Chapter 7: Day 10.1

It's so great to wake up in the morning and realize there's no sun in where you are located in, except for the pulsating red glow of the dungeon core.

More than a week has passed since the incidents had occurred, and I realized from the ongoing whispers between adventurers, my dungeon seems to have been upgraded from a 0.1 star rating to a 0.9 rating, a nine-fold increase in difficulty as well as rewards.

Over the past days, more and more people had come to my dungeon, which led to many monsters and adventurers dying alike. However, the deaths and disappearances of adventurers did not stop people from coming. This was because the weapons hidden in chambers appeared to have been discovered.

A lone thief actually discovered it, and tried to make a secret of it but ultimately, failed. of course, I contributed in the leaking of the hidden rooms.

Of course, to make it exciting, everyday I would change the positions of the rooms, so that they are forced to stay longer and explore more of the dungeon. At the same time, the rooms were also with placed with traps, causing many to die and a lot being captured and used as breeding vessels by the goblins and orcs alike.

I was shocked that after 10 days, the population of my dungeon had ballooned exponentially, making me happy as there were some evolutions as well as birth of growing-type monsters.

Low Quality

Goblins - 705

Elder Goblins - 150

Fire Goblins - 25

Skeleton - 80

Brownie - 10

Golem - 10

Fairy (small) - 35

Fairy (medium) - 5

Lesser Orc - 120

Greater Orc - 10

Mimic - 0

Zombie - 80

Salamander - 15

Lesser Vampire - 25

Mid Quality

Goblin Mage - 20

Hobgoblin warrior - 15

High Orc - 1

High Fairy - 1

Skeleton Warrior - 10

Skeleton Mage - 15

Ghoul - 5

Nosferatu - 0

Vampire - 1

Vampire Mage - 1

Firebird - 1

Lesser Drake - 1

Drake - 0

Devouring Wall - 1, 700 meters

Devouring Wall (G) - 1, 750 meters

High Quality

Elf - 0

Goblin (Growing) - 15

Hobgoblin (G) - 10

Hobgoblin Mage (G) - 5

Skeleton (G) - 10

Skeleton Warrior (G) - 5

Zombie (G) - 10

Lesser Ghoul (G) - 5

Fairy (G) - 2

Fairy (medium, G) - 0

High Fairy (G) - 0

Elf (G) - 0

Thanks to my titles, I managed to attract a few more monsters into the dungeon, and I was glad to do so since they were actually able to produce DP similar to adventurers, but theirs were constant in value. Even so, it was enough that I swallowed my pride and accommodated their weird natures, especially that drake that seemed to be afraid of the dark and the firebird that was quite vain in nature, who I had to give a personal mirror to convince it to stay.

I also managed to attract goblins from the outside, which also gave a surprise to me: Any of their future offsprings and the offsprings after produced DP, similar to the firebird and the lesser drake, but their points were smaller in amount each.

However, I wasn't dismayed, because I discovered another good thing: crossbreeding them with native goblins gave the same results. Meaning, any offspring of goblins in the future would produce DP that individually is not much, but what if they were a 1000, or even 10000, and they produced points per hour? Wouldn't that be great for DP harvesting?

Just thinking of this made me swear to accept my role as Reincarnated weeb.

Anyhow, I was quite happy with the progress, as these 10 days have been quite fruitful, letting me gain another level and around 35,000 DP + 30,000 DP due to the deaths of adventurers.

Yet, somehow, something seems lacking, making it feel boring and monotonous. I guess I would describe my life for the past 10 days as repetitive rather than boring. There's nothing else to do except wake up, check the maps, check the DP, check my stats, roam around for the rest of the day inside the dungeon, create more stuff, create undead, sleep, repeat.

Can I just say, I have not yet adjusted to the need of not taking a shower. It was one of the perks of being a Dungeon master, I guess. Everytime i wake up, stains already disappeared from my body and any odor gone.

I want to leave from the dungeon, but can I even? I already tried so many times before I felt my body being instantaneously teleported back to the core room.

I couldn't even expand my dungeon because if I do, my buff will be gone, and everything would be back to "normal" settings for the dungeon, slowing down my progress.

If I don't upgrade my dungeon, I would have a longer time of waiting till I reach enough points to create a proxy, and the risk of my dungeon being completely mapped.

If an adventurer or a team of them manages to reach the room where I put the false core, they would be challenging the lesser drake. If they managed to win, and find the real core and touch it, I would lose 40% of my current DP, hindering my plans.

Author's Thoughts

Silent_Dawn Silent_Dawn

I got lazy and decided to skip the repetitive parts.

anyhoo, I write for content, not for length haha.

Thank you for your continued support.

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