23.52% The Strongest Otaku / Chapter 4: Old Fart !

Chapter 4: Old Fart !

"This… this is wonderful ! " Yashiro exclaimed with happiness on his face.

The energy inside his body was flowing like crazy, he felt like he was a different person…

But he was uncertain of something… why did he leveled up to level 5, and why does he has a Rank of 1* Charcoal Fate, well for him, he thought for some time, and he had come to a conclusion.

' I think it's because my system upgraded… and as for that Rank, well, I need to do some research. ' he thought .

'Well I think I should get out , before someone sees me here'

But something was off.. as he turned his back, something was there….

It was a shadowy figure, it had a black costume , white hair, and … a sword… in his belt.

But he saw something else… above the person's head.. he saw his rank… it was a

1*Iron Fate …

'The f**k is with this rank, and the f**k is with this person' He shouted mentally.

" Hmph … I see you broke through the shell, and now you can control Ki " The person with the white hair told him.

" First off.. who are you ? " Yashiro asked

"I'm just someone who you will beg for your life " The person said , with an terrifying smile.

" … " Yashiro looked at the white hair person, with a frozen face.

He knew this person was strong, if he could sense that someone could use Ki , he couldn't just

offend him out of the blue.

" Hmm. .. you are strange… I can sense that you can use Ki… but I can't see your power…. "

" But " He chuckled

" A powerful fighter won't let his Ki, to leak out " He grinned.

At that moment, a way to evade this scenario was in his mind.

" That's the thing, I'm just that powerful, that I won't bother trying to hide it " Yashiro said, while trying to keep his composure .

" If you go now, I will spare your life " Yashiro spoke once again, with a ton of fake confidence.

" Hmm… I suppose… I can do that … but before that, let me try something " Yashiro couldn't hear the last words, because in his face a notification popped out


[Endurance] was increased by 15 !

He was sent flying into the wall, crashing in it… he couldn't breathe at all… but before he could look again at the figure, it disappeared.

A notification popped again


[Endurance] was increased by 10

"Argh ! " Yashiro couldn't contain the pain he had.

At that moment, he was sent, again flying, but in the opposite wall.

He was in pain… he felt like he was broken, inside, and outside.

" Hmph… big words… aren't we ?" The white hair let out an evil laughd.

"Argh! " Yashiro spoke, as he dashed at the figure with everything he had left

" [PUNCH!] " He shouted mentally and physically

But the white hair man just dodged it, like it was nothing.

[PUNCH!]" He shouted again .

But the figure dodged it…

"Oh… some good punch you have here, do you practice a martial art ? " The white hair person asked while chuckling.

"F**k You ! " Yashiro said

"[Punch] ! "

But it was worthless… the figure just disappeared in thin air, reappearing the back of Yashiro, punching him .

"BAM ! "

Yashiro was sent flying to the wall, again…


[Endurance] was increased by 10 !

But this time, he didn't rise, he just stood there, with a frozen face, looking at the black figure, walking quietly…

" Pathetic, I didn't even needed to use my sword, you know ? You are trash… haha" The figure spoke, once again.

" Kneel down, and lick my feet, while you apologize " The white hair man ordered Yashiro.

"If you do that, I may just spare you, since for the moment, I don't really need more Ki souls "

Yashiro, gritted his teeth… he looked at the person in front of him… he just wanted to tell him to f**k off !... but he couldn't do that… he feared.. he feared death…

With the remaining energy he had, he approached the figure, he kneeled down, and he tried to lick that person's feet.

"Bam!" Yashiro was sent again, flying in to the wall, cracking it a little, by the foot he almost licked.

"Impertinent trash !"

"Do you really think I will let you, a piece of trash, lick my feet? "

"Hmph… well I will give you a painless death" The White-haired figure, spoke once again.

Yashiro looked at him with helplessness.

The figure took out his sword from his sheath .

But as soon as he did that, powerful wind emanated from the sword… it was full of killing intent.

He just took his sword, and it already caused the building and Yashiro, small cuts.

"Argh…!" Yashiro… yelled in a small voice…

"This is the end of you bug, I will make sure to make us of your Ki ! " The figure laughed as the pressure from the sword was getting higher.

"Wind Claw !" The figure shouted as he moved his sword in a strange motion…

But Yashiro could feel it… he could feel the pressure of the blade…

"BAM!" Dust emerged from everything around, the building now, had deep cuts.

