Chapter 40: She Was Naive

FengJiu woke up feeling light.

When she climbed down the bed, she saw the note MinFeng left.

[I have to go to the company. Eat before you leave the house. I've already cooked food for you. Your clothes are already prepared beforehand. Take care.]

FengJiu smiled and kissed the note.

She took a shower while humming tunes.

She grabbed the clothes MinFeng prepared for her.

She was smiling brightly until she saw the clothes.

It was a long sleeved turtle neck blouse and a long pants.

FengJiu wanted to cry.

'This is definitely bullying ahh. I will look like I'm a nun-in-training. Aiyaa~'

The clothes MinFeng prepared was very---old fashioned.

The people could only see her face and hands. The rest of her body was covered with clothes.

It was even worse than her normal clothes she wore everyday at work.

Although her previous clothes could be considered stiff and lifeless, at least, it could still be considered as a standard working outfit for a 21st Century woman.

'This is not Ancient China. Showing a little bit of skin is normal for Pete's sake!!'

FengJiu grudgingly wore the clothes and went downstairs to eat her breakfast.

Instead of tying her hair in a bun, she tied it in ponytail.

After she ate, she immediately went towards the door.

When she opened it, she was startled to see a man standing in front of her unit.

The man was holding an envelope. When he saw her, he went into daze.

He just foolishly stared at her.

"Excuse me?"

The man was startled.

He blushed.

After regaining his sanity, he asked,

"Miss FengJiu?"


He immediately gave the envelope and gave her the digital pen.

"Please write your name here and sign it here."

She could feel that delivery man was staring at her face. She decided to feigned ignorance.

FengJiu received the envelope and signed her name.

"Thank you."

The delivery man nodded and turned around.

She saw that his ears and neck were brightly red.

'What is wrong with him?'

She was puzzled.

When she arrived at the company, she could feel the stares of her employees. They were looking at her intensely.

FengJiu blamed MinFeng.

She knew that they were staring at her because of her old fashioned outfit.

Little did she know, her employees were staring at her in awe.

They were already accustomed to seeing their CEO wearing old fashioned clothes but they felt that there was something different today.

Although FengJiu's clothes were even more old fashioned than before, still there was a hint of seduction in her aura.

The way her hips twisted.

The way her body moved.

The way her hair swayed.

It exuded allure and seduction.

FengJiu was currently oozing with sex appeal.

The men could not help but stare at her as she passed in front of them.

FengJiu did not notice everything because she was still busy cursing MinFeng.

She arrived at her office and sat on the chair.

She remembered the envelope.

She opened it.

When she saw the pictures, her body froze.

The pictures fell on the table.

It was MinFeng and a Nameless woman.

They were inside a restaurant.

MinFeng had a small smile on his face while the woman whispered something in his ear.

She tried to control her emotions but she could not stop.




She couldn't help but cry.

Tears slowly streamed down on her face.

Closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Ming Yue suddenly entered the room.

"Madam, the-----"

Ming Yue froze when she saw their Witch CEO crying silently.

Her words were stuck in her throat.

She gaped as she stared foolishly at FengJiu.

FengJiu opened her eyes and whipped her head towards Ming Yue.

Her face was void with any emotions. As if the woman who cried was not her.

She calmly said,


That one word was enough to send chills down Ming Yue's spine.

Ming Yue immediately nodded and turned towards the door.

As if she was chased by a demon, Ming Yue ran while her body shook heavily.

After Ming Yue left, FengJiu felt like her body turn into mush.

She smiled painfully and stared outside the window.

She caressed her abdomen and whispered,

"Little Bump. Seems like Mommy and Daddy will really separate after five months.

Do you hate Mommy? Mommy thought she could endure everything. That as long as Mommy loves Daddy, everything would be fine.

But Mommy was wrong. Mommy could not endure sharing Daddy with other women.

So Mommy thought that we should just leave Daddy and let him find his own happiness.

Little Bump, Mommy is sorry. She can not give you a complete family. But rest assured, Mommy will never leave you. Mommy will love you unconditionally even if it's just the two of us."

She thought that her love was enough for both of them.

But she was wrong.

MinFeng wanted her.

But he did not love her.

She thought that as long as he cared for her, it would be okay.

That as long as she occupied even a tiny spot inside his heart, she would be contented.

That as long as she could stay by his side, she wouldn't want anything.

That she wouldn't need anything.

But again.. She was wrong.

She naively thought that she could endure...

But she couldn't.

She realized that she was a nasty creature. That she was a possessive bitch. So possessive that she wanted to lock MinFeng inside the room.

So he could only see her.

He could only touch her.

He could only hug her.

He could only kiss her.

And he could only make love to her.

Only her. No one else.

She was not contented being in one sided love.

She wanted MinFeng.

She wanted his love.

But she could not force him.

Because you can never force love.

Forcing someone to love you hurts more than letting them go.

A forced love is not 'love' at all.

No matter what you do, it wouldn't last long.

Like a sand castle near the sea...

It would crumble... Unable to withstand the waves.

FengJiu sighed and dried her tears.



Author's Side Note:

Aiyaaa~ did you know? I almost went psycho today.. Boo~ hoo~ history repeats itself.

When I saved the chapters, I was so sure it was 39,40 and 41. But alas!! Chapter 40 was missing!!

Boo~hoo~ Wattpad is sooo bad.. I rewrote the entire chapter!!!

The struggle is real. 😂😂😂

Finally, my lovely editor Sterling _star was still patiently waiting for my update even though she was so busy.. Aiyaaa~ isn't she an angel??

P.S. we are almost halfway.. Yeaahh...

Heol.. I can't believe this!! A lazy slowpoke like me was able to write a novel without giving up in the middle!! Hahah gosh.. I'm proud of myself. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

SayuriHyuuga SayuriHyuuga

(A/N: Thanks for voting, reading and sharing this novel.

This chapter was edited by my beloved editor Sterling_star. She's my angel, you know~)

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  • DevineShidi


    Owh.. who's the one that sending that false picture... hate it when there's misunderstanding...

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    grrrr who is that bi*** ruined my fairytale MinFeng explain yourself or I'm gonna beat you up.

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    Sometimes i think that Feng jiu have a really low EQ ughh

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