33.33% 7 Realms / Chapter 4: World of Realms

Chapter 4: World of Realms

Asan became alert when he heard the strange voice floating into his ears, on reflex he looked left, right, upwards and downwards he still couldn't see anyone present, Asan moved a little bit closer towards the gem stone, at this point if Asan stretched his hand's he'll be able to take the gem stone away, just as Asan was about to stretch out his hand, he heard the voice again " HUMAN!!! I've waited in this waste of a planet for 10,000yrs to get that stone! You dare take it away from me?! ROOOOAR!!!", Asan quickly retracted his hand, alertness was written all over his face, he recognized that roar, it was the same as the big eyed monstrosity, he mused for a moment, his eyes had a strange glow in them before he shouted in a stuttering voice which could not hide his fear, " who.... are you?! What do you mean...you have been here for 10,000yrs! Are you the monster from the gorge?!" Silence, there was no response to Asan's questions, a few breath wort of time later Asan heard the same voice again but this time, what the voice said made Asan have a perplexed look on his face, " Human scum!!!, you are not qualified to speak with this Ancestor!" There was an obvious disdain that could not be hidden in the voice, like a Human speaking to an ant that was about to be crushed. "Leave immediately and I'll spare your worthless life and that of your companions! Or else prepare for a fate more cruel than death!". At this point Asan's heart skipped a beat, he could throw is life away for selfish gains but he was not the type to put those around him in danger for selfish reasons. Although he knew what was in front of him was a one of a kind treasure, there was no way he'll put his life and that of his crew members up to obtain it.

" I'll leave, just don't do anything to my crew members, this has nothing to do with them, do I have your word you will spare them?!" Asan shouted towards the direction of the exit Off the massive room towards the gorge. " Human! You dare give me terms?! Get the hell out of there if you still want to keep your dog life and that of your people!" Asan was becoming a little bit irritated by the monster's constant abuses, he could only take it on the chin and leave immediately.

Asan took one last glance at the Pearl white gem, gave a soft sign of regret, before he turned around to leave the tower, " Human Hurry! Move away from the gem!". The monster's voice kept ringing in Asan's head, at this point Asan was pretty annoyed, he kept murmuring to himself "is this monster blind or something, can't it see I'm moving already", with the monster's impatient reminder Asan quicked his pace towards the tower exit, just as Asan got to the staircase leading down the tower, he heard a series of *BOOOOOOOOOM* *BOOOOOOOOOM* , it was as if two powerful forces collided against each other, Asan was startled from the explosions and his face turned ugly, was the tower going to be destroyed like the raised platforms, he felt the rumbling was more intense than the previous ones in the gorge, he could not afford to waste anymore time, Asan dashed towards the staircase like a wild animal.


A few minutes earlier.

within the gorge there was an intense explosion, with flashing lights everywhere, if one were to look closer they'll see a white light assaulting a gigantic monster, with the head of a lion the body or a bear and it had two tails which were bizzare venomous snakes, this monster had a some what flaming body, it was also gigantic in size with large Battle scars all over its body, due to the intensity of the white light, it was not possible to see what was in it, " Allmolo I've waited 10,000yrs to be the master of the white gem, I followed you from The world of realms, to this barren land and you still deny me, the seal Martial emperor Tang placed 10,000yrs ago is weakened already, I don't believe you won't yield to me today" the monster spoke toward the white light, as it shot out a mouthful of magma for its mouth towards the light, the white light quickly dodged the incoming attack and spoke towards the monster, " Monster king Mo' you are not fated with the white stone, emperor tang sealed it away from you for good reason, give up and return to your realm, no one asked you to stay here for 10,000yrs, don't say I did not give you face if you continue to linger here!" A gentle ethereal voice could be heard within the gorge, this was a voice that was neither female or male but was soothing to the soul of any being. " hahahaha... A mere spirit dares threaten I king Mo'...hahahaha... I want to see the skills that will make me return to the Enka's pass!".

The monster condensed a flaming rod in one of its paws and lunched it towards the white light, the two venomous tails also spat out a reddish like liquid which had a frightening temperature, it was no exaggeration to say it could turn all metals on earth into liquid, with such a vicious attack heading towards the white light, there was suddenly a series of rumbling sounds like rolling thunder in the sky.


