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Mad Man's Magic

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Chapter 1: A Man Defined by His Madness

In the continent of beginnings, deep inside a desert cave, deafening roars constantly reverberates. It has been a week since this started and for reasons unknown, no adventurer has yet to venture far out in the area to hear this unusual belch.

"Not enough, one more time!" Said the youthful man with only an animal hide wrapped in his waist.






The man was facing a rock embedded partly in the sand and continuously ordering it to scream.


"That's it, maintain that tone and repeat"

It's been a week since I've stumbled upon the rebirth cave. Who would've thought that the stories surrounding it were true, well at least partially.

The man blinked his left eye repeatedly and a screen popped out

Name: Nero

Title: Red Water Hero, Berserk Warrior, Conqueror of the West, Transcendental Being(1)

Job: Magician Vitality: 90

Level: 1 Energy: 80

Str: 1 (+45) Dexterity: 23

Int: 1 (+10) Physical Resistance: 117

Agi: 1 (+26) Magical Resistance: 45

Skill: Inanimate Sentience(Lv. 1)

A glint of surprise was found in his eyes as he looked through his stats but it soon dimmed as he let out a sigh.

It's useless to brood over spilled milk, and in a sense, this is actually a benefit, I've gained another title which gave me an additional 10 stats to all and needless to say, I can still recover all my stats given enough time but what keeps me bothered is the place I first woke up from. The adventurers I first encountered call this place the 'Continent of Beginnings'. As an adventurer that runs in the forefront, it's a place I've never heard of and what's more bothering is my current job. It's common sense for humans to have their job class and for demi-humans, they use evolution and job classes. Class change from the same Job tree are uncommon but not unheard of. I've seen warriors becoming Specialists or Cavalier but I've never heard anyone changing their root job as a swordsman to become a magician. Though I've heard there's a very uncommon variant called a magic swordsman, still, it's a swordsman!

Throughout my way to the top, I've become a Berserk Warrior, a peak variant job of swordsman usually found from strength inclined demi-humans. As a human, gaining strength far above brutish demi-humans like orcs and ogres need not only talent but extreme concentration and training. It's a feat I am most proud of but it was not without it's disadvantages, as a Berserk Warrior, I limit my mind to instincts, imitating the ancestral arts of the brutish demi-humans to enhance my strength. It was also at that point where I was referred as a mad man from others. My strength has few rivals and I've achieved the pinnacle of strength as a human.

Brooding over his past achievements, Nero found himself staring at the rock he was commanding a while back.

Stripped bare of my achievements, I am not without strength. When I first started as a warrior, It was my will and perseverance that got me to where I was. Now that I think about it, maybe it's that time where I cracked all the 10-feet boulders around the village that I've gotten my moniker of a mad man... oh well.




As darkness starts to cover the sky, A woman in full knight suit grunted. "It's been too long since Nero entered the Rebirth Cave!"

"Settle down Kaira, hasn't Nero always overcome any trial. He'll come out of that cave soon and if the stories were right, we'd be seeing a youthful Nero walking out" The bearded man dressed in a leather vest replied. He was cleaning his disassembled bolt rifle laid down a white cloth as the woman in armor walked near the cave.

A rippling white light covered the field in an instant as the woman dashed through the entrance


A loud bang was heard and a rainbow glint was seen deflecting the long sword of the knight. An invisible wall was placed at the entrance of the cave preventing anyone from approaching.

Only someone who attained the maximum level can freely enter this cave and it was the place their guild leader accidentally found from their last adventure. It was a hunt for a glass dragon that ended earlier than predicted due to its untimely demise from falling off a steep ridge where their party took full advantage of.

The mighty berserk warrior that unified the whole western continent and truly stopping the long strife of civil war has finally achieved the maximum level and on their way back home, they come across a misty forest and stumbled upon a strange cave. They came to a consensus that it was the rebirth cave due to it's timely appearance and they mystic presence they felt just being in-front of it. When they tried to enter, only their leader was able to enter and everyone else was rebounded back.

Due to this strange phenomenon and the stories they heard of the rebirth cave, they were hesitant to let their leader enter alone but was blocked so they had to wait for their leader to come out and become stronger and mightier than before. It was not a secret to everyone that their leader was getting old and was not as strong and nimble as his prime. thirty years after unifying the western continent, his strength though without rival, was dwindling away.

It has been a week since the event occurred and despite their anticipation, the party alternately waited outside the cave along with the other guild members.

"Do you remember that time where he insisted on going to the Red Dragon's cave?" The marksman trying to calm the knight down started recalling his experience. "That old fool got separated from us and we were wandering inside the cave for weeks. Everyone thought he's a goner but when we got to the Dragon's lair, lo and behold, the missing leader is playing fetch with the dragon's brat"

"Enough with the reminiscing, old man. This is not like any caves we've encountered. Even those high mages from the temple doesn't have a clue on the Rebirth Cave" Kaira Retorted.

"But you have to hand it to our dear leader, even a mighty dragon submits to his strength and even let it's offspring play fetch with him" Fjord, the Monarch Marksman ended his story with a laugh.

A few hours went by and a cavalier arrived, donning a black full metal armor, and an unreasonably large black horse for his mount, he is categorized as a Heavy Cavalier. "I've received news from the Magician's guild, they're assembling a convoy to investigate the Rebirth Cave." The cavalier said as he slid up the face guard of his helmet.

Fjord went back to the tent to fetch a water bag and handed it over to the cavalier after he went off his horse. "Thank you for the hard work, Dan"

"It's not much" The cavalier replied as he put down the horse's saddle. "Any new things I've missed out?"

