65.21% VRMMORPG: Cosmic Order / Chapter 15: The Universe's Will.

Chapter 15: The Universe's Will.

The Alchemist sat down by the monitor. He looked at the camera's guarding the building. It seemed like a peaceful day. Though he had an ominous feeling, like the kind you get but can't quite place, as he stared out the window. And he thought of all the ways things could go wrong today. However, as someone who was a recluse for fifty years, he wasn't expecting a visit.

He was thinking of how if even one of the players died, it would be horrible. He was planning for them to be a little family in the Fortress, and for the first time in fifty years, he'd have human beings surrounding him. He already had a picture of him, Tao, and Diana he took off the security camera. It was sitting on his desk along with a bright blinking light.

"Unfortunately, boss, it seems we have company." The lieutenant said, "It seems to be the pacific company."

The Alchemist couldn't believe they'd show up here. To the skies where an old man frequented. Had he done something to alert them?

"Which side are they coming from? And how many of them are there," The Alchemist unfolded his cuffs.

"There are twenty wasps sir."

"Is it I who am to die today?" The Alchemist muttered, "I don't think it will be me."

The Alchemist pet the little tiger wing puppy on his lap, and gently scooted him off towards his food bowl. He had just enough time to pet him before the wasps showed up.

"They are coming from the left side, sir, on the west side."

"Prepare all the X15 lasers, and fire when ready Lieutenant."

"You got it, boss. What should I do if one of the kids wake up?"

The Alchemist sighed before looking over at his budding family. "Unless Tao comes out, tell them to stay inside. And if I really end up dying, give sole ownership of this vessel to Tao Lin. Give him the will if he doesn't believe you."

"You got it sir, stay safe."

"Twenty wasps and you expect me to stay safe? You're as humorless as always Lieutenant."

"Just stay out of the way of the guns, sir." The lieutenant said.

The Alchemist walked up and levitated his sword over to him. He just finished printing the dual dragon blades a few minutes ago. They had come from the game Cosmic Order and were diamond rank in the game. However, out here, they were measured a little bit differently. They were measured by the stones on their shaft, and the cores used when they were made.

There were three grades that The Alchemist had read about for weapons. Human grade, heavenly grade, and divine grade. This sword was approaching the beginning tier of a heavenly grade weapon. But since the stones were printed, it would probably count as a top human grade weapon. It was like printing a diamond at a factory. The jewel would never measure up to one made from the earth.

"Open the door, Lieutenant!"

"Be safe, captain, the ship is in my hands."

The sky was a deathly quiet blue, and the earth seemed to be focusing on the battle. On one side there was buzzing from these death machines called the wasps. They'd probably each killed a few hundred men. And who knows what else they did. The worst part was that they were here for just him. How the hell did they get a crazy idea that he was dangerous. Was there a satellite watching his facility from the sky?

Regardless, he approached the wasps that flew in the air like soulless bees. They arrived in front of the man, and immediately hundreds of little shuriken like missiles assailed the red-haired man.

"Boom, Boom, Boom!"

The missiles ran into a forcefield as The Alchemist arms seemed to get illusory. He had a feeling he might uncover a secret of the Dao today, if he somehow managed to survive. Even if everything got worse, he'd still make it out of this! He was the oldest man in the world! If he died, well then who would take care of the younglings. He was terrified for them. And he felt the world rooting for him.

The universe wanted something human to win! Not some damn machines that were made of scrap metal from 1960's abandoned buildings.

Five hundred sword flashes blinked in the sky as hundreds of sword arrows plucked a dangerous song of survival. It looked like twenty-one little dots were dancing around. If you were someone normal, who didn't have powers, all you would see is little lines of light. However, The Alchemist saw it all to clearly. Eighteen of the monsters remained unscathed.

The Alchemist imagined a little voice in his head. The voice he had heard in the game so many times. "Your chances of dying are 67%." Wait, did he just imagine that?


Tao Lin lashed twenty wind whips as he jumped from rock to rock. He somehow made it seven rocks away. It was probably almost 300 feet! It was such a long way that he felt like he had learned to fly.

Hundreds of feet away from where he once was and on solid ground. He turned around and kicked out even more wind whips. Large amounts of damage popped up over the flock's head. He almost forgot he was level Qi-7 now. 2000, 8000, 10000, 4500. All of this damage was coming from his legs!

He felt like a free bird that had somehow gotten out of a cage. He was no longer trapped by the restrictions of his human body! And he leaped forward unleashing more and more wind lines of fury. He felt like something inside him was changing.

"You've unlocked the beginners guide to the wind Dao. Congratulations your wind affinity has reached beginner mastery."

Tao Lin just let the item fly into his inventory. He finally saw the big momma bird he was waiting for.

"Squawk, Squawk, Squawk" A high pitched birdy clamor erupted.

Tao Lin found it funny, and he almost fell from the rock he was on into the marmalade clouds below him.

"So, you must be the boss?" Tao Lin laughed.

The big beast landed on a small rock near him and perched down. "You're not supposed to go up there human! And did we even attack you!"

The monster pointed over at all his brothermen. "Just because we're a flock doesn't mean we're bad.

You owe us some coin!"

A small bird plopped down on the rocks and pretended it had fainted.

Tao Lin scratched his head. For the first time in Cosmic Order, he felt like he was getting conned. Something about the entire situation didn't seem right.

"The Antarctician's have been registered as an association. Would you all like to join."

Natalia looked back proudly at her kids and shook her head. "Yes, please accept all of them."

The secretary in a red button up entered in information into the machine. "Well, now we just need to go over the ranking. I'm assuming you would be the guild leader Ms. Lin?"

Natalia had this fierce, but proud look in her eye. However, she didn't answer immediately. Her woman's intuition was screaming at her. That something was terribly wrong. However, she ignored it and nodded her head.

"Yes please. And make the vice leader Tao Lin. He's my son."

The lady nodded her head. "Well then Antarcticians. Please take a look at your menus to find your guild bonuses."

Natalia smiled and reached out her hand to shake the nice ladies palm. She would no longer be that meek leader. Now, she was a guild leader. She wanted to have an evil laugh, but she didn't want to scare her two sons. They looked scared enough knowing she was now in control.

"Can you believe it, Yeoh. Mom's in charge of us again," Arden said, "The universe is trying to tell us something."

"Yeah, perhaps you should value family more, Arden. Now, stop chalking it all up to the universe. We got to be there for brother."

Arden nodded.


The Alchemist wasn't sure if he was alive or dead, but he felt an immense power spread through his body. Today would either kill him or make him stronger.

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    My bad I didn't mean to that I was gonna say how I can't wait to see wants going to happen to the alchemist and why he would give the controls of the ship to tao

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