Chapter 8: Day 10.2

Thinking more on the problem, I guess I should delve much on it. After all, there isn't really anything I could change about it. What I could do, however, is focus on other tasks that could be completed.

As I delved into the task of creating more objects, a group of valiant adventurers had caught the attention of others in the first floor.


"What? Why are they here? aren't they going to challenge a 1.5 star dungeon?"

"You didn't know? They failed in their challenge and even 2 of their companions were severely injured. Right now, their team is like in their last embers."

"What a pity. Team Radiance was such a promising team. Fame and pride got over in their heads, I guess."

Numerous mutterings and sounds popped out time to time as the group, Team Radiance, passed by. Their faces darkened upon hearing the mutterings of the people close to them, yet they couldn't retaliate, because they were right; they failed miserably challenging that 1.5 star dungeon.

Never did they expect it would be drastically different from a 1.4 star dungeon, a dungeon they had visited and explored thoroughly before. Besides from traps, in the 1.5 star dungeon, there were numerous intelligent monsters that knew of battle tactics; they knew who to target and who to stall, aiming for the weak ones in the group.

It was quite humiliating for them to fail their challenge, but what was heavier to them were the injuries of their comrades. A warrior of theirs had his left arm destroyed, making him a cripple and they had no choice but to remove him from their group after compensating him. Another one didn't lose any limbs, but was bedridden due to numerous fractures in her lower body.

The good thing, however, was they were able to get some artifacts, and sold them to pay for the medical costs and reparation for the warrior. It was a good thing that they were able to get 2 low-grade artifacts, which they managed to sell for 320,000 silver Ohz coins.

Artifacts were considered to be the treasures of the dungeon, and usually 0.5 star and above gives a chance to others to gain or find artifacts inside the dungeons.

Artifacts had 4 main categories, which were equipment, useable items, miscellaneous and Skill books. Each then have 12 classification grades, namely normal, above normal, quasi-low, low, above low, quasi-medium, medium, above medium, quasi-high, high, Ancient, and Legendary.

To break down the possibilities of each classification grade:

A 0.9 star dungeon like Paul's would drop normal and above normal at a rate of 1%, while everything else would be 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001, 0.00001, 0.000001, 0.0000001, 0.00000001, 0.000000001, and 0.00000000001 %. Every major star value supposedly would increase the drop rates by a factor of 2.

Meaning, if ever there was a 1 star dungeon, the percentage of drop would be multiplied by two, while a 2 star dungeon would have a multiplication factor of 4. for a 5 star, there would be a multiplication factor of 32, while for a 10 star dungeon, if it exists among the several tens of unexplored dungeons, would have a multiplication factor of 1024 to its percentage.

That was why it was a big news when people realized that at least once everyday, people could get an artifact after discovering a secret passage, or a hidden room. Even if the quality was a normal artifact, it could still fetch around 10000 silver Ohz coins, which could help the adventurer groups last longer.

The appearance of Team Radiance was quite a surprise for rookie adventurer groups. After all, such teams should be at the 1 star to 1.4 star rank dungeons, not in a place like this.

People assumed that they had fallen from grace and were merely scraping by, but the Team Radiance' group of 4 had other ideas. They wanted to complete the dungeon to redeem some of their lost dignity and money invested in their equipment.

Being a mid-grade professional team, they wanted to complete a level once every day, until reaching the core room, and gain prestige and a random artifact from the dungeon core as a reward.

This was a known secret among mid grade teams and higher; a dungeon core would have a sure chance of dropping an artifact even if it was random. Then, the dungeon would reset for 5 days, before opening again, and people just need to slay their way to the core room again.

Author's Thoughts

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