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Chapter 29: Sleep tight

Sleep tight

"Sleep tight it's a starry night."

5 minutes into the movie and I was out like a light. When we entered the cinema my feet was beyond sore so now that I come to think of it I wasn't actually lying when I told Eva... "I'm tired and my feet hurt."

And once again I'm trying to make myself feel better by justifying my lies. Even if I'm doing this to protect my friends, it's still a crappy feeling having to lie to them. So that crappy feeling was the reason I had to sleep on things. But there is no way I would fall asleep or even consider resting my head on Azrael... not in a million years. So I was forced to sleep sitting up due to the fact that Azrael was beside me because of wonderful seating arrangements.

Yeah, Eva's plan was put into action as soon as we entered the cinema and lucky Sam got to sit on her own. It's times like this were I wouldn't mind being... "all by myself... don't wanna be all by myself anymore." Okay we get it stop with the singing... that's what you thinking, right? But my version of that song, for how I'm feeling right now would be... "all by myself... I wanna be all by myself right now."

Basically we sat in the order Eva had planned from the very start with a few minor changes due to Felix not showing up which was disappointing. I really would have felt much safer with him around since my kidnapper is sitting right next to me.

When we got to our seat's, of course I was relieved to be seated for once after the long wait, Sam got the first seat. Oh, how I would give anything to switch places with her. James then took his seat with Eva who sat next to me and then Azrael. There was only one way out of the seating row we sat, in the cinema because of the fact that Azrael was siting next to a wall and you can't walk through a wall unless you're a ghost.

Falling asleep during a movie is the saddest thing ever but I needed to forget all this crazy stuff. I needed to escape. I know movies are also a way of escaping but how could I even be able to focus on the movie if the danger is right beside me. Danger! Wait, wait, wait... I think I've got this all wrong. Now that I think about it... why the heck did I go to sleep if the danger is right next to me? I should have been on my guard.

"Well, I guess it's too late for that now. When I'm out, I'm out."

But after standing in that queue and not to mention getting the snacks, can you blame me for wanting some shut eye? And honestly, I didn't plan it I just couldn't help but to fall asleep. That was my mistake though and that's what got me into a huge mess... but let's not get ahead of ourselves. My eyelids felt heavy when we had seated ourselves and the movie lights switched off to say that the movie was about to begin.

Luckily because we were a bit late from that really long line emphasis on "really long line." Okay it wasn't that long I'm just exaggerating but it was the ticket guy that caused us to be late. I guess, in a way we should thank him for saving us the trouble of having to view the ads that come on before the movie which are really just a waste of time if you ask me.

I sat beside Eva as my face paled once Azrael passed me to get to his seat. Don't get me wrong I'm not afraid of him it's just that he makes me feel weird and I just have this gut feeling that he's up to no good. Wait, of course he is... he wants to kidnap me because as he says... it's his job to "deliver me to someone." Azrael then took his seat but not forgetting to taunt me... decided to tease me a bit by placing his hand on my leg which I without a doubt was glad to hit away. Him leaving me with the snide comment of... "Feisty much... I like it." and a smirk might I add.

I need to gag because of that remark.

How can Death be so cocky?

"All this and I still managed to fall asleep... how did I do it?"

But it's not like I could control my eyelids.

The movie was starting now and I could hear the introduction music playing. I managed to get a glimpse of it before my eyelids started to weigh on me... getting heavier and heavier until I was in complete darkness.

Eva kept on nudging me now and then to tell me when the best parts were happening but she wasn't really focused on me and more focused on looking at the screen and eating popcorn at the same time. I would know because at one point I did wake up after she nudged me to see her looking at the screen with a hand full of popcorn heading towards her mouth.

Then as I fell back into my deep sleep I heard Azrael ask if I wanted to rest my head on him.

What is he my boyfriend?

Felix being the exception of course even though he isn't my boyfriend. I still don't know what type of "relationship" this is... and this is coming form someone who hates "shipping" or even worse "being shipped."

And of course I declined Azrael's gesture by not responding at all. Not after his snide remark anyway... there's no way I'd let him off the hook, not after that. It was also because I was too tired to move my lips or eyelids, which was actually the main reason as to why I didn't respond to him but don't tell anyone that... it stays between us.

"I'm such a lazy coward."

After being constantly nudged, waking up and then drifting to sleep again. The nudging had finally come to an end and I eventually got some actual rest even though the main reason I came here was to hang out with Eva and enjoy the movie which I missed, now and then seeing the good parts when Eva had nudged me.

