61.53% Having Confidence in Another World / Chapter 16: Demon forces of Hell...

Chapter 16: Demon forces of Hell...

On the west side of the battlefield..

there is a tower like structure in the middle of the desert..

the tower goes all the way up to the sky you cant see the top of it because it went past the clouds..

the wall of the tower is designed unique it has many kinds of faces..

or more like expressions..

but its not an ordinary expressions, its the expressions of all the people they killed..

their soul is stuck on the tower and they are being punish by all kinds of torture..

this is also the reason why the negative energy here is so thick..

the negative energy is so thick it starts affecting the air giving it a thick fog like effect..

you will feel scared just by looking at it..

Around it is pile of bones scattered on the ground giving a people an eerie feeling..

all the trees died here because the air here is so polluted you will have a hard time breathing..

but the demons here love this air..

its the air of death..

it gives them a comfortable sensation everytime they inhale a mouthful of air here..

many demons roamed around here.. even ogres and sometimes undead..

this is where they like to hangout because they can use the air here to strengthen their body and try evolving..

they felt pride everytime they saw the tower and they cant help but give respect everytime they see it..

they called it "Tower of Evil".

this is the fortress of the demons here in the battlefield..

the battlefield is the boundary between the two factions..

this is the place where battles happen frequently.. so the aura of death here is more thick than other areas...

but on this day.. the mood surrounded the west battlefield is heavy..

at the top level of the tower, a demon is sitting on the throne..

while the others is lining up not far away from him

his face is frowning..

he has a feature of a middle age man with a white hair.. but his skin is purple and he has two horns on his forehead and it stretch out all the way over his head forming a curve..

his name is "Satanus".

some people call him The Demon King..

Satanus is looking at his subordinates with a cold expression.

he saw what happen earlier and he cant make a sense out of it..

so he called his subordinates to ask them.

"Can someone tell me exactly what happened?"Satanus asked while looking at them.

All of them lowered their heads not daring to look at him..

No one wants to talk because they feared that they will be the one who will receive his wrath..

he is known for his cruelty.. but only if you really done wrong..

but still, they were still scared of him...

Looking at his subordinates lowering their heads..

he just stares at them for a while..

he was about to say something when he heard a crunching sound..

he look at his left side of the throne and saw a big looking like caterpillar

he was about 7 foot long and has a green skin with some dots on the side..

he has 10 feet and use 4 of them holding the food while he was munching.

his cheeks look so big that it sag down with a permanent blush look on it

he looks cute but he still give you a dangerous feeling..

"Belze! what are you doing?"Satanus asked.

his name is Belze. he is the commander in chief and responsible for the operations around the west side of the battlefield..

but this big saggy caterpillar has a carefree personality so he just let do what he wants..

even so, his skills and capability commanding is a top notch.. so they just let it slide what kind of person he is..

"i was eating this thing.."Belze replied to Satanus.

Satanus saw what he was eating.. it was a vegetable looking type plant that looks like red cabbage but it has a tentacle that make it look like a monster..

"Why are you eating that? youre supposed to eat meat! youre a demon!!"Satanus shouted.

hearing what he said..Belze lowers his head and said..

"i want to eat meat too.. but i heard one of my subordinates said that i was looking more fatter than ever, i got shocked about it and asked for some advice.. they told me that this thing here burns your fat.."

Belze explained while feeling wronged.

once Satanus heard this.. he began to have headache..

he lost all his motivation and told his other subordinates to leave..

his subordinates are already flushing red on their faces for trying to hold their laughters when they heard Belze.. they leave right away not daring to stay longer..

well they cant laugh out loud because they will get punished so hard..

Belze, still feeling down..

just sat in the corner.. still eating the cabbage plant with a tear on his right eye..

Satanus on the other hand, after his subordinates leave he began to recall what happened earlier..

he didn't know what that young man wearing a red robe looks like because he is too far.. but still the moment he saw that red aura, it gives him a feeling that he never felt in his life..

Fear, thats what he felt..

he was scared.. so he tried to investigate it and send someone to look for any information about that young man wearing a red robe..

but no one knows who he was or how did he get in the middle of the battlefield and left without anyone noticing..

and thats what bother him more... he was mysterious...

"all of that happen under 5 minutes"

he appear quickly and left quickly..he was making a rough guesses as he was in deep thought

that red aura.. he vaguely had a guess but as he was still not sure he just put it on the back of his head..

and sank in thought deeply..






Rito rushing towards the southern part of the battlefield...

he enters the deep forest...

the battlefield is one of the most dangerous place on this world..

but this is not the scariest part of the battlefield..

the light faction put their fortress on the east side of the battlefield..

while the dark faction put their fortress on the west side..

the north and south side of the battlefield is full of thick trees it stretch out all the way out till your eyes can see.. but no one dares to enter it..

it is one of the most dangerous places of this world..

this is the top 3 on their top 5 most forbidden zone..

they dont know what kinds of secret this forest has..

many tried to enter it before.. but no one returns..

some say there is a formidable beasts living there..

some say its a forest full of medicinal herbs that can create miracles..

and some says it is full of treasures that so powerful the moment you get your hands on it you will have the power to conquer the world..

with this kind of temptations even though many people were scared..

many people still try their luck and enter the thick forest on the north and south side of the battlefield..

Rito didnt notice the speed he was having because he was too focus on escaping the battlefield.

he runs faster than a speed of light.

he runs through the woods and then stops after guessing that he was already far enough.

what he didnt know was that he was so fast he was already in the middle of the south side forest of the battlefield..this is one of the most dangerous places in this world.. and he still have no idea about it...

"That's weird, i didn't even sweat with all that running.." Rito thought to himself.

he was feeling confused... he didnt know what happen to his body.. even though he still has a "dad bod" he didnt break a sweat while running...

before when he was still on earth just 20 steps of walking and he already sweating like a pig... but now he has more energy than ever.

Feeling happy about it.. he felt like he change... he is starting to gain confidence on himself..

while he was having a time of his life.. he started to hear growls on his stomach..

"Ugh... i forgot i didn't eat before i was transfer here.."

Feeling hungry.. he starts walking around looking for food in the middle of this deep forest...

Author's Thoughts

MysteriousOldMan MysteriousOldMan

Evolving = Leveling up

i want to explain more clearly how belze look like but i failed..

if you want to know how he looks like just search

"Heimlich" of the movie A Bug's Life

thats how he looks like

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