12.62% Ancient Cultivator in Modern World / Chapter 11: Divine Pills Sect[7]

Chapter 11: Divine Pills Sect[7]

Seeing the old man prostrating on the ground with all of his imposing might withdrawn. Khan gave a gentle smile and spoke.

"You need not do this again. It was a good decision of yours to do what you did. It was my fault for not revealing this in the first place."

The old man raised his head, his eyes gleamed in respect and deep reverence, he slowly opened his lips and said.

"Thanks for the benevolence, Ancestor."

"It's okay, It's okay... You may stand up. " Khan gave an amused smile as he thought. 'To have that bastard's descendants speak to me like as an ancestor. I've really bested you this time.'

He looked towards the old man, his gaze becoming grim which made the old man shudder. "I expect that you don't reveal my identity, yet."

"Yes, Ancestor." The old man cupped his fists and spoke with a tone of deference.

"For now, help me look after those two and repair all the damages that has been done here, and also. " Khan eyes moved towards the Infinity Coffin, the old man noticed it and followed Khan's gaze.

"Don't touch that." Khan spoke in deep seriousness, before plopping down towards the ground.

An unknown amount of time had passed before Khan opened his eyes. Before him, was a ceiling that was clearly lavishly decorated with gold mixed with silver. Just taking one look and one could deduce that this was the quarters of a person with high position.

Khan stood up, his eyes inspected the room around him, and he found out that he didn't stand inside a room, but inside a hall, and the bed of which he had just slept on was at the center of the hall.

On the walls of the hall were numerous portraits of men. Although they were portraits, one could feel the imposing might that they had, and their eyes which contained a deep fierceness in it could scare a normal person into fainting.

Clearly, they were the portraits of the sect's past Sect Masters. Khan's gaze turned towards the dual entry door, his eyes moved towards the humongous portrait of a man.

'Sigh... If at that time, you sealed yourself with me, we could've been together today. But alas, you were unable to separate yourself from the six desires and the huge responsibilities that you had.' Khan murmured, his voice carried a deep hint of loneliness, regret and complicated emotions.

'Perhaps that was also one of the reasons why your sect had survived these past millenniums. Perhaps I was mistaken back then, or perhaps I was right...' Khan shook his head, his gaze turning clear once more. He walked with great strides towards the door and walked outside.

There he found the two figures of old men, he could recognize the one, but the other was someone that he still haven't met.

"Oh, this young man is your direct disciple? He looks quite valiant. He really is a dragon among snakes." The old man beside the Sect Master laughed as he complimented Khan.

The Sect Master gave wryly smile and coughed before speaking. "What are you doing? Introduce yourself to the Grand Elder."

Khan gave a small smile towards the Sect Master and praised him in his heart. 'As expected he really is cunning.' Recognizing that his momentary delay in movements could've been interpreted as being rude. Khan immediately cupped his hands and bowed.

"This one's name is Khan Liverto, may I have the opportunity to learn, Elder's name?" Khan spoke with deep respect, without any signs of anxiousness.

"Young man, I'm called Ceres, the sect's Grand Elder. " Grand Elder Ceres' eyes squinted in delight as he introduced himself.

The Sect Master could only sigh in his heart. Making an Ancestor speak with great respect towards a mere Grand Elder. I hope he won't take this out on me. He himself didn't notice that a great amount of sweat was already forming on his back.

Noticing the Sect Master's awkward smile. Grand Elder Ceres seemed to have received a signal as he bowed and excused himself. With this, the Sect Master sighed in relief, checked that no one was looking around and kneeled.

"I am deeply sorry for the impudence, Ancestor. It's just that, I don't have any means to explain myself towards the Grand Elder other than claiming you as my direct disciple."

"Don't bother yourself with it, Sect Master. You had no choice about it." Seeing the old man's attitude towards him. Khan gave an amused smile as he thought.

'Having that bastard's descendants kneel to me and calling me an Ancestor. I really bested you this time.'

"Thanks for the magnanimity, Ancestor. " The old man spoke before standing up.

After this, Khan asked the Sect Master about the whereabouts of Lily and Elder Gabica before sending the Sect Master off. Apparently, the sect was still busy and desperate about finding the person who attacked them. Hearing about this, Khan could only give a wry smile as he proceeded towards the two.

