91.86% The Chaos of Evolution / Chapter 111: The Path to Immortality

Chapter 111: The Path to Immortality

Chapter 111

It was dark, wherever I could see it was total darkness. The only light that was illuminating it, was me. There was a light halo around me. I don't know what it means, but I think this light actually the one that was stopping me from finding the soul, but I have to walk on, I have to find my soul, without it I won't be able to become an immortal.

I don't know how long I was moving but soon I could feel there was something in front of me. I want to run but I couldn't. The more I want to increase my speed the more tired I have become.

I really don't understand what is this space of consciousness is. By the manual of [Timeless Cultivation] it was the space where the soul of a human reside. But I don't know why it was so dark or why there is a halo around me. I have to find it, it's a monotonous and boring process but there was no other way around it. After finding my blood seed it took me whole 1 month to enter my space of consciousness. No matter how hard it was, at that time I really felt that was the easiest part. But after that everything was bleak. I was wondering for more than 2 months without any results until now.

The moment I felt something was in front of me, I tried to run but the result was same, it became really hard to even lift my leg. I had to stop to rest. I was only hoping that it just doesn't run away. I don't know whether I was lucky or not but the presence in front of me didn't move an inch. I slowly closed in with excitement but all that went away just the moment the halo around me reached it. First thing came into my view was the red leg.

'Yamdut? Is my soul is of a Yamdut?' I couldn't help but question myself. It was written in the manual that the soul is like a mirror to the mind, If it is really a Yamdut then I couldn't help but question my origin.

"I am not your soul." Those words surprised me. 'Did the Yamdut just talk?'

"We can't really talk, but as I am bound to this space of consciousness, so you can hear my thoughts, so do I."

"So all those things I absorbed should also be bound in this space of consciousness?"

"I don't know, I was never able to escape my 'Karma', so I don't know the other path."

"'Karma'? Another path? What are those? I had never heard about it before. What is that?"

But one answered wasn't the Yamdut in front him, it was the Avichi Yamdut that came out of the dark.

"Why are you here?" I was little surprised that the Avichi could move on its own.

"Why shouldn't I be? I have already attained my 'Moksha'. Not even Samsara could bound me, much less this space of consciousness." The boy sized Avichi proudly said.

"'Moksh'? 'Samsara'? Even he said about something called 'Karma'. What are these things?" The words of these Yamduts weren't making much of senses to me. But it felt like these things might have some relation to finding one soul. Just to be sure I asked.

"I glad you asked. I have something to say about the [Timeless Cultivation] manual you are using. Somehow I feel the one who created it, was using the same concept that we use."

I couldn't be more happy hearing this. No matter how bold the words were in the manual, if it is baseless then it would have no value at all. The gamble I took was too high, and if it wasn't able to deliver then it will be just waste of time. I have questioned myself, many times for last 2 months, whether or not it was the right path. But I had no answer, so I have to walk on. Now that Avichi said those words I felt some relief.

"Is this really the path of immortality?"

On my question, Avichi gave me a smile. "Before that, you need to understand something. There are four paths of life. After birth human got bounded by Samsara. He would choose 3 of the 4 paths called, 'Dharma', 'Artha' and 'Karma'. Only those who were able to free themselves from the bindings of Samsara reached the path of 'Moksha' will have a chance of gaining immortality. 'Moksha' is self-realization and self-knowledge, finding one soul is 'Moksha'. That is what you are doing, but…"

'Why the hell he is trying to riddle me now?' Does, creating suspense gave him joy? Before I could ask for more he continued, "But attaining Moksha means you will have a long life, even 1000 or 2000 years won't be any problem. But it is not immortality."

I was disheartened for a moment but it wasn't long. If I remember correctly it is just the second steps of the cultivation techniques. So there must more to it.

"I think you are right. This is just the beginning, so there will be more to it. All I can say that are some people who were able to gain immortality through the path of 'Moksha'. But the paths are lost in time."

Right now I really don't have interest in those lost paths of immortality, those of the past won't help me at all. But I remembered that the ruler of Naraka was one of the immortal.

"I heard that the ruler of Naraka is an immortal."

"Yes, he is called Dharmaraj Yama. Out of the 4 paths 'Drama' is the hardest one, but he gained immortality by that path, he is one of the strongest Deva."

I understand it now. But it won't help me at all. I have to find the soul first.

I started walking again, but the Yamdut and Avichi were following me. Before I asked, Avichi said, "He was released by you when you reached him. He is like a part of your soul. So is me."

I sucked cold breath. Surprised is the word that could explain my expression. "Why didn't you said it before?" I shouted.

"I thought you know. You were the one who absorbed it"

If they are the one whom I absorbed and they became a part of me, then I have to release all those whom I absorbed to be able to find my soul. I am happy, I am really happy now. At least I have an aim before me. All I had to do find it all.

But who have known that it would so long that...

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