100% Overpowered System! / Chapter 158: Fate's End (Final Chapter)

Chapter 158: Fate's End (Final Chapter)

When Fate arrived in the game, he immediately used the hack to have Lie Wei Ying's team top the list.

Because of the forfeit, Lie Wei Ying only gained meager experience, and now it was time for the three of them in team wyvern to offer them an interrealm challenge.

When you were seeded second, the first team would be the last team in the third realm. This happened to be chorus's team, and Lie Wei Ying and his team accepted the offer.

This was somewhat rushed, yes, but seeing the other team's reaction to Lie Wei Ying even stepping into the center was lovely in the last match.

He somehow caused the third rank seed with a peak ever king to send a request to forfeit. Lie Wei Ying's stats should've been around his, but obviously they accepted there victory and were hoping for another one.

The experience, though, was paltry as if their victory was worth nothing. Even Alpha Lord the veteran couldn't understand this.

Regardless, Lie Wie Ying arrived in the center of the field before one familiar man walked into his vision.

"Fate?" Lie Wei Ying immediately felt a strange feeling around his body as his real body started to show up on the field.

"Heh… yep… this wouldn't be fair for you to be here all by yourself…"

Suddenly, Lie Wei Ying felt a connection with his defiance again. He could only hope this didn't mean what he think it meant.

When he looked around, he was back in front of that dragon in the mountain by the game port. He, for the first time in a long time, was truthfully worried.

"Well… I got to say going into a system port was a bad strategy… Did you know that my system can hack other systems…. In fact, if I wished, your wife might end up dying tonight in her sleep."

Lie Wei Ying immediately seemed to turn into a thousand and then a million. His clones of defiance were raging, but the real purpose of this was so he could hide.


In the O.P. world.

O.P. was with S.O.P as Lie Wei Ying showed up.

This was at the same time Lie Wei Ying and Fate were talking. Hence, hopefully their conversation would last long enough for Lie Wei Ying to deliver his point to O.P.

"O.P., I need you to train and reach level 4. I don't care what you have to do, but please get there as soon as possible!" Lie Wei Ying pointed at S.O.P. and then at the pillow.

O.P. could only shake his head with worry. "But…. If I do that I won't be able to stay with you, Lie Wei Ying… I will become a real person, and not just a system. If anything, your body will be able to handle me for perhaps a minute…. At least, S.O.P. told me this."

S.O.P. nodded and then pat O.P. on the back. "I'm sorry O.P. but Supreme Ruler is right about this. In this situation, you're are only hope."

O.P. immediately sighed and dropped down hoping to affect the outside world. If only he was a better system, his master wouldn't be in jeopardy right now. Actually, was he really in jeopardy, or was this just a hoax?

If he finished that thought, he would've realized the truth, but he was so fiercely loyal to Lie Wei Ying that he didn't.

"Well, it's nice seeing what you two look like as adults. You especially O.P. are very handsome."

S.O.P. laughed as O.P. started meditating.

As soon as he reached level 4, their story together might be over.


"So… you look like you're in a daze Lie Wei Ying… Are you afraid of your Fate?" Fate found that joke funny and said it many times.

Lie Wei Ying, on the other hand, didn't find it funny, and couldn't help but point at his teammates.

"You guys… I have no idea why you're all around me, but I suggest you run… If you have any life saving talismans or teleportation devices please use them now."

Selfish Moons pouted, but then Alpha Lord took them all by the hand and nodded. "It was nice meeting you Lie Wei Ying! You're a good leader!"

Those words were something Lie Wei Ying always wished to hear. However, considering how rushed this situation was, Lie Wei Ying could only deny how ridiculous this was. Shouldn't tFate's powers be reduced on the second realm? Why did he feel so strong?

Fate walked forward with a smile on his face.

"Ah… you just happened to walk into a very strong energy source that I hacked… Congratulations, because of this system I can now use 50% of my strength… I also have my two friends with me right now… I hope you don't mind dying for us?"

Fate held out his hand, and his capabilities became clear. Lie Wei Ying found himself looking at Fate as he began squeezing.


The bones on Lie Wei Ying's neck were about to snap, however, 'defiance' activated and he took a fresh air a few million miles away.

A second later, though, Fate was right in front of him as were his two friends. They were laughing as if this entire scenario was funny.

Heh…. Sorry, but…. You got to die now.

"System has purchased Defense Talisman for User. Amplifies defense by 20,000% for one second"

Lie Wei Ying could only smile as a fist landed in his face.

Like a puppet on someone else's string he landed in the dirt barely alive.


O.P. tried to contemplate avoiding the pangs of worry.

He was extremely worried about Lie Wei Ying, and was starting to feel agitated. If he didn't level up soon, his favorite master, his only master really, would be gone!

With all of his energy focused on his core he meditated. He seemed to activate his own contemplation mode and the world around him seemed to start to change.

A pleasant voice soon appeared in front of him as an angel seemed to descend into the O.P. world.

"…Ah… my child…." The mother system said, "Do you really wish to break free of your role? If you do this, you will no longer be able to provide the universe with your gift?"

O.P., without knowing what his mother was talking about, nodded his head. "I just wish to save him! Please… Please help me save him!"

The mother system could only shake her head. "Ahhh, you are the most mystical system ever created in the universe… You are so strong, so noble, and so blind to your ignorance you're quite cute. I hope you can serve Lie Wei Ying well even in friendship…"

O.P. confusedly looked up at the angel like mother he remembered. She was in the O.P. world and then a second O.P. felt a sudden jolt in his stomach.

Lie Wei Ying, at this moment, would've seen that the system leveled up. However, he was currently in the midst of dying as Fate wrapped his hands around him once again.

"….Congratulations, your system has reached level 4."

