64.9% The Chronicles of the Immortal God / Chapter 319: Tags: Mindbreak, Mind Control, Sacrifice

Chapter 319: Tags: Mindbreak, Mind Control, Sacrifice

"So that's what happened." Illusion Fang Lin said to Old Man. "Basically, my real body got stronger after 3 Celestial Nirvanas and my real body was able to enslave the Djinns Shax and Stolas."

"Yeah, what you said was cool, but are you not going to tell Wang Hao about it? He's your First Master you know." Old Man said as he stared at Illusion Fang Lin regretfully. "In my opinion, he also needs to know about what happened to you."

"Hmph!" Ilusion Fang Lin snorted as if he found such matter irritating. "I already told him that we will part ways after his trial, so not telling him what happened to me is already the start of my preparations for the separation! The less he knows, the better it is!"

"But…." Old Man tried to interject, not letting go of the matter. I

llusion Fang Lin's eyes tick as he noticed that Old Man was highly affected by Wang Hao's arrival earlier.

Illusion Fang Lin grimaced as he remembered Old Man hugging Wang Hao tightly earlier, not letting him go after he saw Wang Hao appearing to retrieve the Sprit Meteorite.

That was the reason it took Wang Hao long to return from this place.

"Now that I remember, you seem to be highly fond of Wang Hao. Did you detect something on him that made you support him this badly, hmm?" Illusion Fang Lin said as he stared blankly at Old Man.

"Ah well…." Old Man stammered as he tried to explain.

Illusion Fang Lin raised his hands, indicating Old Man to stop speaking.

"Look Old Man." Illusion Fang Lin said as he stared at him directly.

"I don't care what kind of background Wang Hao had. I don't even care if he was something like a son of the Universe Emperor, if someone like that even exists. What I just want is to get done with this matter and get on with my life."

"Ok…." Old Man saw the seriousness on Illusion Fang Lin's eyes and decided to not talk about Wang Hao.


Both Illusion Fang Lin and Old Man became silent as they waited for Sir Florence's mental defenses to yield.


When Fang Lin felt that he was about to yawn due to boredom, Old Man shouted as he exclaimed,

"There we go! I just finished mindbreaking this bastard. Now we can do anything or ask anything to him!"

"In case you do not know, mindbreak is a sensitive term." Illusion Fang Lin whispered, as he shushed his careless Second Master.

"Ok, ok I get it." Old Man replied as he let out an embarrassed cough.

"Anyway, I already knew what those Palace of the Gods were up to. Here it is." Old Man pointed with his soul finger as he fired something to Illusion Fang Lin.

Illusion Fang Lin accepted it, which was basically an equivalent of a memory capsule.

Both Illusion Fang Lin and the original Fang Lin grimaced when they read what the plan of the Palace of the Gods was.

First of all, the memory that Old Man got from Sir Florence showed everything, including the Sixth Stage Planet that the Palace of the Gods made contact with.

That planet was called the Beast God Planet.

Just hearing that makes Illusion Fang Lin think of one thing.

"This planet must be inhabited by beasts!"

He was right, because according to the memory that Sir Florence had, the Beast God Planet had a beast to human ratio of 100,000 to 1, which meant there's 1 human for every 100,000 beasts on that planet.

The amount of the Divine Beasts that reside on that planet were also many, with at least 1,000 of them confirmed to exist there.

As for Godly Divine Beasts, Sir Florence noted that there were 7 of them there, and they were all around the Law Domain or God Stage!

Illusion Fang Lin took a deep breath, realizing that the Beast God Planet was no small fry in terms of amount of powerful beasts that reside there.

Even the Planet Thrae, with all its share of luck, only had Fang Lin, Wang Hao, Xue'er and Fang Xingwei as the Godly Divine Beasts there!

And one should remember that:

1. Wang Hao was obviously from another planet.

2. Xue'er was also from another planet.

3. Fang Xingwei was just fetched by Wang Hao from the Dream World.

So technically speaking, Planet Thrae only had Fang Lin as their Godly Divine Beast, which makes it just 1!

And even with that, the Beast God Planet actually had 7?

That was just beyond expectations!

