1.82% The Chronicles of the Immortal God / Chapter 8: Immortal God Sect

Chapter 8: Immortal God Sect

After reciting his mantra, Wang Hao immediately felt better. The two Fang Lin's looked at him seemingly at loss on what to do.

"Hey, female Fang Lin, do you still like girls?"

The girl Fang Lin replied, "Even though I have this body, I still do not have any attraction for males. I still like girls! Yes!" She shouted these words happily.

She was relieved upon feeling that she was still herself after all that happened.

Wang Hao pouted sadly upon seeing this. It was obvious he wanted something more.

"Then let's go and meet Daoist Sunderheart. What are you gonna call yourself though?"

"Fang Yu." Fang Lin did not bother to explain the reason for that name.

"That name's fine." Wang Hao said, clearly not bothered with Fang Yu anymore. "Let's go out now."\ Wang Hao left the room with Fang Yu in tow behind him. Once they arrived at the deck, they saw Daoist Sunderheart and Feng Ning'er looking at them, with Ning'er staring deeply towards Fang Yu.

"Hoho, who's this beautiful lass?" Daoist Sunderheart inquired.

"She's Fang Yu, Fang Lin's twin sister. Due to some circumstances I have to hide her in my pocket dimension. I just had the chance to let her out in this ship."

"Pocket dimension?" The daoist peered towards Wang Hao deeply. "It seems like you have some proficiency in space-time magic. Anyway, do you only intend to introduce her to us? It seems like you need something else yet."

"This man's sharp." Wang Hao thought to himself. "Actually you see, Fang Lin is destined to walk the Immortal path and luckily we are bound for the Immortal continent. Fang Yu however, has the constitution for the God path. Even though it pains their heart, these twins need to separate for them to grow faster. However, I already am Fang Lin's master. I cannot accompany Fang Yu towards the God continent."

Wang Lu recited this script that he wrote earlier with a pained voice. "Fellow daoist, do you have a way for someone to guide Fang Yu in the God continent?"

Daoist Sunderheart looked at Wang Hao and Fang Lin while murmuring to himself. "Twins with one on the God path and the other on Immortal path? They could be accepted on the Immortal God Sect!"

The daoist then asked Wang Hao,

"Do you know why one cannot practice godly ascension in the Immortal continent and vice versa? It's because of the God and Immortal veins."

"God and Immortal veins?"

"God veins exude the mana needed by godly ascenders in order to raise their strength while Immortal veins contains rich qi for immortal cultivators. The immortal continent contains mostly of immortal veins and while the God continent contains mostly God veins."


"There are some veins from the two continents that can extend out and reach other continents. The energy contained by these veins will not be disrupted even they are on the opposite continent. In this case, a God vein from the westernmost part of the God continent extends until the Eastern Lands of the Immortal continent. This God vein allowed godly ascension in that area. Right now, that area is occupied by one of the Eight Great Sects, the Immortal God Sect!"

"Woah, that sounds great." Wang Hao said with a fake expression of surprise.

"You already knew that and you still asked me?" Daoist Sunderheart complained.

Then he muttered to himself,

"That Fang Lin guy trusts me already but this Wang Hao is clearly vigilant of me. If I did not tell him about the Immortal God Sect he could have treated me as a possible threat. I am really grateful to them and wants to help them now, but what he did is just right."

Daoist Sunderheart knew that being cautious is important at all times and the Fang twins will surely learn that lesson in the future.

"Anyways" the daoist said looked at Fang Yu as he said,

"After getting my wife treated I will talk to the Sect Head of Immortal God Sect about you and your brother's condition. This way, they can still cultivate together."

"The travel is still long and I implore you two to rest well."

Fang Yu and Wang Hao are about to leave when Feng Ning'er, who had been quiet earlier, suddenly said,

"Fang Yu, are you sleeping in their room too? That cannot be! Just join with me in my room. It's much better than with those smelly boys" She then stuck out her tongue toward Wang Hao.

Wang Hao just smiled slightly towards Ning'er and said,

"Of course she can, Yu'er go and accompany her."

Fang Lin who was controlling Fang Yu exclaimed to himself "Damn things went better than I expected! Now I can ask Ning'er on what she thinks about the real me. She won't hold back answering on my female counterpart!"

Once inside Ning'er's room, Fang Yu felt something was not right. She looked towards Feng Ning'er who had been staring at her deeply again.

"Yu'er you like girls right? I noticed you have been checking out my body since earlier. Do not worry, I am not angry. But you know, Ning'er can do things that will make you feel good!" Ning'er said this while almost salivating. She then slowly walked towards Fang Yu with her hands raised. Suddenly Fang Yu smelled something emanating from Ning'er's body.

"Aphrodisiac mosquito poison!"

The aphrodisiac mosquito was a dangerous insect. As long as the practitioner it stung was below the Third stage, they will be infected with an aphrodisiac that will stay hidden and its effects will erupt hours later. It was said that it can bring out hidden desires of anyone affected by it.

"It means that normally, Ning'er will not do something like this. Even if she likes girls she will not resort to this method." Fang Yu then had an epiphany.

"Isn't this the infamous aphrodisiac sex scene? Too bad I'm the victim now.... Wait, am I really a victim, no this is jackpot!" Fang Yu grinned and was about to hug Ning'er when the door suddenly opened and Daoist Sunderheart arrived.

He knocked his daughter out and said to Fang Yu,

"I am really sorry for my daughter's actions. Even if its because of a poison I will still recompense you later." He then rushed out of the room.

"Did I just got cockblocked? But I don't have a c*ck!"

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    the story is good but advance to fast....and the Mc SHOW that he can split into to person already...become strong and then you show of

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    That god*dam* old man😢😢😢 my yuri haven😭😭😭

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