"Oh you have" Fjord laughed as he looked at Kaira "See, this fine lady got impatient again and tried to strike the cave and still got blown away"

"Shut it"

"And the best part of it all is her dress was flipped up from the explosion"

*cough* "white striped" *cough*

The female knight was getting red and unable to contain her anger, she unsheathed her long sword and started walking to the marksman but was interrupted by the cavalier.

"Oho Miss Kaira, It's been a week and you still seem to have an inclination of having your dress flipped by the blast" The youthful cavalier resounded cheerfully as he misread the situation.

"You..." The female knight was about to burst in anger as someone landed near the trees. It was a man dressed in a furred armor and a lion crest found on its center. while an eagle's design on the pauldron. Soon after a giant eagle landed behind him and rubbed its beak from the caressing hands of the fur armored man.

"I can't wait any longer so I've brought one of the mages here" The man announced as he picked up the shivering man behind the giant eagle.

"y-you crazy lunatics" the man shakily retorted.

"No one here isn't". Seemingly reverted back to normal, Kaira said as she pointed her sword to the cave. "Mage, What do you know about this?"

The Mage patted the dirt from his robe and was still brooding over the injustice he's experiencing. Mages from the Magician Guild was very prideful and after three decades of peace in the united western continent, the new mages perceive members of the mercenary guild as primitive and barbaric. The prestige of being a war hero has waned in the eyes of these new adventurers.

He ignored the rough bunch and walked near the cave. Before setting off for their mission, the mages were briefed on what they're going to do so despite the infuriating treatment, he still has to conducted initial tests before the rest of the investigation team arrives. After touching the invisible wall, a rippling prism was emitted. He then recited complex incantations as green light circles was summoned. Rotating and overlapping with intricate white light lines, the seal then compressed between the mage's hands.

As the light dimmed out, a script was formed from the light but a blast then occurred. The mage was blown away and simultaneously, a hand reached to the back of his robe and was pulled to the ground preventing him from further being blown away. Shock filled the face of the mage as he recalled the view he saw in the brief moment before the light exploded.

*cough* *cough* "Empty! the cave is empty. I haven't detected anyone not even an insect inside the cave. Whoever you are waiting there, he's already long dead!" The mage exclaimed as he adjusted his position and continued explaining the situation and likely scenario for the his findings with the haughtiest tone mocking the adventurers in front of him.

Kaira felt chills run down her spine as she listen to the mage despite the clear words she hears, none were registered as if the world is suddenly silent. "Impossible-"

As she was about to recklessly smash the invisible wall again, Argar, the man in furred armor raised his hand in-front of the stunned Kaira and warned "By now you should be aware that every time we get in contact with the invisible wall, a bit of our experience is getting sucked out"

"I don't care"

"Then are you going to waste away your life in a futile struggle?"

"I can't just leave the old man alone inside!"

"Then go and strengthen yourself. Nero isn't just any adventurer. He's the head of the strongest guild and the renowned conqueror of the west" Argar reminded the restless knight. "If it's him, he can survive even a few years inside the deadliest caves so instead of acting recklessly, go and reach the maximum level so you can enter the cave".

Fjord, then finished assembling his weapon and fastened it in his shoulder. "He's right little lady, go back to the front lines and join Thatch. By now they're all aware that if Nero doesn't come out, the only way to rescue him is to reach the maximum level and enter the cave. Most of our top ranks almost have the same strength as Nero, they just have to find the key of their enlightenment and reach level 99".

For the last decade, there are only 13 beings known to have reached the level 98. and 7 of them were the original members of Nero's party.

Experience is translated to the amount of training, knowledge, abilities, health and other factors that build your whole existence. level 0 is also known as death. For every injury you take, your experience lowers, and grave injury could also decrease your level. This affects your overall performance as well as your ability to move and use skills. This in turn into a benefit when they learn new knowledge, gain combat experience, or develop new abilities, since all of these are factors to increase experience.

To reach the maximum level, you have to gain enlightenment the same as collecting all the pieces of a puzzle. The mirror dragon that Nero and his party fought though uncommon, it was not a unique dragon and certainly, Nero has fought it's species multiple times before. His experience is at 99.99 percent and was stagnant despite constantly hunting for years that's why the sudden level up after the fight was surprising for them as there was nothing unique in that day's hunt.

Kaira without words to say anymore clenched her jaw and walked towards the mage. "Nero is there and he's alive" She dauntingly got closer to the mage" Make sure you find him, or you won't ever get to see anything ever again"

The Mage was about to retort back but was not able to as the female knight's hand choked his neck

"The guild has been lenient far too long for some new chump to act this big and mighty" Kaira ended as she let the squealing mage go.

Knowingly what Kaira will do next, Argar walked towards his mount.

"Mira, give the lady a ride to the barren lands will you?" Argar said as he played with the giant eagle's beak

A strong gust of wind emitted as they flew took off the ground. Fjord looking up and saw the face of Kaira. Though the lady was hot tempered and unreasonable most of the time, she'd act without second thoughts when it's about matters concerning Nero. Fjord remembered the time when the lady was about 3 years old, the time when the the Berserk Warrior once again started his journey a decade long after uniting the western continent. It was a good memory to remember and would surely be a classic story for another time.

Few hours went by when the sky was fully dark, a row of glowing light was seen approaching near. The Mage guild's party finally arrived in front of the cave.

neuroredvio neuroredvio

Hello everyone,

This will be my first novel. I've only a plot and key points written for the story and would still need your thoughts and reactions especially if the story is getting boring or have plot holes.



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