Because Elder Gabica had the highest cultivation among the three. He had long ago woken up. He had expected to wake up inside an underground dungeon while being tortured and having his soul tormented. However, what startled him more was the scene of him waking up inside an immensely luxurious room, with a bed so soft that it threatened to melt on his body.

'Just where the hell I am? Where's that youngster.' He examined the room around him and found that he was at the center of a hall. With the bed, they were on at the center.

His eyes moved towards his granddaughter, and his hands inspected her wrists.

'Th-This...' He was shocked to find out that all of his granddaughter's injuries was completely healed without a trace. Because of this, he inspected his body and found that all of his injuries was also healed.

'Just what is going on?' Elder Gabica stood up, and he moved towards the huge dual entry door. But before he could approach it. His footsteps halted, as a creaking sound echoed. Revealing the figure of a youth with fiery reddish hair and eyes that shone like gems.

"Khan!" Elder Gabica's gaze contained a deep questioning intent.

Khan smiled and moved inside the hall, after closing the door. He turned towards the Elder and said.


"Don't sup me! What's happening here?" The Elder retorted, at that time. He had expected all of them to die. But upon waking up. He was inside a great hall and had all of his injuries healed. Who would believe such absurdity?

"Calm down, calm down. I'll explain everything." Khan gave an entertained smile and explained everything that happened, following the Sect Master's plan.

"That was actually possible? The Sect Master clearly bore a huge killing intent towards you and he spared you just like that?" Elder Gabica still couldn't believe Khan's bullshit and asked.

"Well, I also couldn't believe it. But reality speaks for itself. Since we're alive right now, that means that the impossible just happened. " Khan nonchalantly spoke, he momentarily paused at Lily before speaking once more.

"Take your time to heal, and ask the Sect Master for everything you need. " Khan gave a small smile and walked towards the outside, leaving the dumbfounded Elder behind.

Khan arrived before a huge door. His hands formed into a fist and lifted. Just as he was about to knock, he heard the sound of a lock being unlocked, followed by a creaking echo of the doors opening.

There he found the Sect Master holding the handle's of the door, gesturing towards him to walk inside. Seeing the respectful attitude of the Sect Master, Khan felt amused. 'Just what would that bastard think if he finds out that his descendants acted so respectfully to me.'

"Sect Master, I have something to ask of you." The two had already walked inside and was seating before a table.

"Yes, Ancestor." The Sect Master replied.

"Give me an ink and a feather pen, and a silken paper," Khan asked.

The Sect Master frowned, ink and feather pen?

"What's the matter?" Upon seeing the Sect Master's frown, Khan asked.

"Ummm... Ancestor, I don't have those, but I have something that functions the same as an ink and feather pen." The Sect Master pulled a paper and a ballpen from his spatial ring and gave it to Khan.

'Hmm? This functions the same as a feather pen?' Khan gave a curious glance towards the two objects. He wielded the ballpen and tried writing at the snow-white paper.

Upon noticing that ink came out from the tip of the ballpen. Khan gave a small sigh as he thought. 'Seems like I need to learn more about the current technology of this world.'

Khan's hand moved as he wrote the recipe for a pill that could nurture his withered Dantian back.

After about ten seconds, Khan passed the paper towards the Sect Master and said.

"Can you give me about ten batches of this herbs? and also this cauldron and those stones." Khan pointed at the paper as he spoke, however. When his eyes turned towards the Sect Master. He found out that the Sect Master looked incredulous.

"Ermm... Ancestor... " The Sect Master's tone became as quiet as a mosquito, prompting Khan to ask.

"What's the problem."

"Mind if you tell me... about what language is this written?"

"Eh?" Khan gave a dumbfounded cry before facepalming himself. Since he had sealed himself, of course, he wouldn't have any knowledge about the advancements in written language. Thankfully, the spoken language was the same. But why was it that the written language had changed? He had no idea why.

He sighed in his heart as he thought of the number of days he would waste to learn everything again.

TheAdventurer TheAdventurer

Let me just build everything up.

Comments (8)

  • dragonfang1917


    I agree. The story is really good so far. Does Khan get his cultivation back sometime in the near future

  • Rythm_of_Regret


    The story seems pretty good so far. Considering that English isn't your first language you have very few mistakes.

  • canisvulpes


    Well, it is quite expected. if, over the course of a century, grammar and alphabet in one country can change 5-6 times, then what about millennia. He was also lucky that the spoken language was not exhausted ......

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