Chapter 8: Heart in Turmoil

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The monotonous, robotic announcements made Zack and Chai filled with hope and anticipation, to the point of wanting to pop some bottles of champagne to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Both of them looked at each other with big smiles and giggles. Melissa wasn't sure if these two people are still sane...

Who giggles suddenly and looks at each other without any funny topics discussed beforehand? Only madmen and lousy comedians do!

The brothers wanted to explore their newfound upgrades, but they decided to hold it off until they got into the police station.


It was now 12.45 AM in the morning. Almost a few hours passed since the apocalypse started.

As their black SUV approaches the police station, rounds of gunshots was heard.

Someone is attacking the station!

Zack stopped the car for awhile, sitting out the multiple blasts of firearms in the distance. The trio had many guesses on why the police force used their firearms, but naturally they would more or less knew the answer.

The shooting lasted for a few minutes.

When it died down, they began to move again.

The trio stealthily drove nearby the gate, only to find out that there were several lifeless corpses on the road. It could have been humans or zombies.

"S*it! They're on high alert! What do we do now?" (Chai)

Zack stayed silent for awhile.


"I have an idea. But Mel, you have contribute on this one. Take off your shirt." (Zack)

Both Chai and Melissa was shocked!

Has the apocalypse finally revealed Zack's true color?

Is he actually a pervert?

"Sheesh! Mel's shirt is white. What does waving a white flag means?" (Zack)

Ding! Both Mel and Chai understood his idea. Melissa breathed with relief, and Chai just shrugged his shoulders.

"O-okay, but you guys can't look!" (Melissa)

"Cheh. Who wants to look at a stinky girl with bloodstains on her face!" Chai went out of the car.

"Make it quick okay. We'll stand guard outside." (Zack)

Melissa nodded.

She took off her protective vest, and took off the upper half of her combat suit.

Quickly, she pulled up her white shirt, revealing a supple bosom tucked nicely inside a purple brassiere.

If this was on the beach, this act alone would attract the attention of many lecherous men!


SS17 Balai Polis Subang Jaya. (literally translates to "SS17 Police Station Subang Jaya" in Malaysian Language)

The bright blue sign shines like a beacon of hope during doomsday, navigating innocent civilians to seek shelter with the blue uniformed officers.

Since 8.30 PM (GMT +8), the station has received non-stop calls on assault cases.

This progressed with the national announcement through media channels that Malaysia is currently under 'DARURAT' state! (State of Emergency in Malaysian Language)

As of 10.45 PM, Malaysian Prime Minister has announced that Malaysia in under martial law. Citizens are to stay in their residences and obey the authorities.

Anybody found to have assaulted other people, especially authority figures, they will not be put on trial and would be executed immediately.

The media also announced several locations that the armies and armed forces are providing shelter, together with the dispatch of Search & Rescue teams.

The police station has enacted emergency barriers that surrounds the whole compound, as they were trained if terrorists were to attack the station.

With sufficient ammunition and firearms, the police force could still manage the zombie attacks.

A young police officer yawned, and cleared up his leaking tear from yawning.

He was supposed to be resting as he worked on the morning shift, but the current situation has yet to be in his favor.

He then looked outside the station on top of a watchtower with his binoculars. Suddenly, he noticed an unknown vehicle waving a white flag.

{{Mother Hen, this is Tango 1, Mother Hen, this is Tango 1}}

{{We have an unidentified black SUV approaching the premise}}

{{SUV seems to be human, waving a white flag with same pace, OVER}}

A few minutes later, a formation of heavily armored policemen stood by in the gate's vicinity. Each and everyone locked and loaded their weapons, in case that the vehicle's occupants were infected.


The loud megaphone blared to warn and instruct Zack, Mel and Chai to identify themselves.

Slowly, the trio opened their car doors at the same time.

Zack waves the makeshift white flag lazily, made from Melissa's white SUPREME shirt.

The fragrant perfume and female sweat permeated from the flag..and Zack having an amplified sense of smell, does not make his situation much better.

After all, Zack is still a healthy, young 22 year old male. If he waved the flag faster. it would make his 'flag pole' stand up instead!

After all three of them showed themselves out in the open.

The officers took a few minutes of discussions, and a team of six men with police riot shields to stepped forward to meet the trio.

"State your full name and Identity Card number! I repeat, please state your full name and Identity Card number! If you have any supporting documents on your identity, please hand it over to us now!!" (Police officer)

"My name is Zachary Black, Identity Card number 960218-14-3457! Here is my Identity Card, sir!" (Zack)

"I'm Jeremiah Chai, Identity Card number 961210-14-6623! Here's mine!" (Chai)

"M-my name is Melissa Tan Yee Mei, Identity Card number 970823-08-4566! I have lost my Identity Card during the chaos, but I can prove myself with a phone call!" (Melissa)

The reason why the police are stalling for time with the identity checks is to ensure that the survivors were not infected.

