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Chapter 28: Uncomfortable

And with that we all ran down the hallway leaving the school.

Guess I have movie night with Death.

~ Movie Night ~

"AKA let the torture session begin."

Wow, movie night with Death- sorry Azrael. That sounds like a dream. Not.

"No that wasn't a joke... he is Death... literally. Well, you should know that by now. I would be worried if you didn't."

As good as he looked it was uncomfortable to be around him to say the least. And when I say uncomfortable... I mean uncomfortable. He did everything so that he would be stuck to me like glue. I never knew Death was so clingy. It was like I couldn't even breathe and whenever I turned around he would be there.

Either he would walk really close to me or he would watch me from afar but it was a movie night after all and we were both invited so it's not like I could tell him to scram or to get a life like I usually would tell random guys who tried to ask me out. Felix being the exception of course.

Yeah, I liked Felix for some reason but what I couldn't understand was why. Why did I like Felix? Why? Cause he's my cat? I honestly don't know.

Eva seemed very excited about this "Movie Night Thing" she had planned for us. Honestly, I wanted to bail on them but she just seemed so happy that we could finally hang out without working or studying and I'm just not the type of person to ruin my best friend's mood so I couldn't bail even though I wanted to, mainly because of Death.

I just couldn't bring myself to do that. It's been forever since I've seen her this happy without James of course being around. He always makes her smile and so do I but just not as much as this.

James still hadn't arrived while we stood in the queue. We were number 18 in the line and Azrael was standing right behind me. No, I can't even say right behind me... more like right against me.

You probably wondering why I have an issue with Azrael when I just spoke to him a moment ago during... "Detention." But the thing is Azrael has been acting all weird around me ever since he said and I quote... "You know, you really seem to be my type."

Apparently Death has a type... who knew? The fact that it's me doesn't make me feel any better.

"He's like a cat in heat, wait that sounds more like a line I could use for Felix considering that he's my cat."

We were still standing in the line and let me tell you... it was not moving. I would know because we were still standing in the exact same spot with me feeling uncomfortable as ever and I swear, Azrael was trying to get touchy with me since everytime I placed my hands at my side he would try to entwine his fingers with mine or "accidentally" touch my waist. He was so close to me and practically breathing down my neck as usual.

Eva however, didn't notice since she was still looking at the front of the line to see if it was moving. I, on the other hand was secretly hoping Felix would show up as I glanced at my phone screen, only to see it light up and to my surprise it was what I'd been waiting for... a message from Felix. But it was a message saying...


Eva told me about the

movie thing but I still

have one more thing

Union needs me to take

care of. I'm sorry I

couldn't make it but

I'll make it up to you

I promise.

I'll admit I was a bit disappointed but I couldn't be mad at him. It's "Union" that seems to be taking up most of his time. And after all he's just trying to protect me. Funny thing is the danger is already with me... Azrael.

I just replied...


Okay, well then

I'll see you when I

get back home.

If I do...

With Azrael telling me he had to deliver me to "someone" like a package I'm not sure if I'll make it home. He might kidnap me before I make it out of movie night.

"Damn, I really wanted Felix to come. Maybe he could even get this Azrael slash Death guy off my back. But right now without Felix it looks like I'm going to have to defend myself."

Azrael said I was his type but it seems as though even with him liking me he's still determined to deliver me to this so called "Him." Then again who knows maybe he'll change his mind?

I watched the lights flashing close to the popcorn machine as they flashed neon pink and blue. I was in a sense dazed but I was also trying to distract myself from Azrael cause I knew he was trying to get me to turn around. The position I was standing in was already awkward... if I were to turn around who knows what could happen, Azrael of course. I bet he was planning this. I'm not turning around unless it's to kick him where the sun doesn't shine.

But then again would Death even get hurt if I kicked him?

"I'm just going to go out on a limb here and take your silence as a... No."

I was still staring semi dazed at the lights when I felt a nudge on my shoulder. Eva was facing me and also now looking at the booth where the popcorn machine was.

"Alice why don't you get some popcorn for us while we wait in the line?" She said as I looked at her no longer in a daze. "No one went to buy snacks yet, so you can do that so long while I get the tickets."

This was my chance to get away from Azrael and finally breathe but before I knew it, he too had volunteered to help me get the popcorn and snacks. I was now glaring at him cause I knew what he was doing. He was trying to keep me close for two reasons and two reasons only. One was because he actually did like me or well he thought he did, honestly I don't think he can love and two was because he had to deliver me to "someone."

"Deliver me to someone, you ask? That's a nice way of saying kidnapping me if you didn't catch on by now."

