57.69% Having Confidence in Another World / Chapter 15: Chief commander of the Eastern Fortress..

Chapter 15: Chief commander of the Eastern Fortress..

The Ogre General saw Rito like a dead man..

he was sure..

so sure the he already had a smug on his face..

meanwhile the necromancers are chanting the last paragraph of that terrifying lightning magic..

the sky got so dark because of the size of the magic circle they perform..

with this size they are sure that the knights they will kill would be counted around 20000 to 30000

with that kind of mindset they felt excited in their hearts and chant faster..

but just when they were about to say the last sentence.. they saw a red aura flash before their eyes it penetrate through them causing a shocked through their body..

they began to sweat profusely..

they cant keep their senses and felt a buzz in their brain..

it only happen for a split second but that is enough for them to lose conciousness

with that every single one of them passed out and fall to the ground face first..

the lightning that was about to descend on the sky stops..

and the magic circle they made collapsed the moment they lost their conciousness

there is no one controlling it so how can it maintain the formation..

the sky suddenly brightened..

even the Ogre General didn't expect this to happen..

he passed out while looking at the young man who shouted..

with fear in his eyes..





the group of knights.. they were still trying to get out of that magic circle formation..

the others still hoping they will make it.. but the ones that realize theres no hope turned around again and dashed forward towards the ogre in the front.. they already gave up their lives and wants to use their forbidden technique and explode to kill some ogres rather than dying in that lightning..

they have bloodshot eyes..

the eyes that only had one goal..

they shouted.. their fighting spirit is in the peak...

just when they were about to use their forbidden techniques they saw a red aura flash before them..

if its only like that, they will just ignore it..

but the moment the red aura pass through them.

they felt shiver all over their body causing their movements to stop and after a bit they felt a shocked on their minds and lose conciousness..





The red aura around his body starts dissipating..

Rito saw the red aura disappearing slowly and thought to himself.

"did i do this? how did i do it? i just only shout out of frustration.. and i didnt know what happened next"..

he is still figuring out if he's the one responsible for this or not.. but base on what he can see, he made a rough guess that the red aura around his body earlier cause this mayhem..

when he thought about that.. he got goosebumps..

he can't believe it...

"did i just become powerful?"he thought.

but the moment he thought like that he cancel it right away because he cant feel the red aura anymore.. he still dont know how he did it.. or even control it.. so him being powerful is just a dream for now..

but he still felt happy with the result.. atleast he has a trump card now.. if he can control that red aura in the future he will become formidable..

he glanced at his surrounding one more time and said to himself..

"well for now lets just go away from here..".

he just cause a phenomenon thats out of common sense.

he has a social phobia so he want to be alone for now and analyze the red aura thats inside his body..

with that he run to the south of the battlefield where there is a thick forest around..

he dashed there with his fastest speed... he didnt know what he just did cause a shocked on his surroundings...

on the east side of the battlefield..

there is a small hill, on top of it is a fortress

inside, there are humans and elves gathering and monitoring the battle happening down below..

they are giving out commands and trying to make strategy on how to take advantages of certain situations..

they are busy giving tasks to the soldier on the battlefield..

on the other side there is a female elf with a graceful bearing..

she has a long blonde hair and elegant body..

her face looks innocent pair with her blue eyes that was as deep as water..

you will be stun by her beauty the moment you saw her..

she is the chief commander of this fortress and is an elven archer..

she is Leona.

"What happen to our troops?" Leona said.

her assistant commander is a human knight with graceful bearing too but is a bit inferior to Leona..

she has a devilish body that arouse all the male instinct in your body.. even though she has full armor on..

it cannot hide the curves of her body, in fact it even add points to it..

She is called Sheena.

"Reporting to commander, so far the magic circle has been initiated successfully the enemy didn't expect that we will hide the mages in front of the battlefield."Sheena reported.

