48.97% Einder Bloodline / Chapter 24: Lord Class

Chapter 24: Lord Class

Back when Cray had just destroyed one of the walls from his prison cell. He had been chased down by a group of six people.

This elite squad who were tasked to track down Cray are of a cut above others of their entire army. All of them combined would have the power to stand against, and maybe beat their commander Robert. They were pretty confident about their teamwork, coordination, and strength. They didn't believe that a measly kid would have enough power to fight against them.

Although they all mistakenly thought that Cray had just used a device of some sort to make the composite metal wall explode. What they didn't know was that he did that unarmed with his own bare fist.

They were pretty much underestimating Cray. As they had reached the site of where the wall had been punched they discovered faint traces of Cray's footsteps. All of them, however, had this strange and eerie feeling. It was like they were being watched, all their movements, every step they took, it gave them the creeps.

"Hey, I've been having this strange feeling for a while now." A man who was placed at the very back said. "To tell you the truth, I've been feeling it since we entered this corridor." The man who was walking in front of him responded."

The leader of their squad immediately made a hand sign making them stop. "The enemy is here." He said quietly with his very manly voice.


The body of the two people who were just speaking a while ago had already been burst open by some kind of invisible power leaving their remains splattered on the floor. The scent of blood had spread instantaneously, the walls were painted with blood and the floor was littered with bones and meat.

In that grotesque sight, Cray had walked towards them slowly. "Tisk....I'm still not used to using this body, I didn't even get to kill at least half of them. I guess I'd eventually have to resort to using that?"

Cray's tone had completely changed, from a sweet young boy who's going through adolescence, to a very calm and cold voice. "It's a good thing that my son is innately a genius, I could use my techniques albeit the weaker version."

He then lifted his right hand making it face the remaining enemies. "I am the absolute. None shall escape my wrath. You'll die in solitude, none can interrupt my path!"

After saying that chant, his arm had emitted black flames. Those flames began to devour the remaining survivors. "Now then, the only one who can harm my son would be that guy."

And just like that, his body had disappeared together with the black flames.

On another vehicle, a different thing was happening.

Stan who had to awaken the power hidden in his dagger had noticed another person's presence. He didn't know that there was still another person who was alive after that bloodbath. He only noticed it when his dagger which was glowing in a red light lusted for more blood.

He saw how his dagger absorbed blood from the corpses of the soldiers that he killed. He also noticed that it got sharper as it absorbed more blood.

Unknowingly, the dagger mixed with his aura making him influenced by the dagger to crave for more blood. It gave him the sudden urge to kill! All he wanted to do the most right now was to kill more to satisfy his craving. He looked towards the direction of the remaining survivor on the vehicle. He then swiftly charged towards the door piercing it with his brute strength.

His powers gave him an intoxicated feeling. After destroying the door that was separating him from his prey, his cold eyes gazed upon his next prey.


Uneventfully, the survivor had died without any being able to react as it instinctively felt fear from the gaze that Stan had given him. Even if he wanted to move, his body didn't respond as if there was some invisible pressure that was weighing down on him.

A fountain of blood had spurted from the dead man's body. Most of the blood was currently being absorbed by the dagger with its blood red aura getting stronger.

"A-AHAhahAHHAhahAHa!" Stan had started to make a strange laugh. He was feeling utter delight just by being able to kill.


He smacked his own mouth. He couldn't believe what he had just said. He knew that the act of killing was terrible, and he knew how precious a life is. It might sound hypocritical because he had killed a ton of people already, and to be saying this at this point.

He shook his head, "I'm the one who controls you, not the other way around." He snapped out from his earlier stupor.

"Right, I need to go and save Cray right now." After saying such, he left the vehicle by jumping off from the window near him.

Just as he had jumped down he had been welcomed by a gush of monsters who were rampaging all around. "What the hell?"

A drop of sweat could be seen forming on his forehead. "This- This is bad." He then made his way to kill the monsters who were easy to kill and who were mostly alone. He avoided the powerful ones as defeating them would only result in him losing his stamina.

"Just a bit more!" He could finally see the perimeter that the members of Robert's troops had made. He then felt danger from the monsters who were coming closer towards the perimeter.

"No way.....A Lord Class monster." His mouth hanged open as he looked at the majestic figure of the monster who resembled a lot like a lion. The only difference would be their size.

The monster in front of him was ginormous. Its towering figure could be seen destroying down buildings and trees alike. Each step that it took causes small tremors on the ground.

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