More than 5 lightning snakes shot out from the white light towards the reddish like liquid, there was a loud explosion *BANNNNNNNNG* as the snakes were disintegrated instantly by the reddish like liquid but the liquid was also neutralize by the lightning snakes, the flaming rod on king Mo's paw was travelling at a frightening speed towards the white light, all of sudden there was another set of lightning snakes sent toward the flaming rod.

*puff* *puff* *puff*

The flaming rod destroyed all the lightning snakes instantly like hot knife going through butter, the speed of the rod did not reduce for a second, with its initial attack failing, the intensity of the white light increased greatly almost to a eye blinding point. With a slight rumbling sound a huge lightning curtain was projected in front of the white light, the lightning curtain shot out a barrage of lightning snakes toward the flaming rod.


There was a series of loud explosions as the lightning snakes came in contact with flaming rod, the flaming rod had an edge over the lightning snakes, it continued to destroy them but the speed of the rod had greatly reduced because of the lightning snakes barrage. The lightning curtain glowed with greater intensity than before, it suddenly projected a massive 10ft long two headed lightning snake towards the flaming rod.


With the sound of something breaking the flaming rod was broken into two and destroyed by the remaining smaller snakes. The 10ft long lightning snake and the other lightning snakes shot towards king Mo'.


King Mo' snorted in the face of the lightning snakes attack, " Allomo, with this level of skill, you dare fight against me!, if it was 10,000yrs ago when you were at your peak with that old bastard maybe I would have been afraid of you. Receive my attack!" There was a clear disdain in king Mo's voice towards the lightning snakes attack.

" Yama's inferno!!!"

With the sudden shout of king Mo' the two venomous snake tails swelled to about 10 times their normal size, they suddenly released black-red liquid continuously it was almost like they were vomiting a river, the moment all the liquid was released, a terrifying heat wave spread all over the gorge so much so that it even travelled the tunnel towards the crew members back in the Iluminaçào tribe ancient grounds.

The heat wave destroyed all of the lightning snakes instantly, surprisingly king Mo' had a strange flame flickering in this eyes. Suddenly king Mo' sensed something, he could not help but murmur to himself " that damn human as gotten close to the gem stone, the piece of soul flame I placed on him as been activated, how dare a human scum try to steal from me. I won't be able to leave here right now, Its better to talk to him through the soul flame".

"Allomo you know what will happen if I ignite my essence liquid with my soul flame, this space will be totally destroyed and you will never be able to get another successor nor enter the world of realms!" King Mo' shouted towards the white light. " king Mo' what are you trying to do? If you destroy this space both of us will be trapped here or likely destroyed with it." The ethereal voice sounded out again, it spoke in a manner that was neither slow or hurried, there was no anxiousness in the voice also from king Mo's threat.

"Allomo give me the white gem stone and I won't have to destroy this place, you don't have to worry about me, if I dared to enter this place I can surely leave whenever I want kekeke.... Are you going to hand over the stone or not?!".

The white light called Allomo was silent and did not respond to king Mo', all of a sudden it felt something strange, " the human is in the tower, why does it look like he is about to leave? Strange, he is the first human not to go insane after coming in contact with the gem, was he the one Tang spoke of in his vision? Huh.?! Soul flame in the tower, king Mo's soul flame, oh no this is bad"

While king Mo' was still waiting for a response he suddenly saw the glow of the curtain become dimmer and dimmer, there was a wild joy in king Mo's eyes, he thought the white light had given in into his demands, " hahahaha Allomo you made the right choice hahahaha... Ehn?!". King Mo's hearty laughter was cut off when he realised the lightning curtain which was originally glowing dimmer suddenly give out a blinding glow, the ethereal voice was heard again.

" lightning emperor seal condense "

With that the white light shot out of the gorge towards the tower in the massive room at breakneck speed. King Mo' who quickly came to his senses roared towards the fleeing white light.

"ROAR!!!!!ALLOMO YOU DARE?! WATCH ME END YOU AND THAT SCUM!!!" guessing the intentions of the white light, king Mo' became furious at its actions.

" YAMA'S INFERNO EXPLODE!!" with the shout the strange flame flickering in king Mo's eyes shot straight into the black-red liquid, at the other end the lightning curtain had sealed the gorge and it shot of barrage upon barrage of giant lightning snakes towards King Mo'. As the flame touched the liquid there was an instant chain explosion which shot towards the lightning curtain. When the two earth shattering attacks collided there was a one second silence before an earth shattering explosion.


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