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0.29% (BL) Quick Transmigration: Homewrecker System! / Chapter 1: Prologue: One small step to misfortune

Chapter 1: Prologue: One small step to misfortune

"Mom! I'm leaving now!" Yunyu said while tightening his shoelaces.

No reply, of course, he lived alone after all. His mother had died a few years ago after a series of failed surgeries. But it's alright, it was just Yunyu's daily routine to make the house feel less bleak. He lived alone in this large duplex. Since his father had remarried a year ago, Yunyu decided to stay in their old house, while his father moved with his new wife.

Bai Yunyu was already nineteen years old, he was a clean youth. He had a clean record, good family background, and had a clean and noble appearance.

He graduated from high school and had no plan to continue studying to university. He decided to chase his dream as an actor, and today was his first day acting on set.

Well, his first role was just a small role fit for two episodes and would be killed later.

[Ah… only for two episodes…] Yunyu felt a bit disheartened. But this was his first role, and the role was that of a treacherous beautiful boy. He would be a treacherous disciple of an immortal sect. Even though his appearance was cute and noble, he was vicious in his heart. He wanted to kill the main character, the sect leader.

[Well, the sect leader is played by the hottest Film Emperor, Han Ye. At least, I can be in the same set with him… only for one episode…]

Han Ye was only twenty eight this year and he had been starring as the main character of many blockbuster movies. He was the number one heartthrob of the nation for eight years straight!

Yunyu was a big fan, this was also his drive to pursue acting.

"Argh!" Yunyu felt aggrieved the more he thought about it. He tried his best to get a better role, but he got the short end of the stick.

"Anyway! I have to stay positive, Yunyu, be positive!" Yunyu had that magical chant in his heart whenever things went bleak.

[Stay positive! You can do better next time! You still have a long age to live!] Yunyu chanted in his head.

He gazed at the road in front of him, across the street, there was a bus stop that would bring him to his first acting set. This first step was the first step of opening a new world. Yunyu smiled and nodded.

"Everything will be oka—"


Yunyu turned to his right and saw a truck coming at him with full speed.


Yunyu closed his eyes, waiting for that moment before his body turned into smothered tofu with chili sauce. He waited for one minutes, like those in dog blood tv series, but it didn't come. Yunyu peeked and he was astonished.

The Truck was only an inch away from his body, but it was stopped. He looked at the driver whose expression was ghastly. Even the driver didn't move at all. He saw the name tag on the driver's shirt.

[Truck-kun… huh, that's a weird name…]

"Wait, that's not important!" Yunyu finally snapped out of his long daze. He tried to move his body, but he was locked in this position.

"I don't wanna die here! I'm still young! Still a cute little virgin! At least let me die under a strong, healthy man!" Yunyu protested.

He finally panicked. He could only move his head, he looked around to ask for help. But he was surprised when he noticed that everything seemed to be frozen in time.

His old neighbour was sitting on her wicker chair, completely frozen, the little boy from a few houses away was also frozen on the road. Even the bird didn't move. Yunyu's jaw dropped.

He read and watched some of those fantasy themed time travelling and transmigrating. Did this mean he will be given an amazing power and transmigrate to the medieval era? Ancient china? Dragons and dungeons world? Intergalactic? Oh my god!

Suddenly, a rainbow ball came from above and…


A cute kitten robot with pink tutu waved its magical wand carelessly and floated around Yunyu's body enthusiastically.

"Sparkle sparkle! Happiness system is here! I can give you a life full of happiness and health! You will be transmigrated into various worlds and have fun! You don't need to do anything, you just need to have—WAAAA!"

The cute kitten robot cat was suddenly headbutted by a strange Pupa shaped robot that came out of nowhere. Yunyu watched in daze as he saw the cute kitten robot fly and then disappeared from his sight.

The pupa shaped robot floated around Yunyu. It looked weird, almost similar to a metapod, from pokemon game. An orange shaped pupa with two nonchalant eyes staring at Yunyu.

The pupa robot didn't waste time and said directly:

"Our time is near, once the time has resumed, you will die immediately. But I can save you by reversing the time. I am Pupa, Home Wrecker System. I can save you, all you need to do is… well… becoming a homewrecker."

It took a while until Yunyu could process everything, he observed the ugly pupa system in front of him, compared to that cute kitten in pink tutu…

"But that cute kitten…"

"Forget it. That kitten is useless. Do you want to jump from into many worlds without doing anything at all? No challenge, no difficulty, only living leisurely until you are satisfied in each world. That is boring."

[I want that life…] Yunyu said in his heart.

"Anyway, with me, you will transmigrate into many worlds. All you need to do is to be the homewrecker between the love of two main characters. Because their existence will inevitably destroy the world they lived in. As long as you fill their Breakmeter, you've completed the task and we will jump to the next world, isn't that easy?"

[Nah, it sounds hard] Yunyu grieved in his heart.

"Do I have any advantage? Do you have anything to help me? A system shop, maybe? I've read many transmigration books! You should have something to help me, right?"

"No." the system replied curtly.

Yunyu : … can you assist me during my task?"

Pupa : I can show you the plot and the Breakmeter percentage.

Yunyu : Can you give me a better thing, pretty please?

Pupa : You are going to die here, do you still want to negotiate?

What a useless system!

"You don't have much time," the system urged. It floated around Yunyu a few times and then said, "We will transmigrate into the new world now, three… two… one…"

"W—Wait, I'm not ready yet!"


ForeverPupa ForeverPupa

A small misfortune that leads you into world hopping...

Author wants to have that misfortune too! TuT

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