78.26% The Book of the Universe / Chapter 18: League of Assassins

Chapter 18: League of Assassins

Lin Rouyan was currently facing a torrent of different emotions. Her expression distorted countless times, unable to choose what it should express, the only thing that stayed constant was her beautiful cheeks that were flushed red.

As her mind cleared up slightly, it finally hit her how ambiguous her position was currently, blood rushed to her head as she pushed herself off Long Yu in a panic.

The moment she left his embrace, he felt a sense of disappointment, as he could no longer feel the soft sensation on his chest. It was his first time coming in such close contact with a woman, and he had to say the feeling was quite addictive.

"You.. Who are you really?" She asked in a flustered tone, her hands covering the area that was plastered on his chest just a moment ago.

"I don't think that matters right now Miss Lin, I think you should go greet our visitors outside. It seems they don't have the friendliest of intentions." Long Yu calmly said.

Upon hearing the reminder that there were still attackers, she quickly composed herself. She didn't have to time to deal with this right now.

She looked at Long Yu and glared at him slightly, with the intent to be intimidating, but her red cheeks and current expression only made her seem like a cute little girl that wanted to be pampered.

"Wait here. After this, you better give me a proper explanation!"

Suddenly her eyes sharpened, and a powerful aura exploded out of her, revealing the might of a Rank Two Spirit King!

She jumped up, smashing through the roof of the carriage, where she soared up twenty meters before she stopped and floated in the air.

"Miss, are you alright?!" Lin Fu yelled with a worried tone. He had noticed the assassination attempt and tried to rush to her Miss as fast as possible, but he had been held up by three figures in black. His clothing was soaked in deep red as he floated towards his Miss. If you looked slightly in the distance, you could see three pools of blood.

"I'm fine Uncle Fu," she replied, but she added in her heart. 'Thanks to someone.'

Seeing that her Miss was alright, Uncle Fu was relieved but his brows furrowed slightly, noticing that her cheeks were red.

Lin Rouyan eyes flared with anger as she scanned the area with her Divine Sense. Her powerful Spirit King aura caused her beautiful long hair to flutter in the air. Waving her hand slightly, a shiny blue sword appeared in her hands as killing intent exploded out from her body.

She no longer seemed like a graceful fairy. Her powerful aura, coupled with the sword, made her look like a war goddess!

"Show yourself, before I completely obliterate you. Let's see who has to guts to attack me." Lin Rouyan spoke with a chillingly icy tone, the complete opposite of her previous gentle and charming voice.

In response to her threat, twenty figures clad in black clothing appeared like ghosts as they completely surrounded Lin Fu and Lin Rouyan. Each and every single one of them had a dense and menacing aura that could have only be obtained if they had slaughtered thousands.

Lin Rouyan's complexion turned ghast at the sight of the 20 figures. Lin Fu's expression had also turned grim, he could tell that all these people weren't pushovers.

"Hahaha, how do you do Princess of the Lin Clan? Are you having a nice day?" One of the masked black-robed figures asked, their voice filled with ridicule.

The man who just spoke stepped forward, as he reached his hand towards his face, and removed the mask hiding his features. What was revealed was a somewhat handsome man, except for the fact that his face was riddled with scars and marks that made him look terrifying.

"You're Chen Feng from the League of Assassins!" Lin Fu spoke with surprise. He immediately recognized who this person was, his photo was scattered all across the Continent, and given his status, he knew a lot more than the common folk.

The League of Assassins was a mysterious group. Like their name implied, they specialized in assassinations, however, it was better to call them brainless animals as they would do anything when given the right price.

Nobody knew how many members they had, but there were several members from the League of Assassins that were especially infamous, with Chen Feng being one of them.

"Chen Feng, you better hurry up and tell me who employed you and scram!" Lin Rouyan spoke threateningly. She had also heard about Chen Feng before, he was someone only those with an excessive amount of money could employ.

"Hahaha, What a joke Princess, why would you need to know when you're going to die anyway! I'm surprised you're even alive right now."

"Oi, who was the useless shit that couldn't even do their job properly!" Chen Feng shouted out towards his subordinates.

Someone stepped forward, before quickly whispering something into Chen Feng's ear. As he listened, a quick expression of surprise appeared on his face before it quickly turned into disdain.

"A mortal? HAHAHA, what a joke! Who cares about a mortal, we'll just kill him off afterwards! But to think the Princess of the Lin Clan would be associating with a mortal... What would the world think if they heard such news," Chen Feng mockingly said.