I probably let her down but I'll make it up to her. I have enough time since I did promise her a sleepover. But then again did she even notice that I was sleeping through the entire movie since she hadn't bothered to look my way and was just nudging me? I really wouldn't know though. I guess, I have to ask her but I can't do that, now can I? Unless I want my head decorated and garnished on a sliver platter. I'm just kidding she's not that evil but I still owe her.

I was stuck in a deep sleep and the funny thing is that although I was sleeping my brain seemed to be rather awake. I couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen? Was Azrael really going to take me away? Would Felix protect me? Why didn't I tell Felix about Azrael? I had so many chances... I could've texted him but no I said nothing. Why you ask? Cause I didn't want to be a burden and yet it's his job is to protect me... so why do I feel like I am one? I'm just so confused... as always I guess.

"Hey, Alice!.." Eva whisper shouted while nudging me but I was too tired to open my eyelids. "You fell asleep hunny. The movie's over." Obviously she only noticed now but I'd been asleep through the entire thing. "Alice wake up! We have to get you home. It's getting late."

"I'll take her home." I heard a voice say. It seemed rather familiar.

"Are you sure you can handle her?" Eva asked the unknown voice. "When she is tired she can be quite stubborn and even moody at times... do you think you would be able to manage?" She seemed to be somewhat joking.

"Of course I would." Said the voice. That voice I've heard it before. Wait, I think I'm forgetting something.

"Azrael! You new..." I heard Eva say. Azrael?! No, no, I'm not going home with him. I can't believe I'm at such a disadvantage, I had wanted to protest against his offer but was too tired to do so and Eva was the only one who could make a decision for me at this moment. The sad part is I could hear everything but couldn't do anything. I'm so weak. "There's no way I'd let you take Alice home because I mean, we just met you today. We don't fully know you." Yes thank you Eva. I feel so relieved.

Thank goodness I have a good friend. When I'm sleeping and can't protest she has my back.

"Hey Eva!" I heard another voice say, but I knew this one... it was James. "It's getting late. It's going in for 12 now."

"Yeah," Eva said, "we going to leave now... don't worry. We just have to get Alice to wake up first."

"Well, you better wake her up then." James said. "You know very well how dangerous it is to drive at night. Not to mention the fact that we can get mugged before we even get to the car."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah Mona Lisa." Eva said. "I know very well that it's not safe and all but I'm not leaving Alice behind. Hey where did Sam go anyway. Is she going with us?"

"Wow, you just changed the subject... and Sam left about a few minutes ago." James said. "She said she didn't feel like waiting up for us to take her home so she called for an Uber."

"Oh?" Eva said but it seemed more like a question.


From what I heard while I was half awake and half asleep... it sounded like Eva's phone was ringing... a message maybe?

"Oh, Shi... Shittake... it's my mom." Eva said sounding very worried. "I have to leave right now or I'll definitely be grounded. I had no idea it was this late."

"Have you not been listening to me the whole time?" James said sarcastically placing his hand on his face. "I said it's going in for 12. That means 12 o'clock!.."

"I need to get home but Alice also has to wake up so we can drop her off too."

"Let me take her home then." A voice said again... Azrael. "I had offered to take her home a few minutes ago but you said I shouldn't cause you don't know me that well to leave her alone with me, right?"

"Well, that was a bit harsh of me, I guess." Eva said. "I'm judging you before the time. But we just met you today how can I be sure you won't try anything?"

Is she actually considering this?

"Look..." Azrael said. He sounds like Felix now. I'm pretty sure he had a smirk on his face as well. "If you don't get home you going to be in trouble and Alice is clearly too weak to get up right now. Unless you'd like to carry her to the car?"

I want to protest right now.

Did he just call me weak?!

Wait, I said I was weak too but it's okay if I say it, the fact that he said it just pisses me off.

"Hey that's my friend you talking about..." Eva said defending me. Yay, she's defending me even though I'm asleep. "and she's not weak, she's just tired."

"Sorry..." Azrael said seeming rather sincere... if I was gullible. "What I meant to say was are you going to carry her then?"

"No, I'm pretty sure James can manage."

"James?!.. Why are you bringing my name up when I didn't even agree to carry her, yet?" James said sounding all cocky, well from what I could more or less hear. "You didn't even ask me."

"Well, you did say... yet." Eva said. "So does that mean you would do it?" I heard nothing but silence... so James must've been giving her a death glare. "Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?" Eva joked... probably trying to lighten the mood and cool him off.

"Of course not." He sounded angry.

Does James hate me this much?

That's a scary thought...

