

What is he talking about, I thought to myself.

"You were," he trailed off as he looked at me, his hands releasing my wrists as his right hand caressed the side of my face, "you were similar to me, there was this connection I felt whenever I was near you."

Where is he going with this... I thought to myself. And almost as though he had read my mind he continued to speak.

"Before I came here, well before you found me as a cat in that alley... I was assigned as your Guardian, Protector, Knight, however you want to put it by the "Union." My job was to watch over you and keep you safe. Day in and day out I would follow where you went and observe your patterns. I would watch you from afar, taking various forms but when they told me "He" was after you I had to appear in that alley and I knew you would take me with you if I turned into a cat... well, make you think I was one. It was the only way to get close to you so that I could protect you if needed, especially with "Him" coming after you now. I don't know how to break this to you," He said unsure of what to say, "you are not human."

"And just like that everything I thought I knew about my life as a normal teenage girl flew out the window."

I had to speak now, this was about me... "If I'm not human then what am I?" I asked him feeling confused as I looked at him anxiously, a feeling of sadness mixed with curiosity wavered over me. My whole life was a lie? I now, questioned everything I knew... well, everything I thought I knew.

"You are a Royal..."

"What is a Royal?" I asked him, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

"Well, a Royal half breed." He said. "Your mother is a White Witch from earth and your father... well, he is an Angel that was exiled for falling in love and marrying a mere human, even with her gifts, the angels still classified witches as humans, they were just gifted with natures elements. In their eyes, witches were nothing special. And because your father was exiled he lost his powers however, the one thing they had forgotten about was you."

"This is crazy!.." I exclaimed as I mumbled to myself in disbelief. "Why did my parents not tell me?"

"Because it would put you in harms way and the "Union" may have wiped your parents of their memory."

Felix looked at me oddly as he observed my reaction.

"You don't believe that?.." His eyes gazing down towards me. "I knew this was going to take some time to sink in, maybe I spoke too soon." Felix said slightly mumbling to himself.

"No..." I said looking at him, his eyes held a sadness in them that I couldn't quite comprehend, almost as though he was sad that I found it hard to believe him, "I mean, yes this is confusing and hard for me to understand but I am listening to you."

He looked towards me as I said that and the sadness that I had seen in his eyes before seemed to have faded away by now, disappearing almost immediately.

"Alice, this is as real as when I turned in front of you..." he said, "can you trust me?"

I looked into his bright green emerald eyes as he said that and in that moment his eyes had captured my trust.

"I trust you." I said as he kept me in his hold.

To be continued...

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