But… why.. why he was not dead… Yashiro wondered, as he saw in the smoke … another figure…

It was an old man.. maybe 50-60 years old? Brown hair… and the clothes… "

'No…it couldn't be ! ' Shouted in his mind.

They were the Principal's clothes.

Yashiro looked at the Principal, who withstood the powerful attack of the white hair figure.

" Hmph … " The figure let out a grin.

" Well, well… hello there teacher…" Said the figure.

The Principal looked at the white hair figure, and within a moment, the room was filled with killing intent, it was emanating from the Principal and the white-haired figure.

" Yuji... ! " The Principal shouted.

"Oh please, geezer, how do you even dare to name me that !" The figure shouted as he disappeared in the air.

Yuji appeared behind the Principal, to land a strike with his sword

"Wind Claw ! "

But… at that moment... the Principal, stopped the sword with his hand….

Yashiro looked at that, and a scene appeared on his mind… it was like, when Trunks tried to slice Goku… but Goku stopped his sword.

" I clearly stated that no one shall attack the students from this school ! "

" As I give a sh*t about your warnings, you Old Fart ! " Yuji shouted once again, trying to attack the Principal again, with a kick.

But the principal stopped the kick, and slapped Yuji, making him fly a few meters.

" Geezer !!!!!!!" Yuji spoke once again, as he took his sword from the guard, gathering a large amount of energy in the sword.

"You know what ? I will destroy this sh*t hole ! TAKE THIS !"

" VORTEX CUT ! " Yuji said, while a purple energy engulfed his sword.

He dashed at the Principal, destroying the wood floor around him, because of the pressure of the sword… this was like 10x stronger than Wind Claw, Yashiro thought.

But the Principal, raised his palm and in that moment, a sudden light appeared.

" Colossal Hand " The Principal shouted.

And in that instant, the two moves clashed together.

The wall behind the Principal, was being cut down from the powerful pressure of Vortex Cut.

After the sudden move clash ended, Yuji was sent 10 meters away, while his sword broke.

The Principal remained unscathed.

The Principal looked at the unconscious Yuji, while he moved closer to him.

" Look at you…. In such a state… I'm ashamed as a teacher" The Principal said.

But before he could finish his sentence, smoke appeared instantly from Yuji's body, before the Principal could react, Yuji disappeared.

But.. a voice was heard…

"I will return, you piece of trash !

Yashiro regained some of his energy, and he stood up looking at the Principal.

" Principal… thanks...for saving me!" Yashiro bowed.

But the Principal looked at Yashiro, and in that instant

"Bam !" Principal's fist connected to Yashiro's stomach, making him puke blood, and to fall to the floor.

"You realize that if someone would have came here before me, they could have been turned to pieces "

"…" Yashiro stood there, lifeless on the floor looking at the Principal, with an urge to slap that old man.

"Make yourself useful, and learn to properly control your ki, you dumb head ! " The Principal said, before he disappeared in thin air.

Yashiro stood on the floor, looking at the ceiling.

'What a fu*king day I had ' he murmured to himself…

ColexBoy ColexBoy

Hi guys !

I had a finger injury , so that's why it's only 1500 words, but anyway.

I hope you liked this chapter.

Also i want to clarify some things.

The [Punch] XP 101/10000 was the correct thing, i forgot about that one little xp point :D .

But the level up, and the missed attribute was on porpose, since the system forcefully upgraded him and leveled him up.

The posting schedule !

I will try to maintain it to 2 chapters a day, so

2 Chp/day

14 Chp/Week.

Comments (38)

  • Takskakashi


    Seriously the MC is trying to lick the villain toes without explanation? I started to hate the MC now?

  • Morvian


    ah sudden setback? wow the thing ruin good novel come early but we'll see how this novel turn out to be in the future! i just hope no cringe setback will appear bcz sometime that will make novel lost quite reader~ truthfully i thought this novel will be where MC did his best to recover what he lost in his past life but ....~ well thanks for chapter nonetheless~

  • DaoistMasterJohn


    Sorry, no hate, but I am out. The MC really tried to lick the villains shoes? That is disgusting and wrong on too many levels. A big no go and a hate magnet. The endurance stat reached with days/weeks of training and manual stat point input just 10 points. But with 3 punches of the villain it increased by 35 points, reaching 45 points within minutes? Without the MC dying? That is too broken and unnormal. You destroyed the whole system/story with that. And your grammar still isn't the best...

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