10.41% Sovereign of Blood / Chapter 9: What Luck!

Chapter 9: What Luck!



Tarun opened his eyes and found that he was sleeping in an unfamiliar room. His clothes were changed while his chest was covered in ointment and bandages.

He got up and started observing this room. His spatial ring was placed on a side table beside his bed and there were also some bandages and medicines near it.

This room was quite big and had nice decorations on the walls and curtains. It had quite a big bed on which three people could easily sleep without feeling congested. It also had a large study table with some books placed on it and some fruits were placed on his other side table!

'Looks like that Shin family is indeed rich! *smirk*'

It was a matter of common sense to deduce where he was and it was easier to guess when he was the one manipulating the situation from the start!

Earlier, when Tarun was trying to tend Shin Min-ah's legs and she swatted his hands away, at that very moment the System detected a very faint Protection barrier.

Although it was very faint and well hidden, System still discovered it and told Tarun that it belonged to a person who was at Level 5 Crystal Foundation. After discovering this, Tarun understood that it must be her father or a guardian and if she was in a life and death situation, that person will get involved!

Tarun then immediately formulated a plan and started to insult those oldies who were at Level 4 Hydro foundation to use their ultimate attacks so that it could threaten Shin Min-ah's life. Tarun, with his superior acting skills presented himself as a naive kid with a strong sense of justice who was even ready to die for saving a lady's honor.

This was done to make the Shin family owe him!

Tarun wasn't an idiot and still had a Plan B, Plan C and so on as he was a very cautious person and would never put his life on the line without being sure that he was the one controlling the situation. If Shin Min-ah's father hadn't had come, he would have used the 1 Blood essence he received from killing that level 2 bloke earlier and would've been at least be able to run away unscathed.

"Let's go outside and take a look and see what exactly the Shin Family is.

System, be on alert at all times and be sure to record every useful information you come across. Be it books, inscription patterns, arrays or simply someone chatting at some distance and use the << Mind Read >> on everyone you can."

After commanding the System, Tarun pushed opened his door and walked out of his room. It was a huge corridor with many rooms and system notified to him that there was some presence of various Level 3 guards hidden in the corridor. Tarun started walking in the corridor while the system was continuously exploring the way and creating a map accordingly.

After walking a little, he heard many level 1 and level 2 kids practicing in a training hall with one level 3 trainer guiding them. After walking up to the training hall, he saw that around 40 teenagers were training to control their magic. They were all wearing plain white robes and were in the age group of 15-18, while the trainer who was a level 3 magus, was wearing a black robe and looked to be in his mid-thirties.

One of the girls who was training noticed Tarun and gasped as her tender white cheeks flushed red.

After that, one after another everyone started noticing Tarun and everyone gasped as they were shocked by Tarun's presence.

Tarun was indeed only 14 years old, but he looked mature for his age and nobody could guess his real age. He was also in a similar white robe while you could see bandages on his neck which implied that he must be covered in bandages in his chest area too. His eyes were red and were half closed while his eyebrows were scrunched making him look fierce and unapproachable.

His mysterious appearance made everyone extremely curious about him and looking at this, Tarun finally sighed in relief as he thought about the very normal expression Shin Min-ah gave when she looked at him.

By this time, their trainer also noticed Tarun as he was displeased that his students' attention was on someone else while he was trying to teach them.

After sizing up Tarun from head to toe, their trainer came up to Tarun as he said,

"Brat, who are you? And who let you in here, huh? I've never seen anyone who looked like you around here. Are you a new servant?"

Said their trainer to Tarun with an extremely displeased expression on his face as Tarun had many bandages on him and was wearing the ordinary white robes issued by their family.

He couldn't sense any magic power from Tarun which made him a little surprised and he concluded that Tarun must be a new servant who couldn't practice magic but someone in the family still took him as a servant because of his face.

"You sound pretty domineering for someone who is cheating on his wife."


These words by Tarun instantly created an uproar!

'Damn! Even though there is a rumor that Master Rohit is cheating on lady Shin Lin with a maid, who has the guts to say it to him on his face! This guy is doomed!'

'Waah, I was just thinking about last night when I saw Master Rohit sneak out of the servant's quarters. But even I didn't have the courage to report this to lady Shin Lin and now this guy said something like this out loud…? Siiiiiii!'


Rohit was extremely angry and was feeling humiliated in front of his students. He was sure that this news couldn't be suppressed and it would eventually fall in Shin Lin's ears.