"You've unlocked the ability ultimate power up! System is forcibly activating skill Ultimate Power Up…"

"Your system will now be forced to leave your body. However, Lie Wei Ying, O.P. will always be with you and he loves you… He now grants you the ultimate power in the universe!"


Lie Wei Ying and Fate were together on a comet

Fate was laughing loudly as he kept cracking Lie Wei Ying's neck.

Unfortunately, the boy kept regenerating, and this was all he could do with that protection talisman he had on.

However, moments later, the red energy around Lie Wei Ying seemed to cause his hair to rise, and Fate could only step back as a small boy appeared in front of Lie Wei Ying.

"Sorry, but nobody hurts my master!" O.P. sent a screaming fist into Fate's hand. A moment later though, it was caught and he could only wiggle his feet.

The big man was holding him up, and without his system abilities he didn't even know how strong he was. He was much weaker then he thought, and as a human being it was easy as candy for Fate to snap his neck.

Like a piece of thrown away garbage, Fate tossed O.P. down to one of the comets below.

"Ah… so where were we," Fate said looking at Lie Wei Ying.

He just had his hands around his neck, but sure enough he didn't realize Lie Wei Ying was glowing red.

"You… you really shouldn't have done that," Lie Wei Ying said as his power soared.

His immediately arrived at the monogod stage from O.P.s last wish. Instantly, the universe seemed to acknowledge him and a quintillion swords made of defiance appeared in front of him.

Fate could only turn his head wondering what was going on. This entire chapter in his life made no sense! In fact, this entire story made no sense and he couldn't understand why it was written this way. Shouldn't he be winning, but that little boy… he had to die, so he killed him and now Lie Wei Ying had become so strong.


Fate could only look down at his chest as blood gushed out onto the ground.

Lie Wei Ying tossed away his liver and then reached up his heart before he pulled it out and shoved it into Fate's mouth.

"You know… if your heart actually worked you wouldn't have done that… See you in the third realm…"

A second later, a blast that took out twenty planets in the east was ignited. This could only cause Lie Wei Ying to be back on the field with Alpha Lord and the team. Luckily, a small boy was by his leg, and as confused as he was he could only look down and pat him on the head.

"O.P. is that really you?"

O.P. smiled and jumped up.

"Brother, its so nice to finally meet you!"


Lie Wei Ying looked at O.P. right now with a confused expression. He had no idea what just happened and either did Fate. The game was supposed to end with their victory, and he was supposed to inflict trauma on him enough to scar him. He wanted to make it impossible for Lie Wei Ying to keep training, but now… was he a monogod, or was something seriously off?

"Guys… please summon all the elites under our command and prepare for the final battle. Now that we created this monster, he's going to come get us."

Chorus, on the other hand was laughing. "Ha… you're a fool Fate, that was his system you killed in the game… Do you realize what this means? We have nothing to worry about anymore… "

She smiled before Destiny nodded.

"Fate, you've been obsessing about this too long… If we just left him alone, he wouldn't even have reached the monogod realm! Remember, even Fate has to respect monogods! So, please, stop going crazy over this."

Regardless, before the meeting could go any further, Lie Wei Ying had already arrived.

A small boy was on his back, and actually, O.P. was more powerful than ever.


Lie Wei Ying as soon as he became a monogod gained access to creation. With it, he was able to utilize things he never dreamed of.

For instance, in his hand was one planet, and his other hand was its polar opposite made using defiance.

When he had thought about this before, he always wondered what it would like to be fully in control of creation. Defiance was more of the unconscious version of creation, and both of them together was incredibly powerful.

However, he had yet to truly test himself, and felt a tiny bit weird with O.P. on his back. Be that as it may, he still had to give O.P. a name, and was hoping to come up with one after the battle.

"Ahhh… so the mighty Lie Wei Ying has arrived… See what did I tell you, you two?"

Chorus, with her harp in hand shrugged her shoulders before she walked over withdrawing a tune. Destiny had a sword that he summoned and then Chorus started playing her strings.

"….You… you really shouldn't have come Lie Wei Ying… My angels always wished you—"

Before Chorus could finish, her beautiful white dress was pierced with Lie Wei Ying's sword. As if in disbelief of this being possible, Lie Wei Ying cut off her harp hand and then tossed it away.

"Sorry, but you're just as evil as these other two."

In Lie Wei Ying's hand, a gigantic cratering blast ignited and all Chorus could do was die on the floor.

He had heard she was the key to these three, and Fate could only gawk wondering how Lie Wei Ying arrived in front of him.

"….You…. You're not a human being… You're… not even a god! What are you that can be above a god!"

Lie Wei Ying smiled, and then with a small boy on his back he smiled.

"I'm overpowered…."


Author's Note


Author, after thinking about it a lot in recent days, decided to end this story here.

Unfortunately, the author made a mistake a few weeks back and tried to rectify it. However, after restarting O.P. system he noticed quite a few people stopped voting.

He wanted to make a proper ending for Overpowered system, so he could say he finished what he started.

This may not be a proper ending, but it is an ending.

I hope you guys can take some satisfaction in this, and forgive me for ending it.

However, for those of you who were still reading it, even this bad chapter, I would like to say thank you.

This is especially true for all the people who have offered advice. If I could, I would make a long list to embarrass all of you, but I don't think thats a good idea. Be that as it may, you are all super precious to me, and I hope that my next story will be filled with your presence.

As an author, this was my first novel, and I didn't plan it well. At this time, I can say I am not that same author. I've learned so much thanks you your guidance, and really appreciate everything. As far as I am concerned, without you this would've stopped at chapter 10.

Regardless, I hope you all are well, and that this wasn't too much of a disappointment.

You're all like a family, and as my fellow brothers and sisters, thank you.

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