42.1% The Chaos of Evolution / Chapter 54: The Hunt

Chapter 54: The Hunt

Chapter 54

"A Beast with its outer shell made of metal? How intriguing" The Guide smiled as rubbed his chin.

On the other hand, the others were surprised. They have never seen a metal before other than gold. Even the bodies of the droid and cyborg are generally covered by a layer of fake flesh.

"So it's how a metal looks like"

"Is there metal of other colour or is it just one colour?" The woman behind the queen asked.

The Guide shook his head and explained: "There are many types of metal, it's just a composite of metal, not a single type of metal."

"What is composite?"

"Different types of things like metal, non-metal and many other are mixed together to produce this." the Guide said.

"This is not the time to talk about these, we have to kill it before it lays its offspring," The Frontier king said.

The brother of the Aqua King said: "Let me try."

He bent down and touched the ground, close his eyes for a moment. After he opened his eyes he walked to a place and touched the ground again, it's also just under the beast.

"Whatever you are doing, do it fast it's going to attack soon. The can see its energy gathering at the one spot." The Guide cautioned other. As a ball of light was starting to form at the mouth of the tadpole-like beast.

Soon two water drill came out of the ground and went straight up to hit the underneath of the belly. The impact was so strong that it threw its mouth upwards and the ball forming at its mouth soon turned into a ray and shot out in the air.

This ray was different those were shot at the moment ago. These were lot thicker. Even the ray missed still the heat could be felt from the distance.

"Looks like the beast is getting angry." The Emperor said.

'Hmmp…' the Frontier king made the sound and walked towards the beast. "Be safe everyone." As he said that he grabbed something out of thin air which looked like thicker than a log. Soon a Reddish brown chain formed in his hand and the end of the chain was still buried in the ground.

"Yeahhhh" As the Frontier King screamed the other end of the chain started to move, the ground started to crack. Soon a big rock came out from the ground which was tied at the end of the chain. The Frontier King started to rotate.

At the beginning of the rotation, the rock got dragged along the earth as the speed increased it began to get above the ground. Soon the rock was rotating around the king with the full speed. Amazingly every time the chain came close to the Guide he jumped to avoid it with precise timing. Whereas the chain was easily passing through the bodies of the elementals. Long before the Emperor went out of the chain's range.

Without wasting any moment the Frontier king threw the rock at the beast at the high speed. As the chain release from the hand of the frontier king, it vanished, only the rock remained.


With an earth-shatter sound, the rock hit the beast. The beast was thrown backwards with a spin, After spinning for sometimes it stopped and came back to its previous place again, with a huge dent and cracks all over its body.

"Wow, that was really something. So this is what you call Frontier energy." The Queen praise. The Queendom of Brann was too much distance away to see someone with frontier energy in action.

"Sorry to break it to you but it's healing itself," The Guide said as his eyes shined in coral blue colour.

All of them looked up. All the cracks on its body already vanished. The dent began to inflate all by itself. In a moment it's done. This time it's again begun to attack with rays. But this time it was different. All the light was like slither, always chasing all them no matter how they moved.

Soon two water flood dragons from the brother of the Aqua king and clashed with the two light slither that was chasing them. As they collide a sizzling sound appeared, the body of the Flood dragon began to vaporize bits by bits. Luckily the energy of the light slithers went out before the flood dragon got vaporised.

The Queen of Brann wasn't lucky enough. Her Orange flame didn't have any defensive capability, but the woman behind her came to her rescue. Her Green sticky flame wrapped around the light slither without letting it go. Soon the light got absorbed in the heart of the sticky green flame.

No matter how much the light slithers burned the vine it couldn't reach the emperor, whereas the Guide took the hit head-on with a smile on its face. The slither couldn't penetrate the Frontier energy shield made of constantly rotating chain, just died trying.

"I have an idea how to take it down." The Guide suddenly said.

Everybody looked at him.

"But I need 50% of its whole body" The guide shamelessly said.

Everyone turned silent. The Elemental agreed first, as they didn't depend on the material things to fight the metals are less necessary to them. Soon the other to agree too, the safety is the main priority for them.

"Ok, then let's get with the plan. I am not sure about it but it had around 24.356% chance of success." The Guide stopped for a moment to look at other then said " If we heat up one side of the metal and the cool down the other at the same time, rapidly, the stress will build up in the metal and the metal will become fragile and will crack. It's happened to all the metal or metal alloy we have, there is a chance that its shell will crack."

Hearing the guide some was confused some was surprised.

The queen asked first "So I have to heat up on one side."

"I will cool down the other." The Aqua King was excited.

"Ok, let me help" The Frontier King bend down and touched the ground. Multiple chains shoot out of the ground and tied the beast at the mid-air. As soon as the chain wrapped around its body It was moving vigorously to shake off the chain from its body.

"Quickly, it's too strong" The Frontier King pleaded.

Soon a cool water bubble formed at the one side of the beast and enveloped half of its body. While reddish-orange fire flared up at the other side of the body. Soon the body of the beast began to deform, continuously deflating and inflating again and again. The chain wrapped around its body more strongly. No matter how much they made it struggle they couldn't crack its shell.

Suddenly the Emperor came in raised his hand. A gigantic sword with yellow sheen started to form above the beast. When it fully formed it turned out to be the sword that represented the flag of the Empire.

The Emperor raised his hand in the air for a moment then slammed the hand down with full force. With it, the sword plunged in the ground impaling the beast with it. The Beast struggled for a moment then blasted in an explosion.

Author's Thoughts

aree aree

Only an energy could harm an elemental

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