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19.76% (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! / Chapter 66: 4.1 Gardenia of spicy chicken author!

4.1 Gardenia of spicy chicken author! - (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! - Chapter 66 by ForeverPupa full book limited free

Chapter 66: 4.1 Gardenia of spicy chicken author!

"Lyon, wake up! Lyon!" Yunyu felt a soft hand slap his face a few times. He opened his eyes, and immediately noticed the sharp pain on his stomach. He held his stomach and groaned in pain. 

"W—What happened?" Yunyu asked.

"Did you forget? Javi punched you in the stomach and you fainted immediately!" the girl said, she sighed, "I told you that he is a bit rough, I don't want you to get hurt every time you confront him."

[Wow, system, I woke up in this condition. Sometimes, I keep forgetting how black bellied you are.]

[Pupa: What? This is the moment where Lyon died, so I can replace his soul with yours, don't blame me.]

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[Anyway, context?]

Pupa swirled around Yunyu and jumped excitedly. Yunyu felt a bit creeped out by the system's sudden enthusiasm.

[Pupa: This is a novel world, the novel title is Gardenia of Blooming Desire. It is a great Boys Love novel, filled with romance, scheme, politics, and true love! The author is a genius that can write this kind of masterpiece!]

[A novel world? So, I'm supposed to break the love between the main ship of the novel world?]

[Pupa: You can call this a sequel. Because the main target is the son of the two main protagonists! He is a handsome man with dominant nature, he is also a powerful--] 

[Wait, wait, wait!]

[Pupa: What?] 

[You said that this is a Boys Love novel, how can the main protagonists get a son together? Did they marry the same woman or what?]

[Pupa: There is never a woman between them.]

[Then how could they have a child!? Did they use artificial insemination? But this looks like a medieval royal setting, they don't have those in this era!]

[Pupa: Who said that they need a woman to have a baby?]





[Alright, let's leave the world now.]

[Pupa: what do you mean? This is the best chance for you to experience a new thing! The master of this world also has the ability to impregnate a man! This is the golden chance to grant your filthy BL fantasy!]

[Okay, first, I don't want to get impregnated for real! That will be a horror for me! Second, it's not filthy!]

[Besides, why are you very eager to let me stay in this world anyway? You don't have this level of excitement in the first three worlds!]

[Pupa: Because this novel is a masterpiece! A must read! I know the author personally, and he makes a great novel! You should try to read his work once.]

[Now, you just sound like a shady snake oil seller.]

Yunyu wanted to argue more with the system, but the girl who woke him tried to pull him up, "Ugh, you are so heavy! I will call the guards to escort you, you need to get treated!" 

Yunyu finally got a good look at this girl. She was a medium height girl, a late teen, probably less than twenty years old. She had an auburn hair and beautiful green eyes, she wore a yellow dress that accentuated her figure clearly. 

Yunyu was shocked with how beautiful this girl was.

[Wow! She is very beautiful! I almost turned straight!]

[Pupa: She is your twin sister.]

[Huh? What?]

[Pupa: Her name is Layla Hessel Signe, nineteen years old, she is the Princess of Great Kingdom Arctyr, a powerful kingdom with an advanced military, it might be the second strongest in fact. Your sister is a popular bachelorette, just like you, a popular bachelor of Great Kingdom Arctyr. This kingdom will always have a twin as the royal prince and princess due to their dominant trait.]

Yunyu listened to Pupa's explanation, but his mind was thinking about something else. He tried to stand up, ignoring the pain on his stomach. His feet wobbled as he walked to the fountain near him. 

Yunyu sat at the rim of the fountain and saw his reflection on the clear water. 

A handsome, late teen boy, slowly turning into a young adult. He had the same auburn hair and green eyes as his twin sister. However, their facial features were slightly different, he had a sharp gaze, which made his clear green eyes look intense rather than beautiful. He had a small, but noticeable scar near his chin, when Yunyu checked it further, it seemed to be a new wound carved by a knife.

He was very tall, probably around 180 centimetres, which was rare in the medieval era. He had smooth, shoulder length hair. Indeed, this guy was very handsome. Maybe, if Yunyu had to relate the race of this guy in his world, then this guy would be a very handsome German man. His trait was similar to German man in his world.

[System, a few minutes ago, I said to you that I almost turned straight after seeing my twin sister, right?]

[Pupa: Yes.]

[Nevermind that, I'm gay again now. Look at this beauty of a man! Holy shit, system, you actually give me a golden face in this world! I don't know that you can be this kind. Should I say thanks to you?]

[Pupa: I don't really need an empty appreciation.]

[Pupa: Anyway, your identity in this world is Lyon Hessel Signe, the Crown Prince of the Great Kingdom Arctyr. You are nineteen, and you are popular for your feisty and somewhat stubborn nature.]

Yunyu was busy gazing at his own beauty that he didn't notice someone coming his way. Then he heard a husky, low voice from behind, "You are still alive after that punch? Then I will have to punch you twice!"

Yunyu turned around and he got the third shock of the day when he saw a handsome beast who glared at him with hostility. But he was so handsome that Yunyu was dazed.

The man was taller than him, probably around 190 centimetres, which was amazing in the medieval era. He had a straight nose, chiselled jaw, and bronze skin glistening under the sunlight. But the thing that made him stand out the most was his eyes, it was very charming, mysterious and beautiful at the same time. He had blue eyes with golden circles around the pupils, Yunyu felt that the golden circle made him physically weak as if he wanted to fall on his knees.

This young man was like the mix between Indian and European blood, and he was worldwide handsome. Yunyu felt that he had been attacked by a handsome god visual, probably the most handsome one he had ever seen in his life. 

"Why are you silent now? Do you still want to fight?"

[Pupa: He is Javier Di Arlingdon, the son of the main protagonists, he is the master of this world, and he hates you with passion.]

ForeverPupa ForeverPupa

Mpreg world... what a spicy chicken author! >w<

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