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3.21 - (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! - Chapter 64 by ForeverPupa full book limited free

Chapter 64: 3.21


The ball of electricity on Bi He's finger launched as a high speed projectile to Ling Kai. Ling Kai could sense the approaching beam that would explode upon hitting his body. It would definitely destroy his current body to pieces. But he was now almost as weak as a regular human, he didn't have time to dodge. 

Ling Kai closed his eyes, about to accept his fate. Then he felt a strong arm pull him to the side and an explosion was heard. When Ling Kai opened his eyes, he was in the embrace of his loved one, Ru Lan.

Ling Kai was bewildered, "What are you doing here?!" 

"Isn't it obvious? I came to rescue you!" Ru Lan said, he looked mad, but didn't want to scold Ling Kai for his stupid decision. But there was no time for it, because Bi He sent another attack to them. 

Ru Lan stepped back to avoid the attack, he sent a laser beam at Bi He, which he deflected easily. 

"Why are you protecting a useless trash like him, Ru Lan," Bi He grinned, "He is just a mindless monster that has no use in this world, unlike me!"

"You've gone too far," Ru Lan said coldly. 

"I just know what I'm doing, at least compared to that decaying zombie in your arm," Bi He mocked, "Why are you mad at me? I don't hurt anyone, at least not now. Aren't I your loved one?"

"I never see you as my loved one," Ru Lan denied, "Not in a million years I would love someone like you."

[Pupa: Ding! Breakmeter increases to 80%.]

"Oh? I thought I'm the only one who can scheme here," Bi He raised the ground and he gathered sharpened stone from the ground. He attacked Ru Lan with a barrage of stones. Ru Lan dodged everything flawlessly and jumped out of the house.

  Bi He's house exploded and the loud explosion echoed across the city. The citizens started gathering in front of the source of the explosion, and they saw Vice President Bi standing in the middle of his destroyed house, his eyes were cold. 

Not far from him, President Ru carried the zombie king on his embrace.

Ru Lan darted his eyes towards the crowds that were gathering to see what happened, "Don't come near Bi He! He is dangerous!" 

"Vice President Bi? Dangerous? But he cannot do anything other than healing," the people said. 

"Indeed, Vice President Bi cannot do anything, he is just a good assistant for President Ru," the other added. 

These chain of words triggered Bi He who hated to be seen as weak. He chuckled mirthlessly, "I have been a weak thing for too long, that the people start to think that I cannot do anything other than helping others. How ridiculous."

  "I shall entertain you all with my newfound power."

Strong gust suddenly came and circled around Bi He, making it impossible for anyone to approach him. Dark aura started emanating from Bi He's body, "Cower before me!" 

The dark aura around Bi He exploded and everyone near him was blown away by the explosion. Many people got injured, and they scurried when they witnessed Vice President Bi's body grew bigger and bigger. 

"Run! The Vice President turns into a behemoth zombie!" It was the last warning until the air was filled with the terrifying scream of the citizens who tried to escape the city. Because Bi He's body kept getting bigger and larger until he was the same size of Duran Tower. 

The hoarse, almost inaudible laugh echoed across Duran City. Bi He had turned into a giant behemoth zombie, "I AM ALL POWERFUL!!" 

Bi He destroyed the half of Duran Tower with his hand. The building collapsed and killed many people, including the ones inside the tower. 

Bi He laughed maniacally as he opened his mouth and a strong gust of wind sucked all the fresh dead bodies. After he sucked hundreds or thousands of dead bodies, heads started popping on his skin. In a short time, thousands of heads appeared on Bi He's giant body and he laughed even more.


Ru Lan put Ling Kai in a place that should be safe from Bi He's attack, "Wait here, I will deal with him."

Ling Kai grasped Ru Lan's hands desperately, "Don't go! we should leave the city now!"

"It's only me who can defeat him, I know how to," Ru Lan smiled. But Ling Kai tightened his grasp on Ru Lan's hand. Ru Lan sighed and he put his finger on Ling Kai's neck and sent a small jolt on Ling Kai, enough to paralyze his body for a while. 

"Ru Lan! Ru Lan, don't go!" Ling Kai desperately called Ru Lan, but Ru Lan only showed him a smile before disappearing. 

Yunyu appeared in front of giant Bi He, the previously handsome man had turned into a grotesque behemoth zombie with human heads popping on his skin like horrible pimples. It was so disgusting that Yunyu couldn't help but to stomach his nausea. 

[Eww! I'm glad I didn't have sex with him.]

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[Pupa: Forget about that, how would you defeat this thing first? Bi He has turned into a giant monster, I don't think we can defeat him. I will prepare for a restart.]

[No, I know how to defeat him, but it will be the death of me.]

[Pupa: What do you mean by that?]

[I will channel my life force into this one attack, I will kill him with this attack, but I will definitely die after it, you know, like in those animes.]

