28.57% The Chronicles of the Immortal God / Chapter 6: Innocent Master

Chapter 6: Innocent Master

"What do we do master?" Fang Lin immediately panicked upon seeing the unconscious girl. "What if she accused us of rape when she wakes up?"

"Idiot, that's not gonna happen. Maybe you are planning to do 'that' to her. She looks beautiful in my opinion."

"What, no! I am not those kind of people who think with their lower bodies. I am not those who do 'that' just because of some aphrodisiac."

"Haha tell that to your body, it seems to have a different 'reaction'."

Fang Lin flushed as he gathered some straw to cover himself. "I am a growing male so that's only natural! But what are we gonna do about her?"

"Let's wait for her to wake up then you talk to her."

"Master I just noticed it but, you did not speak at all earlier. Are you scared of females?"

"No! I just feared I'm gonna say some lewd things in front of her that will tarnish my reputation."

"So master is the type who talks lewdly in front of females. I'm surprised you had a wife."

"Hey she`s waking up now! Talk to her already." Wang Lin then continued to hide as Ning'er rose up groggily. She immediately tensed but she relaxed when she saw Fang Lin smiling kindly towards her with no malicious intent.

"Are you ok now?"

"Ah ah yes, thank you for guarding me here."

"Ah do not thank me, this area is a safe spot from monsters so just thank your luck. Anyway, what's your name and what are you doing here? I'm Fang Lin by the way."

Ning'er then straightened up and told what happened. About her mother's sickness, the blood lotus and the rampaging Overlord Beast.

"Crap, those younglings that Overlord Beast mentioned must be the one I and my master killed." Fang Lin thought to himself. "The only reason we are safe now is because this Divine Turtle Coffin scares them. Too bad we cannot bring it with us."

"Eh, who is that person behind the boulder" Ning'er inquired.

"That's my master, he said he's not good with talking to females."

"Hmmm, Body Refinement Stage? No, Perfect Body Refinement Stage! Your master must be godly too. Eh? Why is he just as strong as you?"

"Ah its a long story. By the way, you told me you needed this Blood Lotus? Here." Fang Lin immediately handed Ning'er a perfectly preserved Blood Lotus."

Ning'er's eyes threatened to tear up as she thanked Fang Lin. "Many thanks benefactor, if you mind do you want to join me in may carriage out of this forest? My father could help you find a place to settle in."

"We agree!" Wang Hao shouted behind the rocks. "Make sure your father gives us some busty females to 'have some fun' hehehe...."

"Ah do not think much of that Ning'er." Fang Lin panickedly said. "He is innocent, he just went through a lot these days."

With her eyes twitching, Ning'er just nodded and motioned for them to follow her inside the carriage. Wang Hao then covered himself with straw while they gathered all the herbs and valuables they can carry. The carriage then shot out following the trail back to Ning'er's father.

As they neared the site of battle, they could not help but gasp. The area has been turned into a frozen wasteland with lamented howlings of unknown creatures. There was a lone person standing in the middle of the area. He was around 2 meters tall with muscles like steel bands running throughout his body. He also had a mustache with accentuated his manliness.

"Damn, this is the manliest man I have ever seen. Compared to him Master looks like a sissy." Fang Lin thought to himself. Before he could open his mouth to speak to the man, the man faced them and said "I have been watching on her situation with my divine sense, ready to protect her if you had evil designs on her. Good thing you didn't and I thank you for taking care of my daughter. You may call me Daoist Sunderheart."

Fang Lin then thanked himself for not listening to his master. Ning'er then asked, "Father what happened to the Ice Wyvern King?"

"It left after finding out it cannot beat me." He said smugly while smoothing his mustache. Now that we found all your mother's medicine, we shall hurry back to the clan to treat her. And for you two, please join us. I will try to look for a suitable reward for you two after my wife has been healed."

Fang Lin approached his master and asked worriedly "But master, how about my martial arts?"

"Do not worry my disciple, we are gonna join a sect. They have lots of resources and you will have opportunities there!"

"Master, are you gonna join the sect too? You are my master right? It doesn't seem right."

"We are required to be shameless at this times! Just say to those sect members that you are my lackey."

"Lackey? But that will make me expendable!"

"Haha do not worry, with your talent, you will still be important!"

Fang Lin just gritted his teeth and said "Fine, let's do that master. Just don't use me as a slave!"

"Haha of course, of course!"

The two misfits then joined the father and daughter pair as they start their path to the peak.

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