100% Hail The Emperor / Chapter 6: Discovered

Chapter 6: Discovered

"My Lord, we discovered 5 more spies, and they are all from different families"

"OK, you can go"

"Edi, what do you think?"

"I think it's time for us to move, it's been almost a year now, and we have the power we need"

"What about you Garad?"

"I think we should wait for another half year, if possible a year. We already have more than 10000 strong men army, but we should prepare more to be safe."

"No, I support sir Edi we should move now while the enemy is not aware"

"Yes, I support sir Edi!"

"No my Lord, sir Garad plan is the most appropriate when dealing with the unknown!"

"We don't even have an exact grasp on the power in and behind the towns!"

"I support sir Garad!"


Looking at the two camps, hahahah why do I feel so happy and excited even while seeing them fighting!

Is it the happiness of knowing i just stepped the first step for my ambition!


"The main point everyone is forgetting is that we are not messing with Ramana town only but the moment we expose ourselves we will have to fight at least three kingdoms!"

"As far as we know they all started having suspicions from the fact that they sent spies

I support both the ideas of Edi and Garad. We need to prepare more while we need to strike at the same time before giving the enemy a chance to strike or prepare."

"The Red Trees Hill is our ground even if we have to face the enemies armies of more than our number we can still fend them off, as our men are trained well and are loyal if not for me, at least for this place where they started to make a new life."

I think it's time to risk it and start plan RTC

"From now on we will move to plan WP And RTC!"

"Garad, start Plan RTC. Prepare and start by the outer walls before inner"

"Edi, start Plan WP, all the men ready for combat are to be sent to the first defensive line"

"Everyone, Dismissed!"

Plan WP or War Preparation plan is what it refers to, is initiated in a defensive war or aggressive war.

Plan RTC or Red Trees Castle is a plan for the building of a fortress atop the Red Trees Hill with outer walls and inner walls surrounding the hill in a circle while having moats and a bridge gate. For this we kidnapped many architects and killed a lot of people as a diversion. And as pre-preparations for this plan the moat is 98 percent done so it can act as the fourth defensive line before the outer wall are done.

As for the camp, it's been long since it was reshaped and upgraded. The command centre or where I stay, is a 4 floors building surrounded by guard posts. Tents were removed and replaced by long two floors building that act like barracks for the men

entertainments were added and were used to motivate the men and some women in the base

the currency was changed so far to credit points, which is used for buying, using, asking, ...etc or enjoying the time

So far my plan is moving smoothly with many recruits arriving day by day from our agents planted in many towns as long as the fortress is built the entire Red Trees Forrest is mine and looking at how big it is it can act as my foothold in this place with many fortresses and castles supporting each other!

As long as its built, as long as things stay moving smoothly.


"My Lord there has been some movements in the Red Trees Forest"

"So there is a power there indeed but to whom such power belong?, start the preparations!"

"Better be safe than be sorry!"


"Sir, as you thought there is a power in the Red Trees Forest, and they started moving now"

"It looks like they couldn't stay still any more, start preparing!"


"My Lord..."




Similar talks were all around the Red Trees Forest Bordering Towns

Is this the end of the Red Trees Forest peaceful times?

Author's Thoughts

The_King The_King

is this a sign for another Red Border Event?

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