[Pupa:… Are you sure you can do this? Restarting a world isn't a problem.]

[No, I have to try it first. I am a fighter, a Z-Fighter!]

Bi He saw a tiny man below him. Bi He laughed, he was happy because this was the first time that he could kill crush Ru Lan effortlessly, "WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW, RU LAN!"

Bi He raised his foot, about to crush Ru Lan. 

Ru Lan dodged and jumped back. He jumped from one rubble to another until he stood on a roof.


"I will not dodge, you should dodge this though." 

Ru Lan took one deep, focused breath. He prepared his stance, he cupped his hands and breathed steadily. Slowly, a ball of strong electricity gathered on his cupped hands. The ball of electricity slowly got stronger, denser and purer. 

Yunyu's body trembled, his body was in pain because this ball of electricity was his life force in this world, "I'm ready." He said.


[Pupa: Wait, this pose—]


[Pupa: Wait! Are you sure?!]


[Pupa: You shameless kid! You are doing another plagiarism!]


[Pupa: Wait, wait, wait! Someone will definitely file a protest about this!]


[Pupa: This is copyrighted!!!]

Yunyu unleashed a huge energy beam towards the giant behemoth Bi He. The energy beam pierced through his body, a loud scream of agony from Bi He echoed across Duran City again and his body exploded into bits. 

That day, Duran City was raining flesh and blood. 

[Pupa: Ding! Breakmeter increases to 95%.]


Ru Lan returned back to Ling Kai's whereabouts. Ling Kai was still paralyzed, he was crying desperately while calling Ru Lan's name. When he saw Ru Lan returned safely to his side, a trace of hope appeared on Ling Kai's face.

[Ah, my body… I feel like my soul is floating, only a few breaths away before passing.]

[Pupa: Sigh, I still can't believe that you've done that.]

[Hehe, I know, I'm a genius. Oh, system, I want to ask something.]

[Pupa: What?]

[What would happen if I did break the character setting and go OOC?]

[Pupa: You will get booted out of the world in one hour.]

[One hour? So I still have time.]

Ru Lan's body fell on the ground, he rested his head on Ling Kai's lap. He was staring up at Ling Kai's face. Ling Kai's tears dripped on his cheek a few times. 

"I don't have much time to live, I've exhausted all my life force," Ru Lan said weakly, "But I don't want to waste this body of mine, I think someone will have a better use of this, don't you think so, Kai?"

Ru Lan took something from his pocket, a familiar brain bead for Ling Kai.

"Ru Lan, don't do this to me. Don't swallow it," Ling Kai begged. His body was paralyzed, he could only move his lips, and his tears were streaming down on his face. 

"Kai, I've never fallen in love with anyone in my life, not even Bi He," Ru Lan smiled, "But I think, I have to refute that myself. I have fallen in love with someone, he is my first love and will also be my last."

"Ling Kai, I love you," Yunyu said truthfully. Indeed, he had grown fond of Ling Kai as Yunyu, not as Ru Lan. 

[Pupa: Alert! Alert! Host has triggered an out of character action! The world will restart in one hour!]

[Hehe, I don't think I can even survive more than a minute in here.]

"I… I love you too, Ru Lan…" Ling Kai confessed. But what was the use of it, Ru Lan would leave him anyway.

"Please take care of me and my city, even if they are ungrateful of you, I still want to protect them, as President Ru," Ru Lan said. 

[Pupa: Ding! Breakmeter increases to 100%! The world has been completed! Congratulations, host!]

Ru Lan swallowed Ling Kai's brain bead and the brain bead melted inside his mouth. Ru Lan kissed Ling Kai's lips and said, "Ah, I wish we had more time. So we can do something naughty together, I want to suck your dick."

[Pupa: Ding! Fatemeter increases to 100%! May the god of love bless you with eternal happiness!]

It was Yunyu's last words before his soul left Ru Lan's body. Yunyu's soul floated around Ling Kai, waiting for that moment of truth. 

He stared attentively at Ling Kai���s crotch, when he saw a bulge appear, then a huge tent sprang up, Yunyu was excited.

[Oh my god! Yes, Yes! We have found the answer to that million dollar question! A zombie can set up a tent! That is one huge tent too!]

[Pupa: I can't believe you are risking restarting the world only for this, you are ridiculous.]

[I have my own priority, system! I mean, I still completed the world, right? So all is well, hehe~] 

Yunyu kissed Ling Kai's cheek and said, "Good bye, Ling Kai. You are a pure man that I will miss. I hope you forgive me for leaving you alone."

"Let's go, system!" Yunyu hugged Pupa and in a few seconds, they left the third world.

ForeverPupa ForeverPupa

Well, Yunyu finally got the answer of that million dollar question! A zombie can set up a big tent!!

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