In other words he was basically keeping me close so that I wouldn't be able to escape and on top of that my Guardian isn't here. Even if he was just here as my cat I would have felt safer but he's not. Damn, "Union."

It's almost as if "Union" was doing this on purpose... Maybe they wanted me to get kidnapped?

Still staring into space... the neon lights of popcorn stand glowing, I felt another nudge on my shoulder.

"Alice, did you hear me?" Eva questioned me as I broke out of my daze. "You worried about something again, aren't you?"

"Of course I was worried about something... I was worried about getting kidnapped and taken to who knows where or in this case who knows what."

But it's not like I could tell Eva, even if I wanted to. And it was torture not being able to tell her since she is my best friend but I would rather not tell her what was going on than to put her life in danger.

I don't know what Death would do if I told her... he wanted to kidnap me because it was his job to deliver me to "someone." Would he kill her? He is Death, he can take lives if he wanted to, right? Or does he only collect people when it's their time?

So many questions...

So many thoughts...

I had to snap out of it... I had to just play along for now.

"No, I'm just tired..." I lied, fake yawning, "and my feet hurt."

Eva looked at me oddly for a moment. It was like she was analysing me to see if what I had told her was true or not. You could say she's a very nosy friend but I knew she only did it because she cared and I guess, you could say it was likewise for me. I'm only not telling her cause I care and don't want to get her mixed up in this mess I've been swirled into.

She slowly moved back and now, was no longer giving me questioning looks which means she bought it.

"We've been standing in this line for too long." I said as I pointed towards the people in front of us. I was trying to distract Eva. The ticket guy in the front booth was running around like a mad person. He was most probably new. I'm assuming it was his first day on the job. What's so hard about giving movie tickets to people?

Eva looked at the ticket guy after she saw where I was pointing... "I guess that's why we still stuck in the line." She said giggling at how stupid he looked. We both bust out laughing again and then I heard Azrael burst out in laughter too. I had forgotten he was behind me because I was too lost in my thoughts before... I was also trying to forget he was ever here in the first place but he had to remind me.

"Hey... you going to buy the snacks already..." Eva said. "We've been in this queue for like an hour and it's still not moving... go buy the snacks so long."

"Okay..." I said as Eva placed some money in my hand for the popcorn... "Snacks are on me tonight." She said giving me a generous smile. "But..." she said now with a child like giggle... always a catch... "you owe me a sleepover in return for the free food."

"A sleepover? Just let me think about that." I said placing my hand on my chin and looking up at the ceiling.

Eva now looked to where I was looking... "What are we looking at?" She joked acting stupid.

"Deal." I said placing my hand out for her to shake it. "Snacks for a sleepover."

"What are you doing?" She said looking at my outstretched hand... "I know your tactic's... and I'm not shaking your hand... it's not a promise if you don't pinky promise." She was acting like a child again... but she did know my tactic's and I guess, I can't break a pinky promise... it's a promise after all.

After "pinky promising" to do the sleepover thing with Eva I headed towards the popcorn stand when I felt "someone" grip my arm... Azrael of course.

"Hey wait up..." Azrael said still holding my arm,"I'm going with you... did you forget already?"

No I didn't forget... but I didn't want him around me.

I mean, don't get me wrong he is good looking and he is probably everything a girl could possibly want minus the fact that... HE'S TRYING TO KIDNAP ME!!!

"Yeah, kidnapping is a major turn down."

Wait, I think I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah, there's also the fact that he's... Death, Death and did I mention Death.

Azrael's hand was still on my shoulder when I turned around to finally acknowledge him. I didn't want to but Eva was watching so I had to, just like all of the other things I have to do in life... I don't want to but I have to. In this case I had to just get along with Azrael... as much as I hated it. I had to so that Eva and everyone else who is close to me doesn't get hurt. To know I was the reason they got hurt or even worse... died, that would just kill me.

I just looked at Azrael for a brief second. I was about to say... "You coming?" when out of nowhere he gripped my hand and suddenly I'm being pulled by him to the popcorn stand. He had a tight grip on my hand but he didn't hurt me.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled as he dragged me further away from the queue. Eva was now no longer looking our way since she was so focused on the ticket guy. I guess, he could count as entertainment... if we don't get into the movie we can just watch him, he's hilarious.

Looking around me I soon realised I was dragged a bit further away from the popcorn machine but I could still see Eva. I just closed my eyes for a split second and after taking in my surrounding I saw that I stuck in a corner.

Two walls on either side of me and Azrael blocking me from escaping, he stood in front of me. We were standing behind the popcorn machine stand and I could still see Eva through the machine's glass but she couldn't see me.

