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Chapter 16: Nature's Signature.

Pacific Company, Hawaii, in their main headquarters.

"So, do you have a confirmed kill on The Alchemist?" A man wearing an exquisite yellow fur coat asked.

"We don't know yet, sir. He's already taken down two of the wasps."

"Well hurry up and figure it out!"

The man, Tyrus Wong, got up and paced around his chair. His office was lavish, and his secretaries all beautiful like the fake stars over him. He picked up a small knife and bent his back. The knife flew directly through the wall at nearly 800 miles an hour.

"Just get him to me and dissect him. I want what ever makes him so strong!"

"Yes sir!"

Tryus looked impatiently at the screen as the smoked cleared with a needle in his arm. He had been through three infusions to increase his strength. He had his people slaving in the labs to raise his prowess, but he didn't come close to The Alchemist. And even with all the injections, and inventions he'd die in five years. He was already in his 50s!

"Come on, babies! We spent so much money on you!"

Tryus Wong sat back in his hair as he waited eagerly for the results.


The Alchemist had this weird feeling in his eyes. It was a natural part of the process of becoming integrated with a sliver of the Dao. And it was also comparable to becoming at one with a small part of the universe! Like he had just unlocked some secret of the immortals. The signature marks spun onto his eyes. These tiny leaves glowed and rotated in his cornea, as his eyes changed into what seemed like a pond with leaves drifting in the wind. Finally, he could feel a power swell up inside of him. However, he still had eighteen wasps bombarding him with attack after attack! He was still just as terrified, but he bulleted past one.


There was something truly special about unlocking natures signature. It was a sign of planting the seeds of the Dao! Once he found a manual, or something to feed it with, he would truly have a chance of blossoming. His power would increase and rocket! But, honestly, he was still a long way from there, and still had to survive.

"Die, Die, Die!" The Alchemist yelled.

His sword strokes seemed like lasers slashing towards the bumbling wasps. Even though they couldn't talk, they still seemed frightened. Two more wasps blew up as firework like rockets spiraled after the shadow.


The Alchemist scoffed as a blue orb of nature's energy protected him. "You bees aren't the only ones that can sting!"

The Alchemist had spent a lot of time perfecting moves in the last sixty years, and he even started teaching them to Tao Lin. He even had a few moves that struck fear in him when he first used them. And if your wondering, why would he feel afraid? It was because his attacks were so powerful! And he gathered his energy, his peak thunder affinity shined, and the wasps all gathered together in a forcefield of defiant light.


The Alchemist's sword rays came out through his bulky arms. They swelled as hundreds of thunder dragon spears lashed through the sky. And with his new eyes he was able to control them all at once.

You see, one of the best things about unlocking natures signature was that you got better control of your externalized energy. And when he wanted the dragons to go left, well, they went left. The wasps were chased by coiling pure energy dragons! And eventually, like a sheep herder, they all formed into a big ball.



Tao Lin emptied out his wallet, so to speak, after negotiating with the flock. He truly felt like has conned!

However, there was one good thing that the monsters gave to him. It was a map that was worth nearly five levels of cosmic coin. He opened it up and hopped across the rocks. And even though he had done these jumps a hundred times, he was still surprised about how far he could leap. Tao Lin hopped from one rock and soared two hundred feet. The mountain was right in front of him, and he touched down with the map.

"Fire City Castle" Tao Lin scratched his head. "How is this a castle?"

The map showed three locations. One, was the main city to his right. While the other two were hard to understand. For some reason, Tao couldn't read the handwriting. But he knew he shouldn't go there first. The two other locations were circled in blood red.

So, he went to his right. Like any man without a death wish, he walked towards the town, and started his journey in city of the sky.


Diana Hong picked up the red stone, and immediately heard the systems voice.

"You've acquired the [Stone of the Ancient's Forest]."

[Stone of the Ancient's Forest]

Rank: Ruby

Abilities: Prayer of the Ancients: Grants 1000 Vim to whoever user chooses.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Perks: The birds will sing when they're around you!

Comments: It's almost worth something.

Diana Hong smiled and put it in her pocket while she chewed the essence pills in her mouth. Now, all she had to do was make it to the X on the map, and there would be something waiting for her. Unfortunately, the Amazonian woman left that out of the quest details. Frankly, it could be a trap as far as she knew. But she really wanted to save her parents. And she was willing to take quite a lot of risks.


The Alchemist went back inside and wiped the oil off his jacket. The lieutenant was waiting for him.

"Sir, welcome back. Glad to see you're alive."

"Yes, I guess I made it somehow." He said, "Did anyone else make it out yet?"

The lieutenant nodded. "Tao Lin is waiting for you in the pod room. He says something he has to show you."

The Alchemist breathed in some fresh air. "Tell him to give me a minute. And remember whatever you do don't tell them about what just happened."

"Your acting like its even possible for me to defy you sir." The lieutenant faked a chuckle. "I'll tell him you'll be there in five."

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