100% Black Warrior System 2.0 / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Hol* sh*t, I'm the Black Panther.
Black Warrior System 2.0 original

Black Warrior System 2.0

Author: iNegao

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Hol* sh*t, I'm the Black Panther.

A lone boy was walking down the corridor a dark, crimson coloured hallway. This was no normal hallway though, the Crimson was blood, and there were shadows dancing on the walls. Serpents and tusked men, with great fiery violet eyes, that looked as if they wanted to devour the world. As the many shadows danced, they looked at the young boy with interest and guided him.

The boy followed the shadows down the hall, which was so large, the ceiling was shrouded by dark clouds, that had streaks of golden sunlight trying to pierce out from them. As the boy walked further and further down the hall, he finally came to the end.

At the end there was a grand stage, made of ebony jade, which seemed fit for an emperor, to place his throne upon. The stage radiated, a heat that touched the soul, yet as the boy as the boy reached out his hand it was cool to the touch. It felt like the great jade stage was trying to fight itself, the heat battling the cold, it made the boy feel…sad.

As the boy walked up the steps to the stage, he suddenly felt everything go round and round as if he were suddenly extremely dizzy, he felt like he was going to vomit. He covered his eyes, until he felt a bit better, slowly the feeling of nausea faded away, and he slowly uncovered his eyes and his jaw dropped.

He wasn't in the hall anymore, he was still standing on the platform, but everything around him had vanished. The shadows and pools of blood had vanished. Around him were stars, countless amounts of them, stretching out to infinity, looking up in wanderlust, he suddenly felt somethings gaze upon him. It was like a fire that ignited his soul and made his blood boil, a horrible yet strangely satisfying feeling.

The boy slowly turned around, and then he saw it, something that he would never forget, a pair of eyes. These eyes were just like the eyes of the beasts, that he had seen on the walls of that hall. He felt his skin tingling, yet unlike the eyes of those demonic creatures, these were kind and gentle, caring one could say. But whilst they looked far gentler they also had an aura of pride, which was seemingly unwilling to notice him.

The boy reached out to those eyes, and then suddenly he started falling as if something was pulling him away, as he looked down, the jade stage had disappeared, and he was being drawn further and further away from those so similar eyes.

The rate at which he was being taken away was inconceivable to him, as he traveled, the stars seemed to change shape, as he would be taken by thousands in second, all of them turning into streaks of light in his eyes.

The boy started to shout, as the speed scared him, he was only small, yet he was being put through this horrifying experience. Then everything faded into darkness.


A loud scream was let out, that everyone in the courtyard of the Kewang Clan could hear. The screaming had been going on for a few hours now, and two middle-aged men and four old ones were crowded around a bedside, of a young boy. They had done all they could to wake him, but it had been all for naught. Naturally, this was the Grand Elder and Patriarch, the old men were all esteemed doctors from Lotus City. Kewang Hai and Kewang Shui, had been called in the early hours of the morning by Kewang Yun. Yun had come in the early hours of the morning as he always had to meet up with Kewang Tian, to talk and get something to eat, yet he hadn't shown up.

Seeing this, he had thought Kewang Tian had overslept, so he went to his hut to wake him, but when he arrived he heard screaming inside. He rushed in, to try and see what was happening, he had to break down the door, which was sealed, injuring himself in the process. Fighting through the pain, he entered the hut, to see if Kewang Tian was all right. Annoyingly he was only having a nightmare, seeing this Yun was both annoyed and slightly relieved, yet as he tried to wake him, he only screamed louder, and when he forcibly tried to shake him, Kewang Tian had seeped blood from his ears, and tears of blood leaked from his eyes. After which he had immediately run to get his father and uncle, to tell them.

After he brought them to Kewang Tian, they checked his condition, they had grim faces, and when they Kewang Shui put his hand on Kewang Tian's forehead, he started to go into a seizure and start to writhe about in a fit, after which they immediately sent for the best doctors in the whole of Lotus City.

When the doctors arrived, they examined him one by one, all having grim looks on there faces, they tried several solutions, which didn't work but eventually reached a conclusion, he had to endure. All they could do was to make sure that he didn't choke on his own tongue, one suggested giving him a relaxant, but then it was immediately shot down by the others, as they didn't know what the cause of it was, and it could have made him worse.

Eventually, they had told the Patriarch and Grand Elder, that they would sit and wait, but that was all they could do. Finally, after a few hours, the screaming had stopped, and so had the seizure. Kewang Tian, who was sweating heavily in the bed, finally woke up, his eyes hazy, and bloodshot, he couldn't tell where he was, he tried to speak, and one of the doctors came forward "Hush now child. Don't speak, you've been through an ordeal.

He gently patted the boy's shoulder and handed him a tonic. "Drink this, it should help you recover."

The old man smiled and felt the boys pulse. As Kewang Tian drank the tonic, he instantly felt the wariness and corruption to his body, slowly be sapped away. His gaze focused, he couldn't form words yet, was still a little scared and confused, yet he knew he was safe now. Taking a deep breath, he smiled, at the doctors, and his Uncles. It was as if he was trying to apologise and thank them for their care at the same time.

As he put the drink empty bottle down, he could see that his hand was still shaking seemingly in fear of something. Seeing this his Uncle said to him, "Don't worry Xiao Tian. You've been through something very strange, it's okay to be a bit afraid."

Hearing this Kewang Tian felt at ease, as a dyed red teardrop fell down his face.

iNegao iNegao

Hope you like it.

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  • dragonfang1917


    What did I just read? I didn't understand can some one clarify

  • Asahi21


    It is a good start, looking foward to what's next, also right now im feeling like this - Outside: ( ⸝⸝⸝•⌄•⸝⸝⸝ ) It’s okie~ I’ll be a good reader n wait~ *content with waiting* - Inside: \(QΔQ」∠)_ Nexttt chapterrr…. pleaseeeeee~~! *crying n dying* _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

  • JMelshan


    More more more more...

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