Azrael began to walk closer and closer towards me as I moved further and futher away until I was completely stuck in the corner.

"Azrael, what... w.. what are you doing?" I stuttered as I looked into his steel grey eyes, they were completely emotionless? His hair causing a shadow over his face.

I closed my eyes as I heard his footsteps move closer towards my direction and then they stopped. I heard his footsteps, I felt his breath. He stopped right in front of me... of course he did. I flinched not wanting to open my eyes that were still shut.

Then I felt a hand on my chin...

What is he doing?

Is he going to take advantage of me?.. I thought.

"This is awkward... plus I'm in an awkward position."

Is he going to kiss me?.. I thought to myself again.

It felt to me as though he was going to kiss me. It was perfect for him... me stuck in the corner unable to move to the side or back for that matter since my back was against the wall. The popcorn machine was blocking us so no one could see.

He would surely do something, wouldn't he?

I took a breath as I waited for what he was going to do next.

"So much tension."

I was now expecting him to kiss me but that was not the case. After standing there for about 5 minutes or what felt like 5 minutes... there was no kiss... thank god. I now felt his breath against my ear.

"Why are you so scared of me?" Azrael whispered in my ear. His voice held a husky tone that was rough yet smooth at the same time.

Gee, I don't know? *cough* *cough* Maybe because you're Death!..

"Of course I didn't tell him that."

Do you want me to die already? I have no idea what this dude is capable of and quite frankly... I wouldn't want to find out.

"I don't understand..." he continued as he whispered in my ear. His voice sending shivers down my spine. It wasn't that I was scared... this feeling was weird. I was anxious and the shivers I felt were more like shock waves. "you were just talking to me in detention and now you refusing to even look at me."

I remained quiet and still. I couldn't get myself to respond to what he was saying. He had me in this awkward position and obviously I was now at a disadvantage. But Azrael hadn't realised what he was doing until he saw my face flushed.

"Oh?" Azrael said as he looked at me, he seemed a little confused but then suddenly it was like he processed what was going on, in fact it was like he had processed the whole situation.

I looked up as he held my chin only to see his steel grey eyes light up. It seemed as though he was possessed. He moved closer to me and his lips seemed to now move closer and closer towards my own.

"Azrael, no!" I exclaimed with wide eyes as I hit his hand away. I didn't do it intentionally... it was a reflex. At least I didn't hit him in the face.

"What?" Azrael said once he broke out of his trance, blinking a couple of times. "What did I do?"

Azrael moved back. He looked worried and didn't seem to remember what he did. I was still at a loss for words and I was too afraid to say he was going to kiss me because he might do it again if I told him... so I kept my mouth shut.

"I don't want to give him any ideas."

"Guess who's here?.." I heard a voice... Eva was standing with James right beside Azrael... luckily he moved away from me so it didn't look that suspicious. "James made it." Eva said sounding beyond excited, she was extremely happy... too happy to ask why I was stuck in the corner. She was just so focused on James.

"Wow, you finally showed up to something for once in your life." I jokingly teased James as I tried to lighten the mood.

"Shh... it was also a distraction but nobody needs to know that."

"I only show up to things that are important." James said looking towards Eva.

"So, a movie night is important?" I questioned him, slightly laughing.

"Honestly, no..." James said smirking. "It's important because Eva's here. Anything for my princess."

"James!" Eva exclaimed turning red. She was flushed. I couldn't tell if she was red from embarrassment or red because she was angry. It was so adorable... my best friend. How cute. "You promised you wouldn't call me that in public." She continued seemingly angry but it was an adorable angry.

James just looked at her and smirked... "But you are my princess." He said.

"Damn, he's just so cheesy."

James was "trying" to be smooth no doubt about it.

"James, you're really cheesy, you know that?" I said to him still laughing.

"Anyway just so you guys know... if Felix ever called me princess, I would kill him."

I'm just not the cheesy type of girl... I don't even like pick up line's... they've all been used.

"Guys come up with something original and the nickname thing is getting old."

"Awe..." I heard Eva say... Damn, he just had to say one line and she cooled off... Said the sarcastic voice in my head. Well, it is James... I thought.

"Hey if you guys are here..." I said looking towards Eva and James, "who's standing in the queue?"

Eva looked at me for a second once her focus was off James.

"And just to clarify... that almost never happens."

"Sam's here too." Eva said jumping in excitement. She really can get jumpy when she's excited and I'm not exaggerating. "She offered to take my place in the queue and we came out here to see why you were taking so long with the snacks." Eva continued. "Wait, you didn't even get the snacks?"

