75% My Average Life / Chapter 9: Talk!

Chapter 9: Talk!

Chapter 9: Talk!

---------(Mr. White POV) --------

"How much do you love my daughter?"

An unexpected question- I successfully caught him off guard.

I stared into his eyes. I could see the look of confusion and shock on his face.

Confusion because I was not playing by the script he prepared.

Shock because he suspects that I could see through his façade.

That look remained for a short moment until it returned to normal.

'Interesting! Very Interesting! I was going to tear him up, threaten or throw some money until he agrees to leave my daughter. It looks like if I did that, I would fall into his trap. I would have played by this kid.'

Ten years in the army, I have dealt with many criminals. Some were experts in acting that famous Hollywood actor would be kid compared to them.

One wrong word and you would die. Could those stars still able to act in those situations?

Obviously, the answer is No.


Hearing Finley's voice, I woke up from my thoughts. I looked at him.

'Poor kid', I thought. I was trying to understand why is he acting and making others feel that he is weak and not even worth to take a notice.

"You don't need to work so hard. I could tell you that you are acting." I said in slowly, not to get him worked up.

This kid is brilliant. He could prepare a script this quickly. I will give him a 'B' for his acting and disguise.

The kid looked towards me with confusion. He has an expression of 'What is he talking about?'

I signaled my men, pointing my thumbs down and he poured a bucket of water on Finley from behind.

All of his make-up and his glasses too got washed up, and only his wet handsome face remained.

I saw him smiling.

...…(Finley's POV)...

Since he could see through my act, I would act naturally then. He would be the second man that knows the real me besides Old man.

Oh! I should not forget about Fred. He has known me since I was still in the orphanage.

Thinking about him, I couldn't help but smile a little. He was the first friend that I got when I was in the orphanage and also the first when I left the orphanage. I have many things to talk to him.

I will talk to him eventually, but first I need to solve the situation here.

I untied my hands first then legs. I then stood up and stretched my body a little and sat down back in a relaxing manner.

The men including Mr. White was surprised by my action.

I looked at him lazily and said, "You don't need to worry. There's nothing between Casey and me. We are just a fake boyfriend and girlfriend. I was not going to agree at first, but then she offered me money."

Mr. White was not talking so I continued, thinking that he may ask me to end the fake boyfriend and girlfriend act. 'Well, whatever! I don't care. If he asks to end, I will end it since it will save my average life from ruin.'

"Mr. White, you don't need to worry. If you ask me to stop, I will stop instantly."

Even now, Mr. White did not say anything.

Troublesome *sigh*

He doesn't believe me.

He looked like he was thinking something. Then a man in a black suit came and whispered something.

I know that man. I injured him a little. Is he going to seek revenge?

Then Mr. White stoop up and with that man went to a corner and started talking.

--------------------(Mr.White POV)---------------

"Mr. White, that kid Finley is not so simple."

I raised my eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean?"

That man didn't say anything but showed me his bandaged arm.

These men were my subordinates when I was in army ten years ago. We have been through countless battles. I know how tough they are.

The man then said, "To prevent him from making any noise, I tried to catch him from behind, but when I just about to catch him he caught my hand and twisted it. It was so sudden, I couldn't react to it. I withdrew my hand instantly as soon as I realized."

'It seems like a reflex action. For him to develop that, he must have gone through from countless fights.' I thought and turned look at him. He smiled at me. I began to re-evaluate him.

He continued, "I thought he would put up a fight, but he then acted as nothing happened and it seemed like he was scared and when I told him somebody wants to meet him, he agreed hastily and was even laughing.."

"However, the strange thing was….."

I looked at him and saw his expression at that time. From his speech, I could tell whatever he was going to speak was a matter he had never experienced before and was truly strange. For a soldier to experience such situation in a battlefield means that his survival chance has dropped low.

He continued somewhat in a solemn voice, "...he was talking to somebody called 'Old man' and when we looked around, we couldn't find anyone."


After some time, Mr. White came back and sat down said looking at Finley with a playful smile, "Old man.."

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