4.38% New Earth- The Dungeon of Madness / Chapter 5: Observing and taking notes

Chapter 5: Observing and taking notes

"Here, wear that !"

As soon as he opened his eyes, Five saw Harriet handing him a set of clothes. Sending a questioning look to Harriet, he asked: "What are those ?"

"Although you look like a human, your clothes clearly do not reflect that you are an adventurer, even though those are not the best, it is very suitable for low-level adventurers. There ! Go in the side room, I also need to change."

Not waiting for his answer, she turned and entered another side room with a set of black clothes.

Five looked around him, behind him was the teleportation platform that he just used, he was not standing in the middle of a huge corridor, larger than the one connected to his room.

With an expressionless face, Five entered the empty side room and changed himself. He was recalling his first lesson, why was Kroff so evasive with his answers? Was it because he was against joining his alliance? Or was it just his competitive nature?

In any case, it was clear that Kroff was not going to be much of a help, he needed to learn by himself and make the most of his stay here. But should he prepare himself in case Kroff turns out to be planning something for him?

It was better to be safe than sorry.

Five put on the clothes, he now looked like a different person, instead of the plain white shirt and pants he was wearing earlier, the light grey armor and the brown pants gave him a valiant air. He looked at himself in the mirror and could not help but recall some memories.

He recalled how he used to stand on top of the town's highest skyscraper to watch the sunset. He remembered the time he spent with his teammates and his harsh training, it was really tough and he constantly wanted to drop but he persevered and succeeded in the end.

But then he clenched his fists as he remembered that in the end, his training and everything he went through during the last year was already set up by his enemy. He was just playing in the hands of this family, unaware that he was just being a pawn.

Five was still recalling his memories when the door was suddenly opened and Harriet entered.

"Why are you taking so long, even I have already changed myself. "

Five took a deep breath to calm himself, he then turned to look at Harriet and immediately gulped down. The Harriet in front of him was now wearing a tight body suit that was meant for rogues, it was sticking to her smooth white skin, highlighting her perfect curves and slim figure. She had tied her long purple hair in a ponytail revealing her womanly charms. On her slim waist hung 2 shiny curved daggers that further highlighted her body.

Quickly getting himself together, Five pinched himself and said "Sorry, I was just thinking about something, I am ready, let's go"

Harriet chuckled and quickly turned around and brought Five to the end of the corridor, it looked like a dead end but when Harriet placed her hand on the wall. Suddenly, the wall seemed to move, the different pieces of the strange material seemed to position themselves to make a hole just big enough to allow 1 person to go through.

Harriet immediately went through that gap and from the other side, made a hand sign, telling Five to step forward.

The latter naturally walked forward and went on the other side,

"What was that? An employee's entry door ?"

"Huh? What's an employee? It is just another secret passage, you did notice when looking at the map earlier that there are some secret rooms on the different floors, there are also secret tunnels that we can use to move more easily in the dungeon. It is impossible for adventurers to know about their existence, there is absolutely no difference between that wall and the others, so it is a very safe route for us."

Five nodded and looked around him, he and Harriet arrived in a deserted room. There were no adventurers in sight and it made sense, no adventurers would come here to farm slimes on the first floor but still, it was a good starting point to observe the monsters' behavior.

"You can go anywhere, I will just act as your bodyguard and stay nearby," said Harriet

"Alright, let's go find some slimes, can I kill them too ?"

"Sure, but don't kill too much, each one of them cost DP, it would be rude to completely leech off Kroff" answered Harriet with a little laugh.

"Ok, can you lend me a dagger, I have no weapons right now."

Harriet hesitated a little but then took out a dagger from her back and handed it to Five, "there, don't lose it"

Five took the dagger and had a quick look at its stats.

