29.03% Rebirth: The new game of life / Chapter 8: Training

Chapter 8: Training

Sunlight reflected in the trees, the wind ran through its leaves and sometimes the sound of beating was heard, following the sound, we arrived at a small river; the water was crystal clear, could see the stones and the fish in the background. And a young man was being hit by a series of wooden blocks the size of a 10-year-old child, in total there were 10 blocks. The young man wore only a shorts made of cloth that was torn at the knees, his short hair covered forehead, eyes remained closed and tight, common face writhing in pain, body was thin and had no muscles, and 1.7 meters tall, this young man was Liu Yang who was training.

A few days after destroying the cave, Xillia Wolf saw that Liu Yang did not have much experience in combat and his body skills were horrible, seeing the situation in which she found herself, Xillia Wolf decided to help him train and pass some skills, because if you continue like this, the future of the three would be hell.

Hearing Xillia Wolf's suggestion, Liu Yang immediately agreed, for he himself knew that his situation was precarious, and that he needed help from someone with experience to guide him.

Xillia Wolf began to instruct him about the Nine Worlds, their history, customs, organizations, clans, guilds; his first days of training was to listen to what the Nine Worlds was like two hundred years ago, since it was the time when Xillia Wolf was isolated in the Sea of ​​Endless Forests. After physical training, Liu Yang learned that with continuous body training it was possible to increase your stats of strength, vitality, agility, dexterity and intelligence by 1 point, depending on the training done, but it was usually only one of the statistics that was improved .

Liu Yang was currently doing the vitality-boosting workout, which was to stand still and be beaten until he could no longer stand, this method would strengthen the muscles of the body gradually. But this method was only for the early stages, the more the body strengthens, the harder and more resilient the body will stay, so when Liu Yang is stronger, he will have to find another method to strengthen his body.

"Pow ..."

"Splash ..."

When there was the last beat, Liu Yang's body fell backward into the river.

-Congratulations on endure a half-hour of beating, eat something rest for an hour, then we will begin the training of agility, strength, dexterity, combat, the training of intelligence will be the night, as for the others, each will have the interval of one time of rest between them. This is the training of the week, every seven days, I will change the order of the training, this is not to make your body become accustomed.

Seeing that Liu Yang did not respond, Xillia Wolf looked in his direction and saw that he was sleeping in the river, shaking hands, Liu Yang's body floated in the air and the water particles began to evaporate and leave it dry, falling into an improvised bed made of animal skin straw. His hematomas began to show signs of recovery with the naked eye. Finishing his task, Xillia Wolf turns a ball of light and enters the body of Liu Yang.

Three hours later ...

Liu Yang began to slowly open his eyes, looking around and realizes that he is lying on the bed of the camp, he was confused at first, but realized that Xillia Wolf must have taken him. Seeing that it was quite clear yet, Liu Yang thought he should not have slept for long.

"Hong ... Hong ..."

Listening to his stomach rumble and staring at the level of hunger, Liu Yang begins to prepare lunch. Picking up several twigs and dried leaves and making a small amount inside a circle made of stones, snapping your fingers and making a small fireball on the index finger and tossing it on the heap and branch pile. Placing two medium-sized fish on a piece of wood and placing it on the fire. This ability was one of the most basic of magic, the Fireball.

After finishing eating, Liu Yang tries to call Xillia Wolf by sending a telepathic message to her saying that he was already awake. Moments later, a ball of light leaves the body of Liu Yang and becomes the beautiful Xillia Wolf.

Whenever Liu Yang looks at her, he gives a long sigh of loss because he uses Ghost Vision to try to look through it, but for some reason he can not. Liu Yang feels depressed whenever this happens, but he can not do anything, since there is no one else to do tests.

- Now that you've eaten, time to go back to the workout, but since you slept for three hours, your workout will be of two different attributes, get ready. One more thing, after a month of training, we'll start heading to the city to get information, so you'd better be prepared to run for 10,000 miles.

Finishing to speak, and leaving no room for Liu Yang to argue, Xillia Wolf shakes one of her hands and Liu Yang is thrown into the middle of the river, the water begins to join and form a small cube of water three meters in diameter with Liu Yang in the center. Ten wooden blocks the size of a child begin to float around the cube.

- Do not worry about your breathing in the water, I used a skill that allows you to breathe in the water. The goal of this workout is to divert the trunks while you are inside the water bucket, this will improve your agility and dexterity. Start. You'll have to put up with it for two hours.

Liu Yang tries to dodge, but because of the pressure that the water left on body, his movements were suppressed. in large part, one of the blocks hits your back and makes you lose your balance, but you can stand. Seeing that another block going in his direction, Liu Yang tries to react, but the result is the same. After having taken a number of beats he could not imagine, Liu Yang finally began to understand some things.

After two hours of beating, Liu Yang finally managed to dodge half of a block that came diagonally before the other half hit him. Refusing to stop the training, Liu Yang looks toward Xillia Wolf, seeing his look of persistence, she kept the training session.

Arriving halfway through the month of training, Liu Yang finally managed to dodge the first block of wood, but when the second arrived, he hit the chest full making him lose his balance. The last two weeks of Liu Yang, each day was an infernal workout, he only paused when his body could not take it anymore and the moment he stopped training, Liu Yang always fainted in the river. From morning till late afternoon was physical training, from the darkening would be the training of the mind.

After spending another two weeks, Liu Yang finally finished the first month of training and it would also be time to go to civilization.

At dawn, Liu Yang was looking at his new statistics, he did not look during the training month because he wanted to see what it would look like after the training session.

" " (Name)

Race: Human

Level: 18

Class: No class

HP: 440

MP: 242

Stamina: 33

Hunger: 100


Strength: 39 + 2

Agility: 39 + 2

Vitality: 39 + 5

Dexterity: 39 + 2

Intelligence: 39 + 1

Physical Attack: 41

Magic Attack: 40

Physical Defense: 57 + 13

Magic Defense: 57


Nail-Bear Spear - A spear made of wood, but with the tip made using the sharp nail of a bear's paw.

Rank 0 Spear

Attack + 10

Weight: 600 grams

Dagger Bear Paw - A double-blade dagger made from the sharp paw of a bear.

Adaga Rank 0

Attack + 5

Weight: 150 grams

Cloth Shirt - A plain and worn cloth shirt.

Armor Rank 0

Defense + 1

Weight: 10 grams

Crocodile Leather Armor - Armor made from crocodile leather.

Armor Rank 0

Defense + 5

Weight: 250 grams

Ripped Cloth Short - A pair of torn breeches of ordinary, worn cloth.

Rank 0 Pants

Defense + 1

Weight: 15 grams

Crocodile Leather Pants - Pants made from crocodile leather.

Pants Rank 0

Defense + 5

Weight: 150 grams

Cloth Shoe - A pair of ordinary and worn cloth shoes.

Rank 0 Shoe

Defense + 1

Weight: 50 grams

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