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Chapter 3: Maxim of Strength

"Surely, you are a young prodigy" Nero observed the determined lady "to be able to freely control your emotion when using your burning spear is not a small feat especially at your young age"

"Useless if it doesn't hit it's target" Kathleen retorted as she positioned herself for a forward charge. "I would highly appreciate if you'd show me a bit of your Fire magic"

Nero knew that the princess won't just let him go unless she's satisfied. A very troublesome lady from the start and now, she wants him to teach fire magic. In his previous and present life he had never wielded fire element and now he has to teach someone but who was Nero, he is the most experienced adventurer in the whole of Ragan Rok and for someone to achieve level 99, not only should you fully understand your specific job but all the other intricacies of every job in existence so he knew the concept of what makes a good fire elemental attack.

He has fought countless fire elemental mages and knew how to counter each and every one of their attacks but now he has a problem, his energy is running low from all the movements he's done. Though his agility can keep up, his strength as a mage can't. He's now mulling over all the lost stats from his glory days. and to top it all off, he's only level 1.

Wait, if experience and level translates to the knowledge and experience I've gained then shouldn't my level still be up high since I've retained my memory? It's common sense to gain experience as you increase in knowledge and ability but my current level don't make sense.

His thoughts were interrupted when a burning spear dashed in front of him. A quick sidestep took a great toll in his body. Now that his energy is very low, his movements would gradually slow down. To think that a Berserk warrior that ran rampage for the whole duration of a war would gasp for air from just a bit of sparring, Nero can't help but sigh again.

"You won't improve like that" Nero interjected as he dodged. "Controlling your emotion to fuel your flame has its limits"

Kathleen stopped as he heard Nero's words. "Do you mean the teachings of my ancestors are wrong?"

"I don't mean it like that. Surely, emotion is the primary driving force of the fire element but with your current situation, enhancing your flame takes a lot of time and would do little progress" Now that the barrage of attacks are halted, he had time to gasp for air.

"The ember sphere rotating in your hands store your energy and you use it to fuel your flame every time you attack right?" He continued "Surely you're knowledgeable about it's different usage but I wonder why you stick to only charging and releasing it?"

"Increasing my attack power is never wrong" Kathleen bluntly replied.

What stubborn mindset. You would've been a great Berserker. Oh that straight forward charge would disseminate even the most complex of defenses.

"Surely it is not wrong but to increase your combat strength, I have to teach you something far more valuable than just attacking" Nero walked towards the table and grabbed a pitcher of water. He then grabbed a stick and went back.

"Strength comes from observation and knowledge. You will grow stronger when you fully understand what you experience" Nero dipped the stick and whipped it towards Kathleen. The water flowed like a snake and was directed to her face. She then tried to dodge but the middle part of the whip like stream hit her.

"Y-you" Kathleen, with her soaked hair starred at the bizarre man in front of her.

This should be fun. Time to teach the young generation some good manners.

"Think of this as the actual match in the competition. Your test ends when you fully evade or halt one of my attacks" Nero continuously hurled water whips and ended his instructions with a smirk, "Or if I run out of water. Whichever comes first"

The Flame Empress didn't just take the water whips obediently, dodging these barrage of water whips were nigh impossible due to it's unpredictable nature. She observed that the water whip would bend unusually longer with just a small nudge from Nero's wrist. With this is mind, her only solution was to attack and prevent her opponent from attacking so she dashed forward and lunged herself to shorten the length of the water whips, this way, the interval of the second whip would take a lot longer and would provide enough time for her to counter attack but her plan was easily read by her opponent thus for every step she made, her opponent does twice.


The floor was riddled with water and in the center, the once graceful fire empress has her hair was a mess and dripping wet from the continuous barrage of water. Most of the water hit her forehead and is now brimming in red mark.

