1.62% The Chronicles of the Immortal God / Chapter 7: Male Female

Chapter 7: Male Female

As the carriage trod through the Forsaken Continent, Fang Lin asked Daoist Sunderheart "Are we going to leave the Forsaken Continent?" The daoist nodded. " Three hours from now this carriage will arrive at our Feng Clan's spirit ship that will whisk us towards the Immortal continent."

Fang Lin then mused the information about the continents in this planet.

There are three continents in this planet.

The God continent, the Immortal continent and the Forsaken continent.

The God continent is the gathering place of Godly ascenders while the Immortal continent is for those who practice Immortal cultivation.

The Forsaken continent meanwhile is the melting pot of all non-cultivating races and most of the danger zones in planet Thrae are located in this continent.

Three hours passed and the carriage stopped. "Here we are." The daoist and his daughter alighted from the carriage with the master-disciple pair following behind.


Wang Hao tried to stifle his laughter, but the daoist could clearly hear it. Black lines emerged across his forehead as he shouted "This is not what you think it is! The spirit ship have this shape because it maximizes the speed and its durability!"

"But it looks like a giant dildo!!!"

"One more word and I will leave both of you here." Slight traces of killing intent emanated form Daoist Sunderheart. It seems like the appearance of his spirit ship has been a thorn on his heart.

"Ok....." Fang Lin and Wang Hao did not dare to say anything after witnessing that.

"Hmmphh." The daoist waved his hand towards the ship and somebody went out of it.

The newcomer is an old man whose demeanor and appearance screams Butler. "Grandpa Chen, help to see the needs of these two with us. They are my benefactors so please accommodate them well. As for now, they need some good clothes."

The butler then motioned Fang Lin and Wang Hao to follow him inside the ship. He led them to a pleasant looking room with comfortable bed.

"Your clothes will be found on the drawer. If you need any assistance just ring the bell on the table and I will come to your aid. Do enjoy your trip." The butler then swished out of the room gracefully.

Minutes later, the ship rose up the ground and accelerated forward, starting its travel.

"Master," while lying on the bed, Fang Lin inquired, "Even if I have the ability to cultivate the two paths at the same time, how am I going to do the God path in the immortal continent? I cannot practice godly ascension in the Immortal continent and vice versa!"

"Haha do not underestimate your bloodline!" Wang Hao said proudly. He looked at Fang Lin as he said,

"Your bloodline essentially splits you into two personas. The Yin Persona and the Yang Persona.

The Yin Persona mainly focuses on the Yin essence, you know, the ice and soft against hard techniques. It also usually is the body for the God Path. The Yang Persona is about Fire and aggressiveness. It is the body for the Immortal Path."

"Damn, that sounds awesome!"

"Yes its awesome but did you know? The Yin Persona is a female body while the Yang Persona is the a male one."

"Wait, I'm going split into a male and female?" Fang Lin received the greatest shock of his life that day.

It may sound awesome, but Fang Lin thought there was something inherently weird with it.

He immediately thought of the the most obvious dilemma here. "Will my emotions be affected? I still want to like girls!!!"

"Haha do not worry. If you like girls, your Yin Persona will still like girls. Besides you can control both of your bodies at the same time." Wang Hao said as he gave his disciple a thumbs-up.

"Haah, I'm relieved." Fang Lin sighed in relief as he flopped on his bed.

"But did you know? Your Yang Persona can copulate with your Yin Persona? Isn't that great. That's the pinnacle of self-pleasuring! You can even get yourself pregnant!"

"No No No No Nooooo!!!"

"But do not be discouraged. If you can split yourself, you can still recombine yourself back and cultivate normally. However, you must remember that one day a month you need to split apart to maintain the Yin-Yang balance."

"But in that case, how can I do the God path if I will not keep myself split at all times?"

"Hah, that's easy. Just split yourself now and make your Yin Persona go at the God continent. Even if your two bodies are far from each other, you can still recombine and when you split apart, your Yin Persona can reappear on the God continent."

"I'm worried about my Yin Persona." Fang Lin worriedly said. He knew that even if it was his normal body, he will still be in danger in the God Continent.

"Then I, your master will accompany your Yin Persona in the God continent. I can still talk to your Yang Persona through the female body." Wang Hao said while rubbing his hands in excitement. Fang Lin's eyes widened as he immediately saw through his master.

"No! You will just take advantage of her! Stay with my Yang Persona, I'm going to ask Daoist Sunderheart for help."

"What are you going to tell him?"

"That I have a twin sister sleeping in Master's pocket dimension and that she needs a way to be admitted as a practitioner in the God continent."

In terms of buls**tting, this was the best that Fang Lin could come up now. His master's expression deflated as he realized that what his disciple said was reasonable.

"Ok, that's a good plan. Then let's split yourself now!" Wang Hao said while sounding disappointed.

"How am I going to do that Master?"

"You are now at the peak of body refinement stage so just call out the power of your bloodline and you can split yourself already." Wang Hao said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Fang Lin then sat cross-legged as he called out his bloodline. Immediately, the projection of two revolving bodies appeared behind him. Fang Lin's body then turned into motes of light and fused with the projection. The two bodies then stopped spinning and separated and landed beside each other. The left one looked like just Fang Lin but an aura of unstoppable momentum can be felt from it. Wang Hao then looked at the body at the right and his jaw almost dropped.

The girl he is seeing right now looks like a lady version of Fang Lin, and she was a gorgeous and appealing lady.

She had the most seductive body out of all the women that Wang Hao saw. Her full bust and perky rear managed to send Wang Hao's blood boiling. Her silky white skin and bewitching face made her appear as a goddess who descended from the heavens!

While Wang Hao was still shocked, the girl version of Fang Lin tilted her head, as she felt out her new body. Wang Hao could only swallow when he saw her dainty fingers slowly caressing her slender legs.

"She's a trap, she's a trap she's a trap...." Wang Hao continuously recited the mantra for lonely males who gets victimized by expectations. This was the best thing he could use now to stop him from being bewitched!

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    "she's a trap , she's a trap" hahahaha what a master

  • kcgrabin


    Please share this novel with your friends. I wrote this novel because I want to hone my writing skills. The more readers there are, the more motivated I get.

  • FourEyes


    Wahaha! this is the best bloodline i ever know! 😂😂

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