80.59% The New me / Chapter 54: The Truth

Chapter 54: The Truth

Heather came back after an hour while Liam stayed for two hours inside. In the end, they said their farewell and went home since Gerbera still had to work early tomorrow morning. I also didn't stay and went home after the pair.

The next two days were normal with the exception of someone sending me emails. It was from Ms. Bai, the employee from the main branch who laughed at my situation. She was infuriated knowing this was her last week at work, and she couldn't think of anyone else to blame. She said that someone from the HR department told her I was the reason she got laid-off, hence the spam emails I'm receiving.

Isn't she too harsh? She called me heartless, yet I gave her fifteen days notice before her departure. If I really lacked consideration, then I would have gladly expelled her the very same day. Why would she have the time to send me emails? She should use that time to find herself a new place. Her dismissal was also following policy. When she made fun of me or this body's disability, then that was already a form of harassment which the company does not allow. It's karma.

I deleted her emails and contacted the IT department to block her.

Today was a rare time that Heather did not stay at the hospital. She told me she wanted to stroll for the time being before going back and watching over her brother. I met with her at the Emerald Moss Plaza and resolved to speak with her regarding Aster's accident.

"You mean to tell me that you want me to believe some drunken man's confession?" She raised her brows at me after I played the voice recorder.

"No, and yes," I said. "No, I don't want you to completely believe it. I want you to distinguish the truth and the lies. Focus on what he said. Aster and the taxi driver showed signs of a scuffle. The question is why?"

"Well, the driver probably fought with someone at home before going to work."

"Heather, even if that's true, then what about your brother? Don't tell me he fought with your grandfather?"

"That's ridiculous. Aster would never do that. He's not someone unreasonable. He would only fight when the other party harms him…" Heather's eyes widened. "Don't tell me that driver harmed him?"

"We don't know if it's true but that's what I assume. So why don't we pay him a visit." I suggested.

"Who? You mean the taxi driver?"

"Yeah, the authorities told us that he's been hospitalized, right?"

"He's dead."

I stared at her after hearing her words.

"He's dead. It's been five days since dad was informed. That's what they told him after he went to have the accident reinvestigated."

"Your father wanted it reinvestigated?" I asked in doubt.

"Yes. He went right after he dreamt of Aster demanding justice. He also sent somebody to fetch the truck driver and spoke with him. The authorities also showed him the CCTV footage taken on the scene that morning. Even if we wanted to pursue the case, there was no offender. There was only a casualty."

"But isn't it more suspicious?" I told her. How come it was very coincidental that the taxi driver died after their father wanted the accident reinvestigated?

"Now that you mentioned it, it was indeed odd…"

"See, even you are doubtful. Haven't you found out the name of the guy or which hospital he had stayed in? He wasn't a patient at the Hopewell Hospital."

Heather looked at me and asked, "You investigated? While you were visiting us, you were also asking around?"

I nodded. It was something I forgot to include in the odd-guy's job so I could only ask around. Who knew that they were in a separate hospital?

"So you were doubtful all along?" She asked again."Since when and why?"

"I was feeling iffy of the whole situation since I heard the drunken police's confession." I declared. "It must be ridiculous, I know, but it doesn't hurt to probe a little further."

"And how did you do that?"

"By…" I told her the truth that I paid someone to snoop around the police station. How the guy got the information was unknown, but he said it was the truth.

"Doesn't that sound like a scam? Iris, why would you trust someone from the internet?"

"Then, do you trust all the people you see around you?" I retorted.

"No, but I—"

I put a finger to my lips indicating for her to stop and keep quiet. "Let's not forget why we're having this conversation, shall we?"

"Fine," She said a little disinclined. "I'll find someone to investigate who was the taxi driver. I just hope that we aren't wasting our time with all these trivialities."

"We're not wasting our time, Heather. We just want some answers, and we'll only get them by doing these things." I encouraged her. "But please don't tell anyone. Not even your father."

"I know. As if he'll believe me anyway."

"I mean it. Don't tell anyone."

"I'm not a child, Iris. I understand." She answered me, helplessly.

I went to the Hospital together with Heather and was informed by the nurse that there were currently four visitors inside. We waited outside for a few minutes before seeing Ms. Violet going out.

"Oh~ hello young ladies." She greeted us.

"Hello." I greeted back while Heather bowed slightly.

"What are you doing here? Come on inside, your friend is here." She said then continued, "Ah, that's right. I will let Lilac come with me so you guys can stay inside. Wait a moment." She went inside the room after saying that.

When the doors opened, it wasn't her that stood in the doorway. It was Luke.

"Brother," I called.

"Luke Wang," Heather said in acknowledgment.

"Hi. Ms. Violet told me that you are here so I came out." He explained as he came closer.

"Hi?" said a voice from behind. We looked up and saw Lilac. "Mom told me you couldn't get in because of the visitor's limit." She stepped aside and said, "You can come in now."

"Heather, go ahead." I gestured for her to go.

"What about you?"

"I'll be here with her, don't worry." Before I could respond, Luke answered her for me.

"I'll get going then. See you both around." Heather said then went into Aster's room.

"Excuse me, are you guys," Lilac pointed at me and Luke "dating?"

That was a question I also wanted to ask.

I didn't know how to answer her, so I was hesitant to speak. On the contrary, Luke had already responded.

"And how will our answers relate to you miss?" He spoke slowly and clearly without any malice in his tone yet his reply was vague, neither acknowledging nor denying.

Lilac's cheeks flushed in pink, "Ah! It doesn't relate to me at all." Ha-ha. "I'll head my way then. Excuse me." She hurriedly went past us and went out of the area.

Luke and I chatted in the waiting area for at least an hour before offering me a ride home. I agreed as it was getting late and I could always visit Aster anytime.

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Hi! Author here. I don't know what's happening but I can't access my account over my laptop. I had problem signing in using my twitter acct. I'm glad that I did not log out my acct in my phone or else....

Anyway...how are you readers?

Anyone with the same problem as mine?

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    Nope. I use my google account to log in.

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    Curious about aster's accident..

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