"Well, then would you do it for me?" Eva said possibly giving him the puppy dog eyes if I know her that well and of course I do. She was definitely giving him the puppy dog eyes. I don't even have to be awake to know that.

"Eva, look I didn't want to tell you this..." James said sounding worried well from what I could kind of hear, "but I guess I have no choice... a few weeks ago when I was working and you were off I got into a fight with one of that bad boy customers that sometimes show up at the Diner, no offense to you though Azrael, but I thought I could take him... little did I know he wasn't alone. You can imagine what happened next."

"Oh my gosh." Eva said sounding shocked, mind blown even. "Why didn't you tell me? Are you okay now?"

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry about me. I'm a big boy I can fight my own battles."

"But sometimes I think you mistake bravery for stupidity." Eva said sounding a little disappointed and mainly worried. "I mean, he wasn't alone like you said and they obviously beat you but what if they beat you up so bad that you got killed in the process... did you ever think about that? Did you ever think how I'd feel if that happened?" Eva's voice sounded as though it were breaking when she said this... she was holding back her tears. "I know it sounds selfish but you and my friends are the only thing I have other than my family. To lose you would be like losing a piece of myself."

"And that by far was the most sweetest thing I've ever heard."

She really cared about us that much.

"I never realised that..." James said. "I'm sorry I was so stupid." I just heard the rustling of material which I assumed was him hugging her. Hey don't look at me like that it's not my felt I can't get up. Wait a minute... Holy Cheeseballs... Azrael! This must be his doing... he touched my leg and now I can't get up even if I wanted to... it's him! I think he paralyzed me?!..

Can Death paralyze you by just touching you?

I mean, before this I was just fine... yes I admit, I was a bit tired but not being able to get up, that's not me. If Eva woke me up I would have woken by now but after Azrael touched me I feel too numb to move. I thought it was just the fact that I was tired too but somehow I think he's up to no good and he is trying to kidnap me as well, so there's that too.

"It doesn't matter." Eva said sniffling and sounding a bit off. "What matters is that you still alive. Just please next time think about the consequences before you do something stupid that could be fatal in the end."

"Okay, okay... I won't do it again. Next time we have a problem customer I'll just call the police." James said.

"Yes, rather do that." She sounded a bit better now.

"Ouch!" I heard James shout a little, attempting to muffle his scream. "Take it easy Eva my arm still hurts from the fight."

"I didn't know you got that injured." Eva said sounding worried.

"Yeah, I don't think I'll be able to pick Alice up... not with the sharp pain I get in my arm whenever I try to move it. So you understand that it's not that I don't want to help carry Alice and the pain is why I can't, Eva."

So James doesn't hate me after all... I feel so much better now other than the fact that I can't get up.

Azrael now decided to cut in... "So..." he spoke, "since James is too injured to carry her can I take her home?"

"Persistent much!"

Eva remained silent... she was most probably contemplating on whether she should let him take me home or not.

"Why not help by carrying her to our car instead?" Eva said still not sounding as though she would trust him.

"Seriously!?" Azrael said with a possible smirk on his face, I'm assuming cause my eyes are still closed. "Even if I did that... who's going to carry her to her door since she is too tired to even move."

"He does have a point there, Eva." James said, now backing him up? "There's no way I can carry her to her door and knowing Alice... it's going to be hard to get her up. Plus you need to get home now and you'll be late if we still have to carry Alice to her door."

"Oh gosh..." Eva said, "I don't want mom grounding me."

"So does that mean I can take her home now?" Azrael asked Eva.

"I'm only agreeing to this because I have no choice right now. Don't get me wrong you're a nice guy, well you seem like one but like I said I still don't know you that well to trust you. So just know that if anything were to happen to Alice so help me God... I'll be the first person to kill you."

"Yeah that's Eva for you... brutally honest."

Can't say that I'm not the same...

"I promise she'll be safe with me..." Azrael said, no he's lying, "and if anything bad did happen I'll personally let you kill me." He joked. It's not funny.

I'll personally let you kill me?! He is Death!..

But she doesn't know that... just me.

If only I could protest right now... I'd say hell no.

"Good..." Eva said. "Yeah, you can drop her off but just this once and not again, until we get to know you a bit better."

I wish I wasn't paralyzed...

I can hear everything but I can't do anything... it's sad... like really, really sad.

I wanted to shout but my words just couldn't come out. They were stuck in my mouth just like I was stuck and unable to move.

Later all I heard was Eva saying bye and I felt her hug me more or less but I couldn't really feel the hug since my body was numb.

"Bye... and take care of her." I heard James say to Azrael.

