90% Legend of the Perfect Emperor / Chapter 36: Kowtow

Chapter 36: Kowtow

With a sharp blade of steel in between his fingers, Tian Yi frowned.

"Why did you suddenly attack me?" he asked the guard in a calm tone.

The guard, shocked, tried to retrieve the sword back, but alas, no matter how much strength he pumped into his arms, he was not able to move the sword even slightly!

It was as if the entire sword was a part of the young man's body— inseparable!

"R-Release my sword right this instant!" The guard cried out in panic.

Tian Yi listened to the guard and released his pinched fingers, and the guard nearly flew back from his own pulling force.

The guard took a few steps back before quickly stabilizing himself, his face red with anger and embarrassment.

"Y-You!" The guard wanted to say something and took a step forward, but before he could even touch the ground with his feet, a hand grabbed him by his shoulder from the back and pulled him back with firmness.

"WHO?!" The guard snapped his head around to see an old man with long white hair, his maddened expression quickly changing after seeing the old man.

"S-Senior Bai!" he cried out with surprise on his face.

The old man with white hair shook his head and walked in front of the guard.

"I apologize for his rudeness, young man. If you were offended by his foolish actions, just say the word, and I will cut him down right here and right now!'" Senior Bai clasped his hands together and slightly bowed to Tian Yi, his voice filled seriousness.

The guard's eyes widened in shock upon hearing Senior Bai's words.

"S-Senior?!" He could not help but cry out loud, his back soaked in cold sweat.

Why was his Senior Bai being so courteous towards this young man? Even to the point of giving away his subordinate's life for forgiveness?!

Tian Yi looked at the guard for a second before turning his gaze to look at the old man.

He then nodded. "I am fine; you do not have to go that far."

Senior Bai silently looked at him, his mind filled with many questions with no answers.

"I understand; if this is what you wish." Senior Bai smiled at Tian Yi before turning to look at the guard, his expression suddenly darkened. "What the hell are you waiting for?! If you do not get on your knees this instant and kowtow to him, I will help you by breaking your legs!" he yelled at the guard, dumbfounding the spectators.

What on earth just happened? How did the situation turn around so fast?

The guard stood there, his eyes wide from shock and terror.

Without even thinking about it, he dropped to his knees and kowtowed while screaming, "This lowly one apologizes to the young master!"

He smashed his forehead on the ground, and blood flowed.

If he offended Senior Bai, one of the top figures in the Soaring Sun City, then the outcome would be worse than death!

Tian Yi silently watched the guard kowtow to him, weird lights flickering deep within his gaze.

"Young man, please, use the teleportation circle without any charge today and forever in the future!" said Senior Bai, dumbfounding the people even more.

Quite a good amount of people there knew of Senior Bai and his fame, so to see him become so humble to somebody was just shocking.

And without a single word, Tian Yi walked to the red circle where a dozen dumbfounded people stood, and Meng Xiang followed.

Senior Bai smiled slightly upon seeing Tian Yi's actions, and he nodded. "Send them up!" he shouted, and the red circle glowed brightly.

Seconds later, Tian Yi and his group disappeared into thin air like ghosts, appearing inside the Soaring Sun City.

With his presence no longer there, Senior Bai heaved a sigh of relief.

He turned to look at the trembling guard who was still kowtowing and kicked his butt heavily.

"You freaking idiot! Are you blind or what?! Did you not see that young lady beside him?! You would have been killed if you continued what you had in mind!" Senior Bai blasted him without a care for the spectators.

"?!?!" The guard looked at him like a stupid chicken, his soul had been lost due to confusion long ago.

Senior Bai sighed, "That young lady next to that young man you were trying to cut… She was a cultivator at the Spirit Ascension Stage, you fucking idiot!"

His words shocked the guard dumb, his eyes widened by a lot.

That little girl who only looked to be around 10-years-old was actually a Spirit Ascension Stage expert?! Impossible!

"If I didn't stop you in time, that young lady who was staring daggers at you would have killed you! I saved your dog life today and you dare look at me like I did you wrong?! Hmph!"

Senior Bai coldly snorted and turned around to leave.

He didn't believe for one second that Meng Xiang was actually as young as she looked. A 10-year-old Spirit Ascension Stage expert, who the hell would believe that?

Senior Bai, rubbing his temples, sat down not far away, his gaze at the Soaring Sun City above him.

'Why did I feel even more nervous when speaking to the young man than looking at the Spirit Ascension young lady? I even unconsciously became humble to him!' he thought back to the Tian Yi and how he looked at the guard.

'If I didn't stop him there, maybe he would have died in the hands of the young man and not the young lady…' He pondered. 'I wasn't able to see his cultivation, and I have a cultivation base of Immortal Ascension! The calmness he showed was not at all ordinary! I would not be surprised if he actually has a cultivation above mine, hence my inability to see his cultivation!'

Senior Bai suddenly noticed that his forehead was soaked in sweat. He got nervous just thinking about Tian Yi! The reason he stopped the guard was not entirely because of Meng Xiang, but because of the invisible aura surrounding Tian Yi!

'Who on earth was that young man?' he wondered.

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Daily chapter 3/7

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