And from the sound of it, all the inhabitants on that planet only practice Godly Ascension, which explains why the Palace of the Gods were able to hit it off with that planet.

And since that planet had many beasts on it, having certain techniques related to Divine and Godly Divine Beasts was not unexpected!

What made Fang Lin worried was the contents of the plan that the Beast God Planet gave to the Palace of the Gods.

The plan was simple.

Sacrifice some divine beasts on this planet, and use their divine essence to summon one of the experts of the Beast God Planet!

It was said that at least 7 Divine Beasts were needed to summon a Law Domain Expert from the Beast God Planet.

The divine essence of the sacrificed divine beasts will fuel a teleportation formation that was engraved on both the Beast God Planet and the Palace of the Gods.

Once the divine essence was used, the expert from the Beast God Planet will be able to appear on the Planet Thrae and stay here for a day!

What was worse was that the one that will be summoned will be one of the 7 Godly Divine Beasts residing on that planet!

Having a Godly Divine Beast at the Fifth Stage joining the war is an extremely bad news for the Immortal Continent.

One can already imagine how overpowered Godly Divine Beasts were, just by looking at Fang Lin and Wang Hao.

Wang Hao, with his power sealed, can survive almost any attacks by any practitioner, and his abilities were the abilities that forced the God Continent on this desperate move.

Fang Lin, with his Second Stage Cultivation, can give a good fight against an early to mid Law/Dao Soul Stage Cultivator!

Fang Lin refused to believe that a Godly Divine Beast of the Law Domain Stage will just be a normal one.

Fang Lin reckons that the summoned Godly Divine Beast can trash any of the Gods and Immortals on the Planet Thrae with ease!

Even Absolute Geniuses like Xiao Ya and Tang Luo will be just crushed like dry weeds in front of the incoming Godly Divine Beast!

"This summoning plan sure is a finishing move. If the Palace of the Gods succeed on summoning a Godly Divine Beast form that planet, the Immortal Continent is done for." Old Man said solemnly to Illusion Fang Lin.

"Even your master Wang Hao, in his current state, will not be able to stop that enemy. The best that he can do was to use his abilities to survive."

"And of course I will be also dead if I face that kind of enemy." Illusion Fang Lin muttered.

Illusion Fang Lin then let out a sigh as he declared,

"Now that we know what the plan is, we must do everything we can to prevent it!"

"Knock, knock." Illusion Fang Lin and Old Man heard some knocking sounds outside the room, which was revealed by their divine senses to be the other residents of this house.

They were still under the effects of Sir Florence's mind control, which made them highly attached to him.

Upon seeing them outside the door, Old Man turned to Illusion Fang Lin as he asked him,

"Now that you know what the plan is, do you think we can let those poor divine beasts to be freed from this Florence's mind control? Even I, a dirty old man, feels pity upon seeing those faces."

"Yes, we can do that." Illusion Fang Lin replied quickly. "But before we free them from the mental control, let us get all the info that we can get from Florence first."

"Why not just do the gathering after we free the divine beasts from the mind control? Are you hesitating on freeing them now?" Old Man shot back curiously.

"Well…." Illusion Fang Lin gave a pitying look to Sir Florence as he said,

"If we free those divine beasts from mind control now, I am sure that the first thing that they will do is to tear Florence apart to pieces."


If we were not able to gather all the info we can from him by that time, it will all be a waste."


"So let's get all the info that we can for now, and then let's watch Florence get ripped apart later." Illusion Fang Lin conclude somberly.

"Yeah I guess we can do that….." Old Man let out a silent gulp as he realized that Fang Lin might look a push-over, but he was actually this cruel!

He even envisioned Sir Florence's grisly end with a calm expression!

"Yes, I must not make my disciple angry at all." Old Man thought to himself as he continued probing Sir Florence's mind.

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  • DarkDaoist


    How come fang lin hasn't realized he's a very selfish bastard and is the one responsible for the deaths of his wive and friends by declaring the war as wang hao couldn't have saved them anyways. he's putting all the blame on wang hao and treating him like **** so that he doesn't have guilty conscience. i am fine with evil MC's but not hypocrites.

  • PhantomNite629



  • PhantomNite629


    Thx for the chap

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