25% The Lord of the Living Dead / Chapter 1: Fight

Chapter 1: Fight

*Ding* [ Welcome to the World of Theroyo ]

*Ding* [ The host has completed transmigrating]

*Ding* [ Soul Binding will be starting in a few moments ]

*Ding* [ The host will experience pain from Soul Binding]

*Ding* [ The host is suggested to find a safe place to weather the Soul Binding ]

Afternoon, in a wide flat land near the border of the Ottie Kingdom and the Turyo Kingdom.

Roan groggily opened his eyes and was welcomed by a mouth gaping scene that he had never seen in his entire life.

The sound of metals clashing, shrieks of terror, war cries, and the pungent stench of blood greeted him.

Men wearing hardened leather armor with different kinds of weapons are fighting each other with all their might in a bid to take the life of their enemy.

" Die!"

" Drop dead you scum!"

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" Damn you!"

Roan was bewildered seeing such a scene happen in his very front, he was shocked to his core that he even forgot to breathe for a couple of seconds.

" What The Hell?!" Roan shouted but his voice was masked by the dreary sounds coming from his surrounding.

The battlefield was raging with great power, and in its wake, corpses of the unfortunate lay in slumber accompanied by their blades; the corpses were not given any respect for they were trampled mercilessly by foes and allies alike.

The searing heat coming from the sun complimented the boiling blood of men lusting for a kill. Everybody did their best to overpower their opponents. Some charged with blind courage, and some moved with caution; Some fully utilized their wits, while some trusted their brute strength.

Everyone has their own way of fighting, but there is only one similarity that can be seen from every single one of the men fighting --- that is bloodlust or the intent to kill.

Roan's heart tightened, he was considerably affected by the pressure that the battlefield is exuding. He felt pain coming from his chest and tried to grasp it, but the hardened leather armor blocked his hands.

Roan was being overwhelmed by the pressure, and he is slowly caving in. He is feeling like his heart is being pierced by multiple needles, while wriggly worms are crawling in his heart.

Roan turned his head to his left and right with great difficulty, but the only thing he can see is death and relentless fighting. He then again moved his head down and observed his body; he has pale skin, long black hair that stretches to his neck, and wearing a hardened leather armor that only covers his torso while holding a wooden spear and a round wooden shield.

Roan was sweating profusely. His seemingly infinite sweat are sliding down and tracing its way on the nooks of his armor.

" This is absurd! Where the hell am I? Why am I here in this shithole? I must be dreaming, right?" Roan thought " Yeah. I am definitely dreaming, no way this shit is true"

Roan pondered silently and ended up thinking about the voice he heard in his head earlier " What was that about? Theroyo? Transmigration? Soul binding?"

It is not like Roan doesn't understand what that really meant, it is just that it was too much for him to handle.

Roan like any other normal person also had that 'time' in his life where he dreamt of going to another world. It was not like he doesn't want to go to another world, but things were just moving too fast that he can't even catch up.

While Roan was deep in his thoughts, a thin man with long black hair holding daggers noticed his peculiarity.

Seeing Roan stand still while looking at the battlefield passively with dull eyes like an idiot, the man decided to attack.

The man charged forth with murderous intent.

" Got ya kiddo!" the man proclaimed.

Roan only noticed the man when he was only about a few steps away from him.

Roan panicked seeing the guy charging with clear murderous intent, he hurriedly held his shield high and thrusted his spear at the charging man.

Roan failed to land a blow, but his attack was successful in forcing the enemy to dodge and step back.

After successfully dodging, the man holding daggers smirked confidently and said " AwoooOh?! What do we have here? A greenhorn that doesn't even know how to properly hold his weapon?"

" Too bad for you, you'll die young" the man added while laughing " You better pray now to whoever God you believe in "

Then, the man went into his stance; he tilted his body, extended his right arm forward, and stretched his left arm to his back. Finishing his stance, the man charged again with renewed vigor.

Roan tried to calm himself but failed as his heart pounded in a strange rhythm. He then moved his shield high at a slight angle facing the charging enemy.

Seeing Roan's move, the man continued his seemingly reckless charge. Then out of nowhere, he moved his left dagger and threw it.

"Die!" the man said sinisterly.

When Roan saw the flying dagger, he moved his shield's position to intercept it.

*Chhhkk* the dagger embedded itself on Roan's shield.

Roan was ecstatic seeing that he managed to block the flying dagger.

Roan's confidence was bolstered seeing his prior success; then, he proceeded to slash his enemy using his spear.

The guy dodged with ease and said " Well, you shouldn't have done that"

After hearing the guy, Roan felt something stab his right shoulder, he looked to his right, and to his surprise, a wound suddenly appeared on his right shoulder only inches away from his armor.

*Ghkk* Roan gnashed his teeth and staggered. He swung his spear again to create some distance but failed as the guy ducked.

Even though Roan failed to land a blow, he still tried to attack one more time. This time, Roan used his wooden shield to bash his enemy.

*BshH* The shield successfully smashed into guy's kidney area.

With that, the guy stumbled while coughing. On the other hand, Roan's shoulders limped as he panted heavily.

The wound Roan took was slowly bleeding, his arm is losing its strength because of the throbbing pain; his spear also dropped to the ground since his injured shoulder can no longer support its weight.

It took a while before the guy regained his countenance.

" Oy?! you feeling it? I smeared my dagger with feces" The guy said as he spat to the ground, and walked to the direction of Roan.

Roan's vision started to become hazy, and his movement is slowly becoming sluggish.

The guy kicked Roan hard that he fell to the ground and said " Do you have anything to say?"

" Krr~ Why?" replied Roan in a hoarse voice.

" You should have said something else" the guy replied as he held Roan's head and slit his neck.

Roan felt the burning pain coming from his neck, his body turned noodles as it slumped to the ground. He felt his warm blood gush out of his neck, and everything around him started rotating.

Then, a familiar sound rang in his head.

*Ding* [ Soul Binding commencing…]

*Ding* [ The host body will feel extreme pain during the Soul Binding ]

*Ding* [ The host will not be able to stand the pain caused by the soul binding ]

*Ding* [ The System will shut down the body of the host to help mitigate the pain and repair the host's body ]

Afterwards, as Roan was lying limp on the ground, he felt an excruciating pain coming from his very existence.

" Gaaaahhhh!" Roan shrieked as he puked blood whilst his neck was spouting massive amount of blood. He forgot the pain coming from his body; he is feeling something far more painful coming from somewhere---he is feeling like his soul is being sucked and molded.

Roan rolled to the ground thrashing everything he comes across with while the battlefield was still in full swing. He struggled for a while before fully losing consciousness.

Seeing that Roan is no longer moving, the guy smiled and moved to find his next prey...

20Hundred 20Hundred

Hello guys, it's been over a week and I am finally back *hooray*. Well, while I was away I decided to rewrite the novel because I thought it would be better to do so (LOL).

Put in your comments below on what you think about the rewritten chapter.

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