"I've run out of water. This should be enough for now. Contemplate and remember what I've done today. This should be a fruitful experience for you" Nero spouted some profound words afterwards to sound sophisticated as he doesn't want the lady to retort back and delay his escape. He then finally said "This is a teaching of a great fire mage. He observed how water mages perform their art and used it to absorb and divert lightning. Though a bit far fetched, the concept in your case is the same"

Nero hurriedly walked to the door and this time though the lady was still contemplating, he heard a better sounding tone "Thank you for your teachings, master Reeden"

Finally! Time to escape this dangerous spot I got myself into. After calmly walking outside the door, Nero looked at his surrounding at found no one looking. As the door was shut closed, it was then the best opportunity for an escape so he dashed out in the hall through the shortest path to the exit.

When he was about to leave, he saw a group of scholars mocking and berating a meek looking kid just outside the hall's main gate.

"You did one good thing when you brought back that master but you just had to ruin it didn't you?" A stout man in robe said as he grabbed the meek guy's collar "I told you to distract him and led him away and what did you do, you flaunt over like the sucker that you are and you even guided him to that wretched witch"

What am I seeing here? a generic bully, doing generic bullying act to a generic victim. *sigh*

With just observing from a distance, he knew who the victim was. It was the meek scholar who provided service and guided him to the Fire Lady's room, Ulier.

This will be a good learning experience. Maybe in a time where peace and progress is promoted in the lands, these victims should be defended but in a time like this, where nefarious forces could come knocking at your door at any time, They should be molded into a better form and adapt to the ways of the strong. Given the concept of level and skills, everyone would be given equal opportunity in gaining strength whether they be talented or not.

Nero was just going to ignore the scene but after a few steps, he performed a gasping motion and muttered "Scream!"


The robe of Ulier suddenly emitted an ear piercing scream that startled the group surrounding him. The stout robed man was startled and fell behind, the other members of the encirclement were surprised by the sudden noise and backed a few steps. Though still bewildered, Ulier knew that this was an opening for his escape but instead of running, he tried to help the stout robed man from getting up by reaching a hand as he asked if he's okay. The stout robed man was enraged for the embarrassing scene and was about to pounce on Ulier. It was then that Ulier felt his impending doom and as soon as he looked around, he saw that the encirclement had gaps and started dashing away as his life depends on it.

The scene amazed Nero as he didn't expect Ulier's actions. He now doubts if Ulier is a really nice guy or just someone with a loose nut in his head. No one in their right mind would give a helping hand to a dangerous person. Much less to someone who was hostile with you moments ago.

I knew the weak should not be tolerated and the sooner someone realizes the only path to survival is gaining strength, the better their life would be but I just had to interfere with something akin to a baptismal right.

Nero has sighed a few times today due to various acts that he would never do in his past life. In his old world, he was the Leader, a mentor, or a usurper revered and feared by all in his domain. His laws did not tolerate the weak and promote the strong as he knew the only path to survival is through gaining strength. Though brutal in his ways, he never forego unlawful acts. Even to his attendants and ministers, he would subject them with the same punishment as the rest of the civilians. A decade past after the unification, he knew his dictatorial decree should end and had the future generation forge their own path. His grand stories were soon covered by other worldly affairs and only got to be mentioned in history lectures. Theaters also stopped propagandizing his achievements and soon, he went back to his adventuring life but the dream he held never waned from his mind.

In his youth, one of the many driving force for his unification conquest was to provide every one be they humans, demi-humans, and other heteromorphic race to be united and stand along side and progress for a better future. His dreams were a novelty among his peers. Though his mind wanders far and different from them, his strength caused him to be distinguished as a leader from the get go and he knew that his purpose was just some wishful banter of the youth but he was determined to see it through it's end. He wanted to see a continent striving for progress instead of dying away from wars and civil strife but things were never like one envisioned. No matter how much you prepared, no matter how much you pour your life into a cause, something would always stand in your way. The unification took the lives of countless comrades who supported his will and even after achieving his goals his life and energy was already spent to their limits. He has gone old and the youthful energy were already spent. Management and internal conflicts that came after had never ceased and people who aims to only further their gains, popped up one after another.