[Harpy's Blood(+2)(Grade 3)]

Damage: 31-34

Effect 1 : [Wind Blessing] : +10% damage from wind attribute spells

Effect 2: [Harpy Affinity]: +10% damage when used by a Harpy

Five looked at the dagger, even though he could not compare the dagger with any other weapons, he clearly knew that this was a very powerful one, grade 3 obviously meant that there were worse grades than this.

He tossed the dagger in his hand and made a small spin, in the past, he did learn how to use a dagger but rarely used one, he was recalling the basic movements as he was juggling the dagger with his 2 hands.

"Thanks, I will give it back soon."

After that, Five walked out of the room via the nearest corridor; Harriet naturally followed him but did not say anything.

After walking for a few seconds, he finally met his first monster, a level 3 slime. The slime looked like a huge pile of moving blue jelly, it did not have any eyes but still, when Five approached it, it noticed his presence and started sliding towards him.

Five was still observing the monster, he already knew its stats; they were all low, but it did have a special membrane covering it which reduced physical damage.

Suddenly, the slime's body seemed to curve in and spit a blue substance at Five. The latter was already prepared for that and stepped on the side and stabbed the dagger at the slime. "-26".

That movement once again reminded him of his past, though he used to move like that with guns rather than a dagger, the movements were still rather familiar for his legs.

Five then quickly spun the dagger in his hand and swung it back at the slime. "-28" and with that, the slime stopped moving and slowly disintegrated to nothing. Slimes typically had between 40 to 60 HP, so 2 hits were more than enough to finish this one since it was just level 3.

[System Prompt: You have killed a slime, you are awarded 5 DP]

"So I can also get DP from killing monsters myself, I do not entirely have to rely on monsters. Well let's farm as much as possible here, they are just slimes, Kroff would not complain too much." said Five to himself

He then quickly resumed walking through the corridor and killed any slimes he encountered. Their levels ranged from level 1 to 6 but with such a strong dagger in hand, Five could easily kill almost all slimes with just 2 hits.

Meanwhile, Harriet was silently walking next to Five, she did not say anything and only observed him for a while, after a few minutes of hunting, she eventually asked him if he wanted to check out the higher floors and he immediately agreed, the slimes were very easy to defeat, he had already collected 200 DP.

He once again went into the corridor they came from, from his point of view, all rooms looked exactly the same but Harriet could distinguish between them.

Back in the corridor, Five did not rush to the second floor, instead, he asked Harriet: "Harriet, do you have something to write like pens and papers ?"

"Yes, of course, those can be bought with DP, since they are not living things and not combat-related things, they are very cheap but what do you need to write ?"

"I would just like to take some notes about the things I noticed on the first floor, it would be very useful for when I will build my own dungeon."

"Sure, there," said Harriet while a small stack of paper and a pen magically appeared in her hand.

Five quickly took them and started scribbling down his observations. He wrote down some notes about the slimes and the terrain and about how to improve them, for example, he noticed how the slimes were always wandering alone in the rooms, if they were together, it would definitely be harder for him to kill them. He also noted down the absence of resources on this floor, there were only slimes and nothing for these slimes to feed on, DPs had to be spent daily for their consumption. Five thought that it would be much better if a self-sustaining ecosystem was created on the floor, that way, he would not have to spend much DP., but of course, he would not share this thought with Kroff.

As he was writing his thoughts, Harriet peeped on his notes with a strange look,

"What are you writing? Is that the human language ?"

"Huh? Human language? This is English, do you not understand it ?"

"English? The only language I know is the Demon's language. I did not need to know how to read and write before coming to the dungeon, Kroff had to teach me those."

"Demon's Language? Well, at least we can still understand each other when we talk..." said Five.

'Then that means that only players would understand Earth's Languages...'

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  • Mistborn


    Sigh 😔 does every hetero***ual man need to do a double take and wipe his chin whoever they see a good looking woman? How thirsty Are these boys?

  • SuspendedDisbelief


    He was a prisoner so probably pretty thirsty.

  • Morvian


    at least he can be at ease that kroff will never know what he wrote!~

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