"hmm, you work hard, you can go back now"Leona said while looking at the screen.

on the screen they saw the fireball blast out the ogres and a smile appear on her face..

her smile is like the most beautiful thing that happen on their fortress.. the soldiers inside can't help but look at her.. forgetting their duty..

when Leona notice the soldiers staring at her... her face went cold and said.

"What are you all staring for?!?! with every second you delay the transmit of the report it will cause us a soldier! we are not playing games here.. we were responsible for the lives of all the people down there! get back to your positions!"She shouted.

the moment they heard what she said.. they came back to their senses and do their duty to the fullest without delay.. they know everything can happen on the battlefield... every moment is critical.. the moment they let their guard down..they can lose many lives... so they take this seriously..

Leona on the other hand, turn to look at the monitor again and frowned..

She saw someone on the middle of the battlefield.

a young man wearing a red robe...

standing alone in the middle...

she cant help but ask Sheena the assistant commander and in-charge of the humans on the battlefield.

"do you know that idiot? why is he in the middle of the battlefield alone?"Leona asked.

Sheena then look at the screen and saw the young man wearing red robe and said.

"i don't recognize his clothing.. we have a specific type of clothes for every unit on the battlefield we made it that way so we dont have anyone stabbing us in the back.. i dont know who he is but from his clothing he looks similar to a mage" Sheena answered.

After Leona heard what Sheena said.. She stares at the young man for a little bit and then focus on the battlefield again..

on the screen she saw the ogres went berserk because of the surprise attack they made.. he saw the Ogre General command his troops to charge forward.. and command the necromancer to perform a ritual..

the ogres then charge on the young man wearing a red robe when they saw he was the nearest..

She couldn't but shake her head because of the stupidity of the young man.. She then thought to herself.

"Of all the places, you went on the middle of a battlefield" Leona said to herself.

She thought the young man purposely go in the middle or something similar to that.. She then saw a group of knights rushing towards the young man trying to rescue him from the group of ogres..

She was watching intently when suddenly a magic circle formation as big as soccer field pop up on the sky..

She was shocked and said.

"Not Good! Command the group of knights to retreat now!"Leona shouted.

Sheena on the other hand.. before Leona finished what she was saying she already started give the order without delay..

but before the troops on the battlefield receive the order.. the magic circle formation already starts emitting sparks.. they are too late it is already halfway complete..

but they still gave out the order to retreat on that zone..

On the fortress Leona who was watching the formation carefully... closed her eyes..

she was already preparing for the worst..

as for Sheena, She already had red eyes.. She is about to cry but she still enduring it..

"its my fault, i didnt notice it right away.." thats what she had in mind..

she is responsible for the lives of the humans here in the eastern fortress..

even though its inevitable that soldiers die on the battlefield she still wants to have less casualties.

the lightning got stronger and stronger that they even heard small roars in the sky..

when the lightning was about to descend..

there was an unexpected thing happen...

they saw a red aura burst out in the middle of the battlefield..

that red aura covers the battlefield all the way to the foot of the mountain.

its just for a split second..

but it caused the situation to reverse..

they saw the magic circle formation collapsed and it gave them a sigh of relief..

but the next moment gave them a shocked through their core.

they saw all the soldiers fall one by one and in a span of a few breathes all the soldiers on the battlefield prone on the ground..

no one is standing.. except for one..

it was the young man wearing a red robe

he was in the center of all the soldier lying on the ground with a red aura flickering on his body

they were shocked

they dont know how to explain the situation..

Leona has her eyes focus on the screen unable to contain her emotion..

she is studying the young man wearing red robe with her eyes blinking and sparkling.

there was a long silenced in the fortress..

no one is moving and all eyes are focus on the screen..

Leona was about to give an order when they saw the young man wearing red robe vanish from the screen..

they were shocked..

Leona was the first one to regain her senses and said.

"Quick! search for that young man! tell the troops to spread out and look for his trace"She ordered.

After hearing her, the soldiers didn't dare to delay any longer and pass the order Leona gave.

everyone became busy searching for the young man wearing red robe..

meanwhile Leona is still watching the screen..

nobody knows what she was thinking...

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