Rohit was only a Level 3 Water elemental magus but his wife was a Level 4 Wind elemental magus, and an elder of the Shin family.

Rohit instantly attacked Tarun as he wanted nothing more than to just kill this guy who doesn't know who to offend.

This also socked many disciples as fighting inside the families' building was prohibited and if anyone did want to fight someone, they would need to do that in the fighting arena.

Tarun just stood there without moving and as soon as Rohit reached near Tarun, he froze!

Tarun was standing at the door, which created his shadow in front of him. So as soon as Rohit stepped into it, Tarun used his Dark elemental magic to freeze Rohit.

Tarun and Rohit were in the same Level, but Tarun was a vampire and was invincible in the same-level of power-ranking.

Tarun, after freezing Rohit, took a step forward, and started slapping Rohit continuously.


This scene shocked everyone in the training hall, as they saw their Master, moreover the husband of the 3rd elder, getting slapped continuously.

"So, you just start fighting with everyone you meet for no reason, hmm?"

Came a cold voice which fell in Tarun's ears, making him smile.

Tarun stopped slapping Rohit, who now had a face akin to a pig with blood oozing out of every orifice and turned around to look towards the source of the voice.

"You look more beautiful without the mud on your face."

Said Tarun with a warm smile on his face.

This comment from Tarun again caused an uproar as no one had the guts to even look into Shin Min-ah's eyes as she was the only daughter of their family leader Shin Wu!

Hasn't he heard that her father destroyed the entire HeavenlyDragon Sect last night because of his daughter?

"Do you just say and do whatever you think without even caring for the consequences?"

Said Min-ah as she rolled her eyes.

'This guy is just too simple! He isn't exposed to the real world and will suffer because of it again and again.'

Thought Min-ah in her head.

"Hah! We only have one life…then why spend half of it thinking about useless stuff!?"

Said Tarun with a warm and harmless smile on his face. He made himself look very cute but even then, Min-ah wasn't affected by it.

She then said,

"If you are healed, then father has asked for you. Come with me."


Said Tarun, as he left with Shin Min-ah.

After they left, everyone broke out into discussion while some of Rohit's loyal lackies picked him up and took him away.

"Damn..., how does that guy know sister Shin Min-ah ??"

"Yeah, who exactly is he? I've never seen him around in our city."

"Hey, could he be someone who came with the family leader yesterday? He has injuries so it might be possible that he also went with the family leader to destroy the HeavenlyDragon Sect and got injured there!"

"Damn, that is possible! Sister Shin Min-ah also said that the family leader has asked for him. That must be it! I don't believe that a person with his looks and powers was hidden in our city."

All the disciples were gossiping amongst each other while Shin Min-ah took Tarun through their many family buildings to meet her father. Tarun while looking at the infrastructure of their family gaped his mouth in excitement.

Looking at the peculiar expression of Tarun, Min-ah had a little smile on her face, which she forcefully suppressed before Tarun could see it, but Tarun saw it as his main attention was on her from the very beginning while he was giving another best 'performance' of his career.

They soon reached a large door and before they could knock, the door automatically opened and came a very gentle voice from inside.




"Father, I have brought the person you asked for."


As Tarun and Min-ah walked inside, they saw a handsome man who looked in his thirties, wearing a loose white shirt and multi colored pants. He was looking very normal, and no one who would see him would guess that he was a powerhouse of Level 5!

His magic was already in a crystal form and after he breaks through and makes his sea of consciousness, he would break the mortal shackles and officially step in the immortal realm. But breaking through Level 6 was no joke as only a handful of level 5 with immense talent and artificial stimulation of the body and magic would step into the level 6 realm.

Many people age and die before breaking through the level 5 bottleneck and hence, level 6 were very few in numbers.

So, Shin Wu being a Level 5 while still looking this good, still had some chances of breaking through that bottleneck as the life expectancy of a Level 5 was 250 years.

"Hello, young friend! I am Shin Wu, Min-ah's father…, what is your name?"

"Forget my name, which father leaves their daughter for so long to fend for herself? Man, I just met her yesterday and already sensed how broken she was from the inside! You should be ashamed of yourself for calling yourself her father."

Said Tarun while looking very displeased.

"HEY! How dare you insult my father! You don't even know anything and speak so rudely with my fath-"

"It's okay Min-ah, what he said is after all the truth and I can't deny it."

Interrupted Shin Wu with a little regret on his face.

Tarun had already formulated a plan to subdue Shin Wu. You have to give it to him that he was pretty good when it came to manipulating people.