"Nothing better happen to her." Eva said to Azrael coldly. From how she is I assume she was giving him the stink eye which she most probably was. "I've got my eye on you." She continued.

I just heard James burst out laughing... "Hahahaha..."

"Yeah, and I've got two on you." Azrael joked back.

Death's a joker mmmmh...

"But don't worry Azrael you'll be fine... I'm sure you're a man of your word..." James said with the sound of patting someone on the back. As if Azrael would keep his word. "and you promised to keep her safe but just remember that Eva will kill you if anything happened to her best friend or any of her friends for that matter. I mean, I would know because I'm her boyfriend. Super overprotective. So just keep that in mind..."

"I will..." Azrael said with a bit of a laugh.

"You better..." Eva said.

"Well, I guess we'll be leaving now take care." James said.

"Yeah..." Eva said, "Look after her."

I feel as though she glanced towards me when she said that but then again I couldn't see Cheeseballs. I couldn't even move.

I heard the sound of footsteps which then slowly faded away. Meaning that Eva and James had left.

"What to do with you?.." I now heard Azrael say to himself with his husky voice. I'm pretty sure he was looking at me. Or maybe he knew I could hear him. "I know you can hear me." He said again. Yep, I was right he knows.

"So it looks like my paralyzing touch spell worked on you. Well, considering that you can't move. Hell you can't even protest."

Wait, Angels use spells too... I thought only witches did that?

"I knew you wouldn't just freely leave with me so I did this so that you couldn't say no or try to run away. I mean I still have to deliver you to "Him." And boy is that friend of yours persistent..." Says the one who was the most persistent constantly insisting on giving me a lift, "she almost messed up my plans."

I would have said something by now but it was like my mouth was glued shut. I couldn't even give a snide comment.

"And again they keep on mentioning this he and they but I still don't know who the heck these people are."

I felt him lift me as I gasped under my breath. I still couldn't move. I would have been freaking out right now if I wasn't paralyzed.

"Shhhh..." Azrael said, I wasn't even talking. "Calm down, I can feel your body tensing up..." Too bad I can't... cause I'm paralyzed. "Relax." How can I relax knowing that you want to kidnap me? "But don't worry..." He now whispered in my ear as I felt him carrying me and moving. I caught glimpses of lights flashing as he moved probably walking us out of the cinema. "I don't have to deliver you to him just yet."

What's that supposed to mean?!

«Fast forward»

~Unknown location~

¿Where the heck am I?

I felt Azrael touch me... A wave of energy shot through me and I shot up like a lightning bolt. I was finally out of the paralyzed state he put me in. He must have removed the spell or it must've worn off.

"What happened?!.." was the first words to come out of my mouth not long after... "Where am I?" and once my memories hit me, it was... "You did this to me!.." yeah, I was angry but wouldn't you be too?

"I can explain..." Azrael said waving his hands up and down. But I cut him off before he could continue.

"What can you possibly explain about paralyzing me and then..." I was going to say "kidnapping me" next but I stopped when I noticed my surroundings.

We were in a huge field filled with tall grass and the moonlight was shining as bright as ever. Not a house in sight, not even a streetlight, just the moonlight and the stars above us. I was amazed to see this much stars... I mean, not that you don't see stars and all in the city, it's just that with the city's lights you don't really notice the stars that much but since it's dark here they stand out more.

"Wow..." I said still looking up, "it's so beautiful." I whispered to myself.

"U-uh what's that..." Azrael said clearly hearing me and reminding me he was there. I almost forgot about him because I was so focused on the stars. "Can you repeat that?.." He said mocking me.

I looked at him blankly after his statement... "Whatever..." I backlashed with, rolling my eyes.

"I knew you'd like it." He said scratching the back of his neck, trying to act all cute. I'm not buying it. "That's why I brought you here."

I just moved away from him to make some distance between us. "And where exactly did you bring me?" I asked him raising an eyebrow.

"Well, if I told you this place wouldn't remain a secret, now would it? After all no human on earth has ever been here expect for you but then again you not entirely human either."

"What is this place?" I said looking around.

"Well," Azrael said looking around as well now, "it's somewhere, where you won't be able to run away from me."

"What?!" I was confused.

"You see, I have to deliver you to someone and there is a possibility that you could run away. Plus Felix being your "protector" would get in the way as well so I figured why not just take you now and keep you here with me until the day I have to deliver you. Honestly, it's easier that way."

"But Felix would notice..." I said in shock, "because I'm not coming home."

"Of course he would notice..." Azrael said giving me a smirk, "but it's not like he can do anything when he doesn't even know where you are."

What have I gotten myself into...

To be continued...

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