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3.18 - (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! - Chapter 61 by ForeverPupa full book limited free

Chapter 61: 3.18


[Pupa: That is the twenty sixth sigh of the day, what is it this time?]

[Almost three months have passed, but there is no development between me and Ling Kai. He becomes an obedient puppy now, doing my orders. But since I can't order him for lewd stuff… sigh.]

[Pupa: Why are you so desperate to get laid, it's best for you to focus on your task.]

[You see, Ronghui cockblocked me in the previous world. I couldn't do it with Junze because Ronghui decided to be a yandere and shot me with a hot bullet instead of hot milk. I am now a sexually deprived wife!]

[Pupa: Him becoming a yandere is also your fault, own it.]

[B—But I still demand my compensation from you!]

[Pupa: Not in this world, Ling Kai is too pure for you.]

Pupa materialized in front of Yunyu and circled around, "Why don't you just go with Bi He if you are really sexually frustrated. He will definitely take the initiative."

"No, I don't want to," Yunyu firmly refused. Which was quite surprising coming from his mouth, "I can see that Bi He is not a simple man, he is not the white lotus that I expected he was. In fact, I think Ling Kai is purer than him."

"So you won't do it with him because he might be dangerous?"

"No, I won't do it with Bi He because I don't want to hurt Ling Kai's heart," Yunyu replied, "You see, I grew fond of Ling Kai. He is a sweet man, strong, obedient, and cute. If I'm going to have sex with someone in this, world, it would be with Ling Kai. Though, to have sex with him might take a while, if ever…"

"Then, what will you do with Bi He? You know that he is not innocent," Pupa asked.

"I have something in mind, but I have to confirm something about his identity before the apocalypse."

"Are you thinking, what I'm thinking?" Pupa was intrigued with Yunyu's critical thinking. It was about to just stay silent and watch Yunyu solve the glaring evidence they got from Ling Kai's hidden plot. But Pupa didn't expect that Yunyu would notice it.

"Yes, I've already requested his free time in his house. I think we can find some clues in Bi He's house."


Bi He opened the door when he heard the familiar knock. He already wore his casual shirt, but the shirt thin and it accentuated Bi He's body clearly.

"Ah, come in, Ru Lan," Bi He said with his pure smile. He brewed two cups of coffee for them and they sat in the living room like usual.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Bi He asked. There was nothing suspicious with Bi He, he was still the same pure man in front of Ru Lan, but Ru Lan felt that Bi He's smile hid a dark secret.

Yunyu felt a bit unsettled with Bi He right now, but he didn't want Bi He to get suspicious. Yunyu breathed deeply and absorbed himself in acting as Ru Lan, "Bi He, I want to discuss something, but this is not the place for it."

"Oh? Where is it then?"

"In private, in your room," Ru Lan said flatly. Yunyu made sure that he didn't give off a sexual undertone because he was afraid that it would trigger the OOC. Fortunately, Bi He took the bait and a thin line of red appeared on his cheek.

"T—Then, I will prepare myself first…"

Bi He pulled Yunyu to his room. Like a white lotus, Bi He smiled meekly and said, "I will take a bath first, you should wait on the bed."

Bi He entered the bathroom to prepare himself, Yunyu found this chance and asked the system;

[The unknown assailant who killed Ling Kai used a gun, right? I remember in Bi He's world setting, he is a very resourceful man.]

[Pupa: Yes, in the drawer near his bed, you should try and touch the handgun.]

Yunyu walked to the drawer and slid it carefully. He found a handgun, he took a deep breath and touched it.

[Pupa: Ding! A hidden plot has been triggered! Bi He's ambition!]

[Wow, this is really a world with two hidden plots!]

When the hidden plot was revealed, Yunyu saw Bi He from ten years ago, his face didn't change, in fact, it didn't seem that he aged at all since ten years ago. He wore a lab coat similar to what Ling Kai used in his hidden plot.

He was talking with someone in the intercom, whom Yunyu knew was Ling Kai. Turned out, Bi He was Ling Kai's head assistant during his research.

Bi He was recruited by Ling Kai right after he graduated from university. Bi He was also a scientific prodigy, he graduated with the perfect GPA from his university at the age of twenty. He was thrilled when he got recruited as the assistant for governmental research.

At first, he saw Ling Kai as a talented man, only five years older than him and was already on his way to develop a miracle cure for humanity. Thus, Bi He helped Ling Kai as his assistant diligently.

He saw how Ling Kai was praised for all his hard work, how he was treated like a god in the lab by the staff and other researchers. Meanwhile, he was still the same assistant that was mostly uncredited for all the horrendous hours he dedicated to help Ling Kai.

Jealousy grew on Bi He's heart, which soon turned into envy and hostility. Bi He was the only man that Ling Kai trusted when he researched two other biological agents called ZX mutation and ZX caution that could change humanity.

Bi He saw this as a golden ticket for him. If he could take credit for the two biological agents, then he would be a distinguished young researcher like Ling Kai. But Ling Kai had a different opinion in his mind. He refused to hand over the two biological agents and took the research data with him.

Fuelled by anger and jealousy, Bi He lurked near Ling Kai's house. When Ling Kai returned home, Bi he took out a gun and shot Ling Kai on his chest. He saw Ling Kai fall on the ground. Bi He stared at the dead man for a moment, he then took the envelope and fled.

Bi He sold the research papers about ZX agents to the government, with the requisite of making him the head researcher. The government agreed and Bi He rose from assistant to head researcher.

About Ling Kai? The government said that Ling Kai took on a new identity and ran away from his responsibility. The government knew what Bi He was doing, but since Bi He said that Ling Kai was dead and disposed, then the government didn't care much, since the ZX researches were now in their hands.

However, Bi He's victory didn't last long. Although Ling Kai had written down the formula to create the cure and ZX agents, it seemed that Ling Kai purposely left out a few bits of the information, so nobody could develop it without his brain. Especially the cure, it seemed that Ling Kai made sure that nobody could develop the cure without him.

Although Bi He could finally develop the ZX agents, it was significantly weaker than he expected and the effect on the tested animals were also insignificant compared to what Bi He witnessed when Ling Kai did the testing in his lab.

It was lucky that the government thought that the ZX agents that he created were amazing enough, although the regenerative cure development was still ongoing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_18413449906725905/3.18_50630251658671133">!_18413449906725905/3.18_50630251658671133</a> for visiting.

Bi He enjoyed his position for a year until the ZX agents leaked out of the laboratory and spread among regular citizens. In no time, the ZX agents mutated people into superhuman with unique ability, or decaying zombies.

Bi He soon found out that he had contacted ZX caution, his body started decaying and his skin peeled off. Terrified with this, Bi He drank the sole successful miracle cure that Ling Kai had created and drank it. It was the reason why he stayed youthful after ten years and had the miracle regenerative ability.

Yunyu closed the drawer and sat on the bed after he discovered the hidden plot. He shook his head a few times, two hidden plots poured in his head made his head heavy.

[Bi He… what a green tea bitch.]

[Pupa: A talented green tea bitch, you've met your competitor, congratulations.]

[Hey! I'm obviously a white lotus!]

"Ru Lan, what are you doing?"

ForeverPupa ForeverPupa

My, my, my!

Bi He is a green tea bitch! >w<

This world is going down soon, let's see what will happen next!

Please spare author with your Powerstones everyone! Your Powerstone is my power to write! TwT

Thank you for your support, it means a lot for author!

Love you all! <3

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