His peers who envision the same goal has been too little to do any significant change to the upcoming wave and they were eaten alive by a system they were unfamiliar with. To think that management in every sense of it's word was vastly complicated than what they thought.

The knowledge from managing a village or a city would be far and useless in front of a continent-wide administration. Maybe along the way, his dreams were stained with the rapacity he thought was for a noble cause. In the end, he obtained lands far wider than what he and his peers can handle. Like a man that keeps getting fatter at the cause of an ever deteriorating backbone, the vast continent became immobile instead of being stronger.

After looking at the peaceful eyes gleaming in Ulier, he knew that it was the eyes he yearned to see when he walks the street and see a common citizen. The eyes of someone in peace and comfort. A world where fear is only felt by the offender while peace and serenity across the good and lawful citizens.

The peace in Ulier's eyes gave a unique feeling and proof that this world is something different. A chance he had never encountered in his previous life.

As he walked away from the scene, he was contemplating to the unexpectedly act he just did. Maybe, just maybe, this time, in a different world, I could start all over again and realize the dream I've held repressed and finally build a utopia.

A soft smile was plastered at the calm Nero as turned to an alley. He knew this new life he had is the chance to build the world he envisioned. Maybe in this world, they've already achieved peace.

Hope is never a bad thing and if I am mistaken, It's nothing to worry about. I'll just do what I've been doing before. I'm kind of an expert in that field already.


"I am the Bringer of Light, though the guidance of your brilliance and the luminescent might you wield, grant me the radiance of your will that condemns evil. Absolve the heretics and purify their sins!" Kaira chanted the spell for an area of effect attack as she targeted the mass of brutal goblins heading her way.

A mass of light enveloped the scene along with a sudden strong gust of heat scorched the approaching enemy and left scorched carcasses all over the place. The scene was overwhelmingly gore as some goblins were still alive but was not able to continue moving forward and instead held their burnt bodies as they screech in anguish.

The battle was only beginning as the ogres soon entered and stepped on the bodies of the fallen goblins. A hint of disgust was seen in their faces as they step on the weak goblins.

The front lines is located in a wide range of line separating the west from the center of Ragan Rok. The whole western continent is the only place inhabited by all types of creatures that haven't fallen to the erosion. The central borders are riddled with many battle fronts to prevent the eroded creatures from entering and ravaging the land.

This unified defense was only possible due to Nero unifying the kingdoms of the western continent. When the eroded creatures started their attack, the west was ready for them and held a tight grip on their defenses. If nothing big were to happen, this type of defense would continue for years to come.

Dozens of spells were discharged to counter the ogres that is advancing. In the far distance, a dark ball of energy was sucking all the carcasses that lay scattered in the field.

"Aira, re-call the sniping squad and target the area of the golem ritual" A large man in a robe ordered as he pointed at the dark sphere. His attire was unbecoming as the bulging muscles were about to rip the robe he's wearing. The commander who ordered the barrage was Thatch, a high priest that specializes in hand to hand combat. Though not to be confused with monks but his demeanor is far from what a passive priest should be like.

neuroredvio neuroredvio

Big fan of KonoSuba so I'm trying to shape Kaira's image into mix of Darkness and Megumin (ofc that chuuni is a must)


  • ZephyrZero


    He was transferred to a different world???? you should have add that earlier and why does he know their language? You should add some funny scene or epic moments the narration is too heavy and serious it's hard to read because there is no proper plot yet and we already get a info dump about his aspirations but aside from that it was a good chapter just hard to take cause i'm not hooked in this novel

  • Maylinanne


    First impression I had after reading it ahaha

  • facecake98


    "This is a teaching of a great fire mage. He observed how water mages perform their art and used it to absorb and divert lightning." Do you mean Uncle Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender?

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