"It's Azrael." I said awkwardly, well lied. "Because he's new to this place he wanted to explore so he dragged me away from the popcorn stand." I giggled in the hopes that she'd buy it.

"And you are?" I heard James say to Azrael.

Eva looked at James. Her focus was no longer on me but on his question and I was saved. Saved by James.

"Oh, that's the new guy I told you about." Eva said to James as she looked towards Azrael.

"His name's Azrael." I cut in before Azrael could introduce himself.

"Yeah, that's me." Azrael said giving me a glare that the others hadn't noticed and then going back to acting awkward as he scratched the back of his neck with an awkward laugh. I give him that... he's a good actor. "But you can call me AJ for short."

So Death has a nickname?

I checked my watch as Azrael looked away from me. It's 8:00 already... I thought, were we in the line for that long?

"Hey, Eva..." I said checking my phone to see if Felix sent another message... to my dismay he never sent another one. It would have made me feel better if he did though. "when does the movie start?"

"I think... 8:30?" Eva answered but her answer sounded more like a question. Well, it seemed more like she didn't know what time it started herself.

"Oh?" I said checking my watch again. "Cause it's 8:05 now."

"Damn, I'm going to go check how far Sam is in the line." Eva said. "But before I go..." she continued, "Is Felix still coming? He didn't send a message to say that he cancelled so I figured he would have messaged you."

"No." I said covering my sadness with a smile... I didn't want to like Felix but somehow I did. Maybe because he's my cat? "Felix said he couldn't make it, he sent me a text."

"Okay..." Eva said, "well, that's disappointing... I wanted this to be a group thing but I guess, not everything always works out. But on the bright side we can buy more snacks." She said obviously trying to cheer me up. What can I say... even if I hid my emotions Eva can read me like a book.

I'm lucky she didn't read through me when she asked if I was worried about something and I lied about being tired instead of telling her it was Azrael who was the reason I was worried.

"Thank god she bought it. I don't like to lie to her but I'm doing this to keep her safe."

"To think I already planned our seating arrangements in my head. Now that Felix isn't coming this might not go as planned." Eva said breaking me out of my thoughts. Mrs Perfect... she plans everything. "It was going to be Sam then Azrael... since she doesn't have a boyfriend..." There goes Eva playing matchmaker, "then James and me, and then you and Felix." She continued.

"Eva?" I questioned her. "You know Felix isn't my boyfriend, right?"

"Of course I do." Eva giggled. "But he could be."

"Now she's pairing me up with Felix?"

I like him a lot and I wish he was here... sitting next to him would be nice but somehow I hated admitting that I liked him. Especially when I knew Eva would ship us. Were we even in a relationship? He's my Guardian.

"And once again lost in my thoughts... but don't worry Eva quickly got me to focus again."

"I guess, since Felix isn't coming I have to ask the others who they want to sit with." Eva said looking towards me and then at Azrael and James who seemed to be in a deep conversation. James doesn't really get along with other guys but he seemed to be getting on just fine with Azrael.

After standing there watching the guys talk I looked besides me to see that Eva was gone. James and Azrael went to get the snacks once they were finished conversing and then they headed towards me. I still had the money Eva gave me in my pocket which means James probably bought the snacks for us instead.

I owe Eva double time. I thought to myself.

"You going to help?" James said holding five boxes of popcorn with both his arms around them and Azrael carrying the other snacks.

"Mmmm... yeah," I said looking at both of them, "I'll help."

"Here..." James said as he let me take two popcorn boxes. "Don't drop them."

We walked together towards the queue. The line had gotten shorter and Sam was finally at the front of the queue. The ticket guy was still as hilarious as ever, he was constantly running around. Couldn't he sit down? Ants in his pants? Maybe? I have no clue... I thought.

"So..." Eva said as I stood next to her with the snacks. We just had to wait for Sam to get the tickets and then we get to watch the movie. "I asked everyone where they would like to sit since Felix isn't here. James and I are sitting together and obviously I'm sitting next to you but Sam wants to sit on her own and Azrael wants to sit with you."

I looked at Azrael as she said that. He was looking directly at me.

"Is that okay?" Eva asked me furrowing her eyebrows.

"No, yeah it's fine." I said lying through my teeth again. I hate doing this.

She observed me once again and then she moved away and went to talk to James.

"So she bought it. Another lie."

This is going to catch up with me one day, I just know it. I thought.

I looked back at Azrael now only to see him... smirking in my direction?

One thing was for certain... Death was doing this on purpose.

To be continued...

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