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Chapter 25: Change

I looked into his bright green emerald eyes as he said that and in that moment his eyes had captured my trust.

"I trust you." I said as he kept me in his hold.

All it took was that one sentence... "I trust you" to change my whole life forever. *Echoes* Forever, forever, forever.

"The turn of a new leaf..." The one thing I would have to let sink into my thick and not to mention, stubborn skull was... "Change." No more normal life.

"Well, at least my life won't be so boring anymore."

After Felix told me all that stuff about you know... my parents being "different" and not to mention me being a "Royal." I mean, what's that supposed to mean?.. I'm not special!.. I don't even have powers, although if I did... that would be awesome. Imagine the possibilities. I'll never have to lift a finger to do work or chores ever again. But enough of that...

He called me a "Royal" and I guess that must mean something. Maybe it is because of the fact that Felix says my dad is "apparently" an Angel, that has something to do with it? Or the fact that my mother is a White Witch? I don't know honestly. Or maybe he was referring to me as a "Royal" because I was a "Royal Pain" to him?

I mean, just think about it... he was assigned to be my "Guardian." Well, whatever that's supposed to mean. I kind of feel sorry for the guy, shame. Being forced by some "unknown" organisation, I think he said it was called the "Union" or something, to watch over me and observe my boring lifestyle. Now that's just depressing, even for me. Then on top of that, I must have probably been a nuisance... pestering the poor guy with questions when all he was supposed to do was protect me for some "unknown" reason.

What was the reason?.. I guess we'll never know. He's not really giving me much to go on here other than what he said about me and my parents.

Woah, woah, woah... W-wait, hold up... he said "He" was after me. Who was this "He"?.. And why did he not mention this person's name? Was he talking about the same people Cara was talking about?


Is she not going to tell me anything just like Felix?.. I thought. Won't anyone tell me what is going on?..

"Well, actually it's not that I can't tell you..." Cara spoke again breaking me out of my thoughts, "it's just that I can't tell you now."

"You can't tell me now?.." I questioned her somewhat astonished.

"Yes..." she said as she looked around the room in worry, "it isn't safe here."

"Safe?.." I questioned.

"There are eyes and ears everywhere..." she began to explained, "we have to get moving!.."

"But I don't understand?.." I said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my seat towards the door. "There is no one here."

"You'll be surprised..." she said as she pulled me out the doorway. "We have to hurry and fast!.."

She gripped my hand as she pulled me further down the passageway.

"Where are we going?.." I asked her as she dragged me down the candle lit hallway.

"Somewhere safe..." she said, "where they won't come after you."

How reassuring... Said the sarcastic voice.

"They?!.." I questioned.


"Who did she mean by they?.."

~End of flashback~

But Cara said "They"? Now I'm confused... Felix says "He" but Cara says "They." Are they talking about the same thing?

Thinking back to that day in the antique shop was all a blur. We were running and Cara said we needed to find somewhere safe because she feared the worst. I didn't know what was going on. I didn't even know why we were in danger or why she was dragging me around the place like a lunatic.

I had ran with her, correction... tried to keep up with her but failed miserably. It was impossible to keep up with her and I had to catch my breath once or twice, no scratch that, a couple of times. My legs were giving in. Well, what did you expect? Remember... I'm the girl who skips out on PE at school... and once again I'm bringing my lack of participation in PE into this. Pathetic, I know... but can you blame me?

Running around in a mad frenzy. Well, not running more like being practically dragged around by Cara... we finally reached our destination, when she finally came to a stop with me bumping into her not long after.


"Geez..." I said as I rubbed my head, "you could have at least warned me that we would be stopping soon or signaled me or something."

"Oh, sorry..." she said as her frosty grey eyes tinged a light blue making them look ice blue now, it was as though the icy grey that made her eyes look emotionless had melted to become ice blue like a melting ice cube and she showed a look of remorse. I could see she was sorry, "I don't think clear in times of distress."

Clearly... Said the sarcastic voice in my head.

I just shrugged... "No one does." I said in understanding.

Cara was standing just a distance away from me when my eyes began to focus on where we were.

"Where are we?" I asked her, my mouth agape as my voice echoed in the silence. I looked around amazed. We were standing in a hallway similar to the ones I had been "dragged" through but this one unlike the others, which I hadn't been able to see quite clearly because of continuous running, was different.

All the other hallways I had been through were illuminated by candles on either side of the wall, however, in this hallway the candles that were placed against the wall had a blue flame where as all the others in the previous hallways had a normal flame.

"The safest place in this entire building." She said.

Cara walked further down the candle lit hallway until we reached a dead end, thank god she didn't make me run this time otherwise I would have probably ran into the wall since she just stops without any warning.

"We here." She said as I looked at the "unknown" destination she brought me to. It was a dead end, there was nothing here.

"It's a dead end." I said pointing out the obvious. "Why did you bring me to a dead end?"

"Are you sure about that?.." Cara said as she put her hand on there wall. The moment she touched the wall a green light, similar to the green flames I had seen in the forest, emerged and then she did the unexpected, she held onto my wrist and before I knew it... I was pulled right through the wall.

"What is this place?" I said looking around. It was a room similar to the others I had been in but it's walls looked to be made of some type of purplish blue crystal that seemed to change colour as we walked through the room. There were no candles in this room but it seemed as though the crystal walls were the source of the room's light.

"I told you, didn't I?.." Cara said smiling. "The safest place in the entire building."

That's not giving me much to go on here... I thought.

"It isn't?" She questioned me.

Wait, did she just read my mind?

"Yes, I did." She said looking at me. "Of course I can read minds, I'm a fortune teller, remember?"

"Oh," I said awkwardly, "I didn't know... I just thought you could tell people's fortunes not read their mind."

"Well, I do both..." She said nonchalantly.

In the next few minutes I was seated in a part of the crystal lit room that looked similar to an old library. "You still didn't tell me what this place is or what it's called." I said looking around.

"Oh, this?" Cara said. "It's the hidden library."

Oh, I thought, what an obvious name.

"Yep, it's pretty obvious..." Cara said clearly reading my mind, "but it isn't obvious to find. The passageways that we walked through to get here change everyday so no hallway is ever the same even though they do seem to look the same. This place is basically like a huge maze that changes all the time. If I hadn't dragged you around you would have surely gotten lost. And luckily for us I know this place like the back of my hand."

~End of flashback~

After that I remember she said this was going to be hard for me to understand but I just had to trust her for now, which was kind of what Felix told me a few minutes ago... "can you trust me?" Well, more like asked but they both seemed like they wanted to help me.

Cara answered most of my questions but she didn't answer all of them. She didn't really say much about the people that were after me... she just said that for now I just had to put my trust in the boy with the green eyes, which sounded a lot like Felix, and that the necklace that Eva had given me was something that the people who were after me wanted.

Felix however, told me about my parents and from what they had both said...

This so called "He" that Felix mentioned wanted me and not the necklace, for heaven knows what but I wouldn't want to find out.

And this so called "They" that Cara had yet to mention sounded as though they were only interested in the necklace and not really interested in me.

It sounded like they weren't talking about the same people which could only mean one thing...

Two different groups of people were after me.

To be continued...

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