The figure who whispered to Chen Feng wanted to say something else, seeing that his boss wasn't taking his news seriously. But before he could even say another word, a sword came flying towards his neck.


Blood splattered everywhere as the figure's head was sliced off his body. Chen Feng had sent the head flying without even blinking as if it was a normal occurrence to him.

"I don't need anyone who can't accomplish simple tasks, less so when they speak nonsense! A mortal made you fail your assassination .. What a joke." Chen Feng sneered.

Seeing Chen Feng being so ruthless, Lin Rouyan and Lin Fu slightly frowned. They weren't strangers when it came to killing, after all, if you wanted to survive in the cultivation world, you had to be ruthless. However, witnessing his nonchalant attitude made them want to rip his throat out.

"Now, since the trash has been taken care of, shall we finish the job and go home early today?" Chen Feng stated, as if the two in front of him were already dead in his eyes.

"YOU DARE!" Lin Fu shouted in anger, as an aura of Rank Two Spirit Emperor exploded out his body and its pressure came crashing down towards Chen Feng.

Even though he was being faced down with such a frightening aura, Chen Feng didn't even blink as he merely raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the remaining nineteen figures aura all exploded! Shockingly, every single one of the had a cultivation no lower than Rank Nine Spirit Grandmaster!

'This... Who in the world wants to kill us so badly? I can handle these small fries, but the Miss!' Lin Fu thought to himself, making a decision, a talisman appeared in his hand for a brief moment as he infused his Spirit Qi into it, it instantly disintegrated.


Somewhere in the Vermilion Empire Capital City

A middle-aged man was currently sitting a room, meditating when suddenly his eyes opened, bursting with killing intent.

"Someone dares attack my beloved daughter?! Courting Death!" The middle-aged man's said with an enraged voice. His voice startling everyone in the area.

He left a small note where he was sitting, before he instantly disappeared from the room.


"Hahaha, you better just surrender Princess, you're no match for me without your Uncle Fu. Even if he is powerful, he won't be able to defeat all my men fast enough, you'll be nothing but dead-meat by the time he reaches you!" Chen Feng said arrogantly.

Suddenly his aura bursted, causing Lin Rouyan to fly back slightly. His aura was that of a Rank Eight Spirit King, which was unexpected!

"Let's see you how you can say another word when I slit your throat!" Lin Rouyan yelled with killing intent. Even if she had a lower cultivation than him she wasn't going down without a fight!

Instantly disappearing from their previous positions, they reappeared as their sword clashed.

The impact of the two swords made the air tremble, and it created a massive shockwave of Spirit Qi that exploded in every direction, causing the surrounding grass and trees to tear and rip.




The two exchanged blows at impossible speeds, but in mere seconds, it was clear that Chen Feng was overwhelming her. There was a whole six rank difference after all!

Lin Rouyan hair was disheveled, her sweat caused her tight clothing to stick to her as it exposed all her curves with even greater detail. She glared at Chen Feng with unwillingness, she knew she was losing, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Seeing that expression Chen Feng laughed hysterically, but it wasn't enough for him, he could only be satisfied when he saw his targets drown in absolute despair! Only then would he end their pathetic lives, he was nothing more than blood-crazed maniac!


The two continued to fight, Lin Rouyan was getting more desperate as her Spirit Qi continued to depleted at a rapid pace. She lost focus for a mere second, causing her to be sent flying downwards like a shooting star.


"MISS!" Lin Fu cried out, he had already slain fourteen of the nineteen men, but these last five were exceptionally strong, he wouldn't be able to reach her Miss in time!

The ground shook, as the dust settled, Lin Rouyan was laying on the ground, her body covered in dirt, blood dripping from her mouth. She could no longer fight, her Spirit Qi fully depleted.

Chen Feng landed on the ground, as he licked his lips, slowly walking toward Lin Rouyan with his sword dragging behind him. His eyes filled with killing intent as he focused all of his pressure directly on her.

It was like a tiger who was playing with its food, the outcome had already been decided before the battle had even started.


Lin Rouyan coughed up a mouthful of blood, with her internal organs in shambles and no Spirit Qi left, she was already on the verge of death.

She didn't know why, but at this moment she turned her head towards the broken carriage, it was a ridiculous thought, but she hoped that maybe a miracle could occur once again.

Just as Chen Feng was about to reach Lin Rouyan, a calm and gentle voice rippled across the battlefield, alarming everyone.

"How about you stop right there?"

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