72.72% Perspectives on Madness / Chapter 8: Another Perspective - Male? Female?

Chapter 8: Another Perspective - Male? Female?

Qing Lin's consciousness was now in the white-haired youth's body. Her surroundings were those of a typical prison cell: stone, moss, a simple bed, and an iron bar gate.

Normally she would be scared when she was in such a room or environment, but she wasn't now. The reason was simple: It was because she was here for him! - Helping him!

She could feel the cold ground, the heavy air, and a wet spot on her cheek. Thinking that it was probably a tear, her heart became heavy and she swore in her heart, "Don't worry. I will bring you out of here."

She wanted to stand up, but controlling another body was nevertheless strange. His body was taller and more muscular than hers. In addition, she felt multiple stinging pains in her muscles, probably from a fight.

She couldn't endure that someone had injured him like that and she promised to herself, 'Whoever gave you those injuries, I will get revenge for you and get payback for what that evil person did to you.'

Standing up, she straightened her back and lifted her head to get a feeling for her new height, getting accustomed to this body.

Seeing a single prison guard in a black, military uniform nearing her cell, she couldn't remain standing there and walked in her straightened position towards the gate of the cell. She had to stick to the plan or else it would be fatal.

Arriving at the rusty gate, she shot a glance towards the scary-looking guard. She had to check if the guard was weak enough so that she could knock him out with this weakened body.

When she saw the black raven at the guard's hat, she knew that this guard was perfect. It was only a guard of the lowest rank with no cultivation. In her happiness, her breathing got faster and she was getting nervous.

Moving her gaze back to the rusty iron bars, she thought, "Wow. These bars are rustier than I thought they would be."

With no time to loose, she glided her hands along the iron bars in search for the keyhole. As the guard came nearer and nearer, her hands became more fidgety.

The guard marched in lockstep nearer; his dog tags were clinking. She simply couldn't keep calm like this. It was too much pressure on her.

When the soldiery guard was nearly in front of her, she finally found the keyhole. Shortly after, the guard was directly in front of her and she swallowed her anxiety. '*gulp* Okay, here goes nothing. I'm sorry guard.'

She shot her hand out and grabbed his dog tags, pulling him closer into her warm embrace with the bars between them. Shooting her foot between his legs, she thought that it would knock the guard out. Or at least send him to his knees.

But to her shock, the guard didn't even flinch – not one bit. 'I didn't misjudge right? This is a man. I mean he looks really, really scary. How can't he be a man?'

Having no time to think more about that matter, she balled her fist and hit the guard's forehead with all her strength. The guard gave a high screech in response which sounded kind of girly to her, alarming all guards.

'So the guard IS female. …right?'

The guard collapsed in her arms, and she pulled a golden key out from the guard's pocket. Because she already found the keyhole, she put the key immediately in and unlocked the gate.

With the gate now being unlocked and opened, she pulled the soldiery-clad guard into her cell. 'Okay. So far so good,' she sighed.

Thinking of the next step in her plan, her cheeks turned blazing red. She looked at her body, which is the one from the muscular, white-haired youth, and became nervous again.

'I can't be embarrassed now! This is all part of a plan for his good – not for mine!' she told herself.

Swiftly she removed her clothes and laid them to the side. Now being half-naked, she couldn't resist after seeing this kind of body and had to do it: she slowly glided her fingers over his muscular six-packs.

'AH! What am I doing?! The guards will come soon,' she reprimanded herself.

She now started removing layer for layer of clothes from the guard: hat, shoes, jacket, shirt, and pants.

Now the both of them were half-naked. Looking at the guard, she murmured, "So it was a woman. I'm sorry."

She quickly changed the clothes and put them on, looking now like a real guard.

A group of guards arrived in lockstep at her cell, standing in an orderly manner. The leader of the group wore purple dog tags and called out to her, "G54, what happened here?!"

It was time to show what she could do. She recalled every interaction with the guards and the code from the knocked-out guard's dog tags. Remembering all those things, she straightened herself, made a military salute, and replied, "Reporting! LV30C10 was acting out of line and I taught him a lesson."

The leader of the guards acted as if this was totally normal and only gave a slight nod in response. He continued the patrol with his group of guards and marched away.

Qing Lin felt really happy. A smile came to her lips and she giggled. 'I did it. I really did it!'

She stepped out of the cell and left the real guard in it, who she now knew is female. She locked the gate, put the key away, and walked proudly away from the cell. Following the corridor, she walked into the direction of the exit.

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