After witnessing civilians and their own officers alike turned into aggressive undeads, they learned that after being bitten by zombies, it would take a mere seconds for them to change.

Once infected, a person would turn into a zombie for about 20 seconds or less.

During the transformation, the infected would undergo a seizure for a few seconds and start attacking other people.

The police base has suffered two waves of zombie attacks and lost a few good men.

Melissa took the cellphone from Zack, and dialed her father's number. Once the dial tone connected, she explained over the phone about the situation.

Melissa then gestured to the police to to talk to the person on hold.

The police station's sargeant, Sargeant Kamarudin, is a dignified looking man in his mid 30s. He was in charge of the base's sentry and perimeter security.

He then approached Melissa slowly and took the cellphone from her hand.

"Hello! May I know who's on the line?" (Sargeant Kamarudin)

As the minutes pass by, the trio starts to get restless.

Suddenly, Zack noticed the change in the officer's facial expression to a horrified one. Using his Super Senses, he could see the changes and hear what he was talking about.

"Yes sir! We understand! We guarantee that Young Miss will be 100% safe and comfortable, sir!!" (Sargeant Kamarudin)

The phone was then returned politely and gently to Melissa again.

Holy cow! What kind of background does she have that made the harsh sounding officer into a meek little cat?

"Young Miss, we have prepared a special VIP Room for you and your friends to rest. Ahh, and of course, you are excluded from the physical health inspection...but I'm afraid that Young Miss' friends has to undergo it." (Sargeant Kamarudin)

"Hm..I see. Can you exclude him?" Melissa tapped on Zack's shoulder.

"But check this guy from IN-SIDE-AND-OUT" while pointing her finger towards Chai.


"I'm very sorry, Young Miss. It is simply the protocol..I would have a hard time when my superior questions me..but if it eases your heart, you can observe by the side during the inspection." (Sargeant Kamarudin)

Melissa's gorgeous face almost immediately turned red. Seeing this two hottie's naked body?! Her heart is in turmoil now!

A few seconds later, the sargeant's subordinate ran towards him and whispered him a few messages. He got shocked again for the second time!


High-Ranking Officer's Resting Lounge.

This room is reserved only for top-ranking officials or influential people that is placed under the highest level of protection.

The trio laid down exhaustingly on the couches, relieved and thankful that they are still surprisingly alive.

After resting for a good 30 minutes, they took out some food and water to replenish their energy.

"Zack, I didn't know your dad is Minister of Education!" (Melissa)

"Well, we didn't know that your father is actually a General in the Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. No wonder the officer froze when they got a call from him." (Zack)

(Angkatan Tentera Malaysia literally translates to Malaysian National Army)

"Hehe, Chai was almost stripped naked if he didn't happen to make a scene and made a call to his brother. Who knew that he is the second grandson of Malaysia's biggest Multi-National Conglomorate, the Chai Group." smirked Melissa.

"We call shameless girls like you 'Hentai-Onna'. But I understand, you can't help it that my charm and awesomeness made you go crazy over me. Sigh..if you really wanna see me naked that much...I'll sacrifice's not worth it to offend an Army General's daughter..please be gentle to me.."

Chai stood up started unzipping his pants.

"STOP! STOP! I'm just kidding OMG! You're such a douche!" (Melissa)

"Chai, sit down." (Zack)

"Now, let's gather up all the information that we have and look at them one by one. Chai, you start first." (Zack)

"Hm..well, from what I saw, it should be…"

The trio shared their analysis and opinions about every single incidents that has happened:

1. A person is infected when they are bitten by zombies. If a person swallowed a zombie's blood or bodily fluid, they would not turn into a zombie. Presumably needs higher quantity to infect if ingested. Needs more data to be sure.

2. A person will turn into a zombie in 20 seconds or under. During transformation, the person would likely undergo a seizure.

3. Zombies move slightly faster and slightly stronger than the normal humans.

4. Zombies has no intelligence but follows its instinct to kill and eat humans.

5. Zombies are attracted to sounds, sources of light (probably) and smell of humans.

6. Zombies may communicate with each other with roars, it might also be a way for them to attract more zombies to hunt its prey.

7. Maiming or injuring a zombie would not kill a zombie, only by cutting its head off or destroying it's brain will kill it.

That concludes the latest analysis of the zombies. The team, no, the whole world would need more time to find out WHAT exactly caused this pandemic.

"Guys...I have one more thing to ask. I'm not sure if it's just me, but...did you get a voice ringing in your heads after killing zombies?" (Melissa)

Zack and Chai was shocked.

Her too?! Another person with a cheat system?!

azachy azachy

Who said only men ogles women? Women do too!

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