100% Tower of Fortune / Chapter 10: Gathering of Dragons

Chapter 10: Gathering of Dragons

It's been almost a month since he came to this valley with Lisa. After she corrected mistakes with his movement, she gave him two manuals. One was for Ice sword and another one was for a spell called Blink.

It took him almost a week to learn how to make an ice sword. It was not easy to shape it so it looked like a proper, sharp sword. He also had a problem with its durability. But he knew that the only way to make it more durable, was improving the quality of his QI.

After that everyday he repeated the same routine. Early in the morning he would leave the cave and train his swordsmanship while hunting for life Qi. After a month of using and absorbing Life Qi, his life QI ball in his dantain had a diameter of 3 meters. It didn't automatically regenerate like others.

While his consumption was really high, beasts from rank 1 to 3 didn't give much life Qi. Rank 3 beast was equivalent to master rank.

Even if he was at the same level he could easy kill it with only seconds sword move.

After a month of training he could execute 4 moves Lisa had thought him.

Also with each usage and absorption of Life Qi he noticed that it enhanced his physique. He already gained some weight and was 3 cm higher.

You have to know that on avg. kids gain around 7 cm of height in a year. So gaining 3 cm in one month is really something.

He was already around 120 cm.

Today after successfully hunting Rank 3 black panther. He noticed it wasn't a challenge anymore. He decide to go deeper into the north of the valley.

He usually stayed in the area 2-5 kilometers around the pond but this time he wanted to go beyond that.

The scenery around him looked still the same but somehow the aura changed. He didn't meet any low rank beasts as if something was scaring them.

He could feel the invisible pressure in the air.

Only after a moment did he finally get to know where it came from.

He could see the signs of battle all around him. Some trees were broken and traces of blood could be found.


'Some beasts must be fighting in the vicinity.' Ren thought. He was alone cause Mika went out as usual to look for elemental herbs.

'I hope she is not close to the fight.' Ren never seen Mika fight so he didn't know how powerful she was.

As he got deeper he could hear the sounds of the fight.

He hid behind the huge boulder and peeked with his head at the fight.

Inside a small clearing in a jungle, two creatures were staring daggers at each other. One was a huge black serpent with elegant golden patterns on his scales and the second one was a Massive crimson Tiger.

From the wounds on their bodies it was obvious who is superior.

Red blood was dripping on the tigers body in the place where one of his legs should be. It looked like the fight was very quick.

Black serpent just bit of his leg then disdainfully looked at his opponent.

'They should be fighting for territory.' thought Ren.

From the aura they were emitting, you could tell they were at least rank 5 beasts. Ren wasn't strong enough to fight them at the moment so he just watched from afar.

To be honest, that valley was not big enough those two Lords. That's why they need to fight with each other.

'It looks like that black serpent was showing mercy.'

Crimson tiger seeing that he can't win the fight, gave the black serpent last look, took his ripped leg and run away.

Seeing that he run away serpent looked quite happy. He wiggled his tail and checked once more that no one is around.

Next he used his tail to remove a boulder next to him and surprisingly there was hole under it. It was just the right size for him and he dived right in.

Ren found that interesting, so he decided to wait. After around 5 minutes, Black serpent left the cave and quickly closed it with a boulder. He looked around, then disappeared into the forest.

'There must be something good inside, but there is no way i can move this boulder without making a sound. If I blow this rock away this serpent will come for sure. I will check this out when I get to grandmaster rank. At least I can run away if something unexpected happens.'

Ren quickly analyze the situation.

He turned around and ran towards his base.

Today should be a day that Lisa will come back. Ever since she gave him the manuals for Ice Sword and Blink, she went back to the capital. As it wasnt that far she could come and go whenever she wanted.

She couldn't stop her training just to teach Ren. That's why, she would only come back every week to check on his progress. She told him that she will take him into the Tower of Fortune when he manages to learn every move she taught him.

But that will be many many months or even years later. There is no way he can train non stop.

Hopefully he can attend one in 10 years competition that is happening in a year.

'It will be a nice to change something in this monotony.' Thought Ren.

The one in 10 years competition was called Gathering of Dragons. Every major clan had one spot that they could give whoever they wanted. If any other clansman wants to take part in the tournament, they need to take part in the Qualification round.

It is free to everyone. Doesn't matter which rank are you, only fighting prowess matter. The only requirement is that you are under 20 years old.

This time, because of the Tower of Fortune, there will be many rewards that came from the Tower.

'Father probably doesn't want me to fight there as he want to stay low key. If someone learns that I have 4 elemental sigils, it would be a problem.'

'I will just defeat everyone with my sword.' Ren smiled to himself. He already added swordsmanship to the list of his cards.

'In one year, I need to master all moves and get grandmaster rank.' Ren finished his planning.

As he travelled through the forest, he soon spotted familiar barrier. He passed through it and saw small pond in the distance. Sounds of water splashing could be heard from the waterfall.

When he entered the cave he could smell the familiar fragrance. Lisa was back. She was standing by the door with Mika in her arms.

"Oh, so here you are Mika." She always run wherever she wants.

"How is your progress?" That was the first things she asked.

"I still can't grasp the 5th move but I'm close." He said embarrassed.

"Take it easy, you are still young. Tower of Fortune wont run away."

"I know. I should master all the moves in the next few months and I'm getting ready for a breakthrough into grandmaster rank." Then he bit his lip and said again.

"Also I want to take part in the next Gathering of Dragons."

"Oh, why so suddenly?" Lisa asked surprised.

"It's boring to always train, I want to experience new things." Ren explained.

"I don't mind. But you know that there are many Lords in the competition?" Lisa warned.

"I know, but I'm confident with my abilities. Also when I reach Grandmaster rank, I will have 4 times more Qi that the others." He said confidently.

"I don't mind. If you manage to win, I will even give you a gift."

Ren licked his lips. A gift from an overlord will be much better than the competition reward.

"If you manage to master everything before the Gathering, after it we can directly go to the academy to register you."


"Now show me what you got." Lisa put down Mika and got ready to fight.

Every week when she come back, she always wanted to fight. Either from having bad mood or with pretext of helping him out with his skills.

Something was definitely bothering her but she didn't tell anything.

'I will find out sooner or later.'

This time wasn't different from others. he still got beat up. But thanks to his Life Qi, he could heal almost any injury he got.

"Your regeneration is amazing. I'm still wondering how you doing it." Lisa asked. There is no way she wouldn't notice that he can heal every cut she gives him. There is not even a scar left behind.

She tried to discover what is it by dueling with him but she had still no idea. It also helped her to release her stress.

"It's a secret." Ren smiled knowingly. "By the way, can you tell me what is bothering you?"

"Ah don't mention it. There is one bastard who is getting on my nerves. He is weak but his family is powerful and I can't do anything about him." Lisa gritted her teeth.

"What rank is he?" Ren asked curiously.

"He is Lord rank early level. If I could, I would crush him with two fingers." She looked mad.

"How old is he?"

"He just turned 19, why?" Lisa was confused by all those questions.

"If he is 19 then I can help you take care of him in the Gathering of Dragons. He will for sure take part in it." Ren explained.

"Right!" Lisa eyes brightened. "Ren, if you beat him up I will owe you a favour."

"Sure." Ren agreed.

'I better get back to training. I will focus on breaking through. Having a favour from Lisa would be good.' Ren thought.

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