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Chapter 21: Intruder

*Crash* I jumped to me feet at the sound...

The sound of glass breaking.

I was still half asleep as I looked towards my alarm clock. My vision was still a bit clouded as I struggled to see in the dark.

"I just woke up so you can't blame me."

Slowly my eyesight began to return and I finally managed to see the time... 3:00AM. The light blue digital numbers glowed off of my alarm clock. I was still tired and would have almost forgotten about the crash sound, that woke me up in the first place... if it wasn't for another crash sound that got me jumping to my feet again.


"Bye, bye beauty sleep..."

Uh, crud now I'll never get enough sleep... I thought with a sigh.

Wow, the one time you might actually be in danger is the one time all you can think about is sleep?!. How positively wonderful... Said the sarcastic voice.

Shut up!.. I don't need this right now... I answered the voice, more like demanded but you get the picture.


Finally I could think clearly for once...

She was beginning to work on my nerves and for all I know maybe this is a life or death situation?.. So having an irritating voice that was filled with sarcasm is not good at this moment in time... thank god I shut her up... or my conscience would have gotten the best of me.

I walked in silence through my room as the floor boards creaked and the clouds in the sky had parted a bit, making way for the moon which allowed the moonlight to beam in through my window and down towards the passageway as the light shone in my room.


I heard another sound as I walked towards the passageway. The closer I got to the passageway the louder the sound got. Another crash then a bang and then silence... suddenly it stopped. I also stopped walking when the sounds stopped. It was almost as though the person who had intruded was trying to hear if I had woken up... Or at least that is what I assumed.

"And obviously I did wake up but they didn't need to know that."

Besides that would put me in harms way and I really don't need that right now.

"There's a stranger in my house it took a while to figure out..." What can I say there could be a stranger in my house *Shrugs* the song fits what's happening.

*Bang* I heard again after a long silence and then a crash... what I assumed was the sound of a mirror cracking. I walked slowly and treaded ever so slightly as I walked closer to where I assumed the sound was coming from. The floor boards creaked just a tad and I hoped that it would not be heard as I approached.

I often had to walk and then stop and then walk and then stop again as whoever it was or whatever it was would stop once in a while and I think listen if someone had heard them or it or whatever it was.

Suddenly silence made its way through the passage again and then...

*Creak* That was me. Oops...

"Yeah, I know... out of all times I choose to be clumsy, why for the love of Pete would I choose now?.."

Please don't hear me, please don't hear me, please don't hear me. That's what I said in my head as I panicked, almost forgetting how to breathe... I was practically hyperventilating... while mentally at least. If that's even possible.

No one had appeared in the passageway after the long silence which meant they clearly never heard me. Phew... I thought.

It was still really dark in the passageway but somehow the moonlight managed to reach the door at the end of the hallway... where I assumed the sound was coming from.

*Bang* then I heard a thud... something hit the door. Yep, the sounds were definitely coming from behind that door. They clearly never heard me. Silence again and then a bang. The floor boards creaked a bit under my feet as I slowly approached the door but luckily it wasn't loud enough to be heard.

Silence resonated through the house once more as I approached the door on my tip toes, hoping to not make a sound as the floor boards creaked beneath them. My breath was hitched and I felt a lump in my throat as I approached the white door at the end of the hallway. I took a gulp as I heard another bang. I kept on looking forward towards the white door as approached it hesitantly.

Upon reaching it, I couldn't help but to look behind me and as I looked back down the hallway I had walked through... it was completely dark. There was no turning back now. The only light that was visible was the moonlight that shone on the white door. There was nothing else left to see down the dark passageway that seemed to get narrower and narrower by the minute.

I couldn't possibly turn back now... I thought as my right hand was just seconds away from turning the doorknob that led to the guest bathroom.

*Clink* That sounded like something ceramic hitting the floor. I was still contemplating on opening the door when... *Crack* something else had broken... and just as I was about to turn the handle to open the door I heard a...

A "meow?.."

Heartbeat racing... and I hear a meow?!.. Seriously?.. Felix?!. I am going to kill that cat.

Wait, how did the cat get back inside if I closed all the windows and he was locked out?!..

Suddenly a bright green light shone from behind the door, I noticed this because as I looked down I saw the green light shining from below the door since I was looking down. I was too scared to look up and without even realising my hand was still on the doorknob I turned it with a creak and before I could stop what was happening the door flew open.

There I was standing in shock watching my cat as it glowed in my now, wreck of a bathroom.

"What a CATastrophe..." Emphasis on the word... "cat."

It's eyes were glowing bright green and it felt as though I had witnessed this before. The green light began to glow brighter and brighter and in that spilt second my cat transformed into something unexpected... a human?..

A human?..

A human?!..

A human!!..

A human...

