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Chapter 14: Green eyes

"Oh, it's you..." I heard him say as he slowly let go of my mouth.

I was in the janitor's closet, stuck in place between what I assumed was "Felix" and a wall with a couple of brooms against it. I could feel the brooms knock against my back as I moved further back into the wall. The hand that held my mouth was off already and my eyes were still trying to readjust to the darkness.

My vision was still a bit blurry even though I was surrounded by darkness as the closet door was still closed. The only light that seemed to be coming into the closet was the light that filtered in from the gaps of the door.

I wanted to scream because I am not really a fan of tight spaces. I am a very "claustrophobic" person if you hadn't noticed and that is why I always wait for the hallway to clear before I go to class. I can't stand crowds and this closet was no different.

I felt like the walls were closing in on me and right now or in that very moment I just wanted to get out of there. I was breathing heavily and I think I could have even been hyperventilating but I was too focused on trying to push my way out of the closet to realise what was going on.

"Don't shout," said a familiar voice, "Or they'll hear us."

As the person said this it stopped me from screaming and I managed to think for a bit.

"Stop panicking..." I heard that familiar but stern voice again, Felix?

Am I right? I thought to myself. It's Felix? It has to be... "I'd know him anywhere."

"Calm down!.." Said the voice again in a more concerned tone as I felt a hand touch my cheek and I struggled to come back to my senses.

It was dark in the tiny room and my vision was spotty and still possibly blurry because of the panicked state my body was in. I was so panicked that I had forgotten the main reason I had ran into the closet in the first place...

"My glowing necklace..."

"The necklace that glowed bright blue in colour..."

I was so frazzled and shaky. My mind was all a blur as I struggled to focus. Then I felt a firm grip on both my arms, a grip that was firm yet gentle and reassuring, a grip that pulled me back to my senses as my mind came back to reality.

I was still shaky and I felt a bit dizzy and faint as my legs felt like they wanted to give in. My ears that were zinging and unable to hear properly stopped zinging and my hearing came back. I heard the voice again... it was stern with concern still evident in it as I struggled to make out what it was saying since my hearing wasn't fully back yet.

"Alice..." I heard the voice say as it faintly echoed, "Alice?.. Can you hear me?.."

I didn't respond to the person as my heart rate began to slow down bit by bit and my heavy breathing seized. I was slowly beginning to calm down as I felt the person's hand caress my cheek and my breath hitched as they did this.

"Alice?!.." I heard again, the voice still stern with concern and worry still present in its tone, "Alice?.. Are you okay?.."

I took in a deep breath as my eyes began to adjust to the darkness that was still consuming us and as my vision came back I saw the eyes of the person who was still standing in front of me and blocking me.

The person's silhouette then came into view from the light that filtered in through the gaps of the door. I saw that the person had spiky hair and as the eyes got closer and closer to my face... I saw that the eyes were glowing bright emerald green in colour. The green that I saw in the alley, the green that I had seen many times before, the green that made me feel odd for some strange reason.

"Alice... Alice.. Alice.. Alice..." I heard the familiar voice echo faintly as I escaped my thoughts.

"Felix?.." I managed to huff out questioning the person as my breath hitched and I felt the hand caress my cheek once again as a minty smell lingered in the air from how close the person was to me.

The person's breath hitting against my cheek as I struggled to focus and they began to speak... "Yes, it's me..." I heard him say in what sounded like a whisper in the silence of the closet.

His eyes were glowing brighter than usual as his gaze was focused on me and I then saw the slight movement of his eyes when his gaze shifted to my neck. It was still very dark in the closet and as I looked down to where his gaze was... I saw that the pendant on my necklace was still glowing bright blue in colour. At this point in time the darkness of the closet only made the necklace glow brighter and with it being blue, it was beyond noticeable to say the least.

"Where did you get that?!.." I heard Felix say in a stern but surprised manner.

"What are you talking about?!.." I asked in a tone filled with confusion as I furrowed my eyebrows to his question.

"That..." He said pointing to the necklace I was wearing.

"The necklace??.." I asked hesitantly as I wasn't sure what he was going to say next.

"Yes," he said, "where did you get it from?!.."

As Felix spoke he sounded angry for some reason but yet there was still a lot of concern and worry in his tone. Was he concerned about me? I thought. Was he worried about me? Was something bad going to happen? I racked my brains trying to think about why Felix was so worried about me. What was he fussing about?

As I broke away from my thoughts I spoke as he held me in place... "I got it from Eva, as a gift..." I said in a soft tone unsure of what else to say.

"Did she know about the glowing thing that it does?.." He asked in worry as he maintained his stern husky voice.

"No," I said, "she just told me that she got it from some antique shop near to the city."

"Oh?.." He said as the sternness of his voice began to fade.

My pendant was still glowing bright blue in the darkness of the closet and for some strange reason so were his eyes... The emerald colour of his eyes seemed to be glowing brighter and brighter.

"Oh..." he said again awkwardly as he continued, "It's just that you can't trust anyone and the fact that your necklace is glowing just makes this situation more worse."

"What do you mean?.." Is what I was going to say when suddenly my pendant flew into the air and Felix's eyes started to glow even more brighter.

"Felix... Your eyes!.." I exclaimed in worry as I looked at the eyes that was glowing in front of me.

My pendant floated up above my head with the chain still attached to my neck as it glowed a brighter blue and Felix's eyes glowed a brighter green until the whole room began to glow. The tiny room was filled with a bright green light. The next thing I knew... Green flames consumed us and the light was so bright that I had to close my eyes or I would have most probably been blinded.

After a few minutes of what felt like Felix's arms around my waist as he held me closer to his chest in a protective manner, I managed to get my eyelids to lift and I saw that he was hugging me as I smelt what smelt like an ocean breeze... Probably his deodorant. I thought. Look at where your head is, said the sarcastic voice in my head, the room just started to glow with bright green flames and you thinking of deodorant?!.. What is wrong with you?..

I managed to look past Felix as he still hugged me. The flames still surrounded us but as soon as they disappeared Felix then pulled away and I could finally get a good look of what happened.

"Where are we?.." I asked Felix as I looked around to see that we were no longer in the janitor's closet but in what looked like some weird looking forest or woods with odd looking trees.

"That's the thing..." Felix said as he scratched the back of his neck and looked at me awkwardly, "I don't know."

To be continued...

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