85.71% Era of Heroes / Chapter 6: The Hero-Kings of Flora

Chapter 6: The Hero-Kings of Flora

That night, Enoch was home with a pile of books next to his person, which he had borrowed from the library. By the dimly lit fire, he was reading on the history of the Kingdom of Flora, curious about its origins. After he had been reborn, he did not spend much time learning about the world and the happenings of the past eleven hundred years. Rather, he focused on the path to becoming a hero, which was currently the most prestigious and noble job in the world.

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In his past life, he also pursued the most prestigious and noble job in the world, the magician. Back then, before his time, magic was convoluted and confusing. The studies of magic were insubstantial and thus, powerful magicians held a great deal of prestige. It wasn't until Enoch revolutionized magic and created a complete system that magicians rose to prominence.

Enoch was reading a book titled, "The Hero-Kings of Flora," which gave a brief introduction of all the Hero-Kings that had existed in Flora, past and present.

While the academy touched upon the history of the Hero-Kings in Flora, they didn't go into exact detail. Enoch was curious just what kind of figures these peak existences were and so he decided to study up on them himself. The first person he looked for, though, was the current Hero-King, Mordred.

After looking up the page in the table of contents, he immediately turned to that page to see a portrait of Mordred, looking slightly younger.

"Hero-King Mordred," Enoch read in a soft voice, "Wait, he's only an acting Hero-King?! He's been in office for nine years!" Enoch was surprised. For as long as he could remember, Mordred had been the Hero-King, but he was only a temporary king?! Who is the current king then? Enoch turned the page back to see who was the actual Hero-King.

"Hero-King James," Enoch read, "Skilled in magics and the sword, he is the strongest Hero-King to ever exist so far. After the Third Hero War, he left Flora and there is no set timeframe of when he will return." Strongest Hero-King in existence?! This was an unfathomable type of person! Enoch wondered why he would go missing, but there were very little details about the Third Hero War. It was as if people did not want to talk about the events, or they knew very little of it. This raised some suspicions in Enoch. The world was becoming more and more mysterious since eleven hundred years ago. Enoch thought.

"He is also somebody who can use magic and swords." Enoch commented, just like him. It looked existences like him were still quite rare, even if there was a system of magic. It was understandable, after all. The pursuit of magic was a pursuit of the world's laws. One had to wholeheartedly dive into the study of magic. Somebody who has multitalented like King James were too rare, and would probably be considered sublime prodigies. Learning the sword was easy, but learning magic was difficult.

Even with the simplified magic system that was created a little over eleven hundred years ago, it still stood that magic was an extremely complex area of study, after all. So much so that many of the top magicians at the time would focus on only one area of magic, such as fire magic, or thunder magic, or even water magic. Only the most wondrous prodigies and peak figures would be adept at multiple, or in even rarer cases, all magics. Enoch used to be the grandfather of magic, so it wasn't surprising that he had mastered every magic there was. Even then, it only fully completed the study of magic about two decades before he passed away.

With the knowledge of magic in his mind, Enoch had a shortcut to becoming a great and powerful hero. However, since he had already mastered magic, he would also learn how to fight in close combat in order to protect himself better. After all, powerful existences who were well versed in magic and physical combat were extremely rare. It was to the point where somebody like Hero-King James could be considered a top tier Hero.

As Enoch read more about James, he became more fascinated. He also become more aware of just how powerful the top tier Heroes were, and just what kind of people they were. He had underestimated the heroes of this age, but it was no matter, Enoch was essentially already halfway to the path of becoming a hero king. He was, after all, a master of magic. He only needed time to becoming a top tier magician, since the only thing he was currently lacking was his mana pool. He only needed to develop and train his mind more so that he would be able to use and store more mana at once. Other than that, he was already the best magician in existence!

Enoch read more about the other Hero-Kings for about a few hours before he went to bed. Michael wanted to meet up with them early tomorrow morning, so it was good to get some rest before the meeting.

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