That's right guys, you heard me right... a human. I think we get the point.

I was still too scared to look up and at this moment all I could see was the person's barefeet. By their feet size I assumed it was a guy... either that or it was a girl with really big, manly looking feet, I hoped not for her sake. I was also silently hoping that this person had at least some form of clothes on, that covered their body since all I could see was their barefeet and if I didn't know any better I would think they were naked.

A voice that sounded vaguely familiar broke me out of my thoughts and my head immediately shot up, almost automatically. The voice... it was from none other than Felix. And not as in "Meow" Felix my cat Felix, no... as in Felix the boy Felix. My cat just transformed into Felix the boy from school, meaning he's been living with me all along and I didn't even know. He's been in my house, he might have even witnessed me get dressed or change a couple of times, hell I let him sleep in my bed!..

Right now however, he was paying what was due to him since he was shirtless... looks like when you turn into a human you lose your clothes. Yeah, he was most probably naked but I didn't bother to look, however, I did stare at his abs for like a spilt second... okay you got me maybe it was more than a split second. Before my eyes could fall somewhere else... I mean, not that I could see anything else in the dark but just incase, I turned around and faced my back towards him.

Hell if he wasn't naked I would have probably walked right into him and his solid chest... I never noticed this before now, Felix was not the type of boy to brag about his body even though he did have a very nice one of those... Wait, did I just say that?!.. *Puts hand in front of mouth* I didn't just say that. People reading this... do not listen to me.

Yeah, ever since I met Felix he was never about himself and he somehow hates this theory that being popular is the whole point of high school.

One time he even told me that people who just care about looks are completely shallow... I mean, this came from a guy's mouth. He didn't care about looks just how people treat one another, he said that's all that matters... the persons personality and their attitude. And that's why he admitted to me that he liked me cause as he says: "I was real" but since he magically turned from Felix my cat into Felix the boy... I have a feeling that there is more to it then him just liking me.

I was immediately brought back to reality when he spoke and I only realised that my back was still facing him when I looked further down the darkness of the passageway in silence as I waited for his words.

"Where am I?" He said in a sleepy husky voice sounding confused.

I was going to flip on him but then I realised by the way he sounded... so honest and so sincere, he wasn't lying... he was genuinely confused. I couldn't flip on him for that.

So when you change from a cat to a human you lose your memory?.. I thought in a bit of confusion.

"No, you don't..." He said.

"Wait, did I say that out loud?.." I asked myself.

"Yes, you did." He replied with a bit of a laugh.

I also laughed a bit before he spoke again...

"Wait, Alice is that you?.. Why are you facing your back towards me?.." He said almost unsure as to why I wasn't looking at him.

I huffed with a sigh and bluntly said... "Because you're naked!.. I don't want to see whatever it is you have there." I couldn't stop myself from laughing as I blurt out this sentence.

Compose yourself Alice, Compose yourself. That's what I had to tell myself mentally because of the fits of laughter that were trying to escape my mouth. If I had to let them out I would surely be on the floor laughing like crazy.

"I'm not naked." Felix said. "Geez..."

"You not?.." I asked, still not bothering to turn around.

"Yeah..." he said almost sure, "I have pants on."

"You sure about that?.." I asked him doubting if he even bothered to look at himself.

Hey this dude just turned from a cat into a human... clothes shrink... he didn't even know where he was... so how do I know that he knew he had clothes on, or pants for that matter?..

That's right, you don't. *Cue the music* Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun... Din, Din, Din, Din. And just like that the sarcastic voice was back. *Dramatic pause*

Wow, way to make an intro. I said in my head, clearly annoyed.

Why thank you... The voice replied.

Okay... it was my pleasure... now shut up!.. I said mentally as I cut her off. I don't need side comments.

Back to where we are... I was still hesitant to turn around even though Felix was trying to reassure me, no convince me that he had clothes on and eventually after about what felt like an hour he got me to turn around, only to come face first with something hard and right then and there as I opened my eyes... I realised it was his chest. Geez this dude was "solid, solid as a rock." And once again another old school song.

"See this is what happens when your parents play old music all the time."

All I could feel was his hard chest and warmth... the warmth coming from his arms which by the way, were around me. Was he hugging me?..

So let me get this straight... this boy has no shirt on and the first thing he does when I eventually turn around, is hug me?.. Do you have any idea how red that makes a girl's face?!.. Well, this girl anyway, cause I'm not used to it like all the other girls are.

Need I remind you that I only met Felix at the beginning of this year and before that I never had a guy in my life, in fact I had never even considered having a guy in the first place. Remember... I'm the girl who's not good at "Relationships."

After a moment of standing in his grasp my eyes eventually lowered to the unknown, to reveal that... he indeed had a pants on. How relieved I felt to know that he was not naked after all.

To be continued...

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