"But father!"

Shin Min-ah bit her lips and looked helpless! She knew that Tarun wasn't a bad guy and what he said came from his heart and had some truth to it. But how could she see her father get berated by anyone? Her father who taught her everything she knew, who sacrificed so much for her, and cared for her so much more after her mother was killed so she would not miss her.

She knew that her father left to get a cure for her aunt who was suffering with a very rare Blood disease.

"It's okay Min-ah."

Comforted Shin Wu.

"Looks like you realize your fuck ups. Hmm, then my scolding won't make much of a difference…. Oh well, I am Tarun and I am travelling to TwinPearl city for taking admission in Imperial Royal Academy.

By the way, man, you are pretty powerful! You took all three of those bastards down in one move! Let's Spar!"

Shin Wu: "..."

Shin Min-ah: "..."

'This guy....'

Min-ah rolled her eyes and didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Tarun completely changed the depressing situation a second ago and blurted out this bullshit! Spar with my father? What Bullshit! Her father was a Level 5 magus and everywhere he would go, many people would behave their best trying to make an impression on him, and this guy....

Shin Wu started laughing at this and said,

"Sure! We will absolutely have a spar! But aren't you going to the TwinPearl city a little early? Admissions for the Imperial Royal Academy won't start until 2 months."

"What!? They have a time for admission? Why would they do that? Now where would I stay for 2 months?"

Said Tarun while scratching his head.

"Hahahahaha… tell you what, my daughter is close to breaking through to Level 4 and she is also trying to get into the Royal Academy, why don't you stay here till that time and we will all go there together?"

"Hmm! Sure, man! You aren't as bad as I thought. But then why did you leave your daughter alone?"

asked Tarun.

"Ah well, this isn't a secret so there is no need to hide it; actually, my sister, Shin Lu has a very rare disease related to blood. I travelled everywhere for a cure but…."

Shin Wu had a very gloomy expression on his face.

Tarun was enjoying the rollercoaster of different emotions he was making them feel and said in a very unsure tone.

"Can you let me see her? I have a little knowledge in the field of Medicines."

Tarun had already made quite a good impression on both father and daughter, and they already thought that they had Tarun completely 'figured' out. They appreciated that Tarun wanted to help them and didn't deny his goodwill.

They had no hopes for Tarun to cure, as many high level Light Elemental magus, who majored in healing as well as a number of alchemists were unable to even identify the disease which plagued Shin Lu.

They just thought that Tarun had a good character and it wouldn't do any harm for him to meet her.

After Chatting with Shin Wu awhile, all three of them went towards a very heavily guarded area of the family. Tarun even sensed a couple of Level 4 magus guarding the hall!

Because Shin Wu himself was walking forward, no one obstructed their path and very soon, they reached a room.

Opening the room, Tarun saw a very beautiful lady in her mid-thirties, who was also in level 4, lying on the bed with a very pale face and lifeless eyes.

Shin Lu, seeing her beloved brother and niece coming, smiled.

"Aunt Lu!"

Said Min-ah as she rushed to her bed side. Shin Lu was unmarried as she didn't want the responsibility of a husband and only wanted to take care of Shin Min-ah, who lost her mother at a very young age.

Shin Lu was like a mother to her and always took care of her until 2 years ago when she contracted a very rare disease and fell ill.

Tarun seeing her, wore a very solemn expression but….

'HAHAHAHA....THIS IS AWESOME! Maria is close to breaking through to level 3 with my help and now…. A level 4 magus who is this beautiful and is also a virgin! What luck! Her energy barrier already has so many holes! Sys-Fucking-tem! Scan all her memories! Also tell me what kind of disease she has and can I cure it!?'

~Task Established, Estimated time - 6 Mins 13 Secs~

Lumpish_Haggard Lumpish_Haggard


Man, thinking up names is such a hard job!

Discord Invite - https://discord.gg/53r5Kt2

Discord ID - Lumpish_Haggard#0417

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    Ahaha, I am not going to make it so predictable brah, right now i am just setting somethings, the real **** will unfold real soon. I am going to do a mass release in some days and then you will know what i'am talking about. Thanks for the support. Stick around and keep suggesting! I will listen to the fanbase aswell !

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    I mr.Yolo shall solve ur problems of thinking up names.... Just give em nicknames.....like the sick aunt with blood disease....or u could go to a baby name site on the internet

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    That's what i did with that "Young guy of level 2 and those 3 oldies of level 4" who were trying to capture Shin min-ah :P

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