37.5% Saga of the Overgod / Chapter 6: Badass Tromer

Chapter 6: Badass Tromer

Four more days have passed since then. That time, what Farjan only did is to take a rest in his own room. It made his mother worry. She takes care of him like when he is a child. Clearly, even if Farjan is no child anymore, she still treats him like one and for her, he will be forever the child that she always takes care of.

The next day...

The day that the Dowter clan feared of has come. The young master of the Sofori clan, Michael, personally come bringing over an army of imperial guards, roughly two hundred of them. Surely, he will use this amount of the fully equipped armies to scare the ordinary citizens of Dowter clan.

All the Dowter clan member gathered outside. There are normal members, elders, and the clan leader.

"What business do you have here?" The clan leader asked.

Although he knew what is the reason of them being here, he still asked them just to put some face for his clan. He cannot beg to them and will never beg for them. Why would he beg for something his clan owned? That's ridiculous! Only shameless and pitiful people do that.

"Idiot! You know the answer, yet you still asked our young master! You can't even touch his fingers, why dared to speak?"Samir said furiously but then, later the left side of his lips curled up into a smile.

"Wait! You are a mere subordinate of this young lad! Yet dared to be arrogant, you can't even compare to me! People like you should stop talking. You only use your mouth for your own benefits."The third elder said.

Clearly, this Samir is taking the chance to get Michael's faith. When he heard the third elder's reply, his face became unsightly and out of anger, he speaks again...

"Hey! I think you have a sharp tongue there. Who do you think is arrogant!? YOU are the arrogant! You are from a low-class clan yet you still have the courage to say those things! Are you retard~..."

"Stop! You're talking too much Samir! You make my ears bleed."Michael finally spoke.

Samir ceased talking after hearing this. He just stands there unmoving, gritting his teeth and glaring furiously at the third elder. He's like a child that saw the man who steals his favorite toy. He cannot fight the man, so he just glared at him.

"We are here to PROPERLY get the mining site you have there. Don't worry we will not get the things you already got, just the mining site."Michael said. He emphasizes the word 'properly' as if to say that they pose no harm.

"Properly huh? With that army of fully equipped Imperial guards? Tell me, how will you respond if a person tells that he will get your mining site 'PROPERLY' with an army like what you have there?"The clan leader replied coolly.

Michael looks toward his army of Imperial guards then turned back again and said, "These? Uhm... they are my personal bodyguards, I think?"He replied.

The fourth elder suddenly stepped forward and said, "Why do you have an ARMY of bodyguards? Do you think we are that kind of person who just kills whenever we want? Are you a scaredy little boy who needs protection? Or it is for scaring us? Oops! I think I've gone too far. Sorry."

"You!" Michael is now insulted to the extreme. In his life only a few people dared to do that, only people with the same status as him can do so. But now, a mediocre has done it, he is now very angry that blue veins are popping on his forehead.

"Get the mining site and demolish all their houses, if anyone resists, you know what to do." He commanded the army.

The elders and the clan leader all knitted their brows. This young man in front of them is so egoistic, he cannot control himself over some insults, he is really immature.

"Why demolish our houses? Are you insane?"The third elder said.

Michael paid him no heed. He turned and walks toward a carriage, there he sits and waited.

The Imperial guards army started to seize the mining site. Some dared to fight back but only bad results happen to them. After seeing the incidents nobody dared to do the same wrong decisions. The leader and the elders are left there standing as they watched their houses being destroyed.

In one of the houses in the Dowter clan, Farjan's family house.

Farjan is sleeping when he heard the sounds of the houses being destroyed. He slowly stands up. He is still in a weakened state but no matter what, he walks until he is in front of the door, he slowly opened it and when it is fully opened, he saw the pitiful state of his clan. Mothers and children are crying, some are begging, most houses are destroyed, some are burned. He cannot tell what he was feeling; angry, indignant, maddened, infuriated and wrathful, all of these are building up inside of him.

Looking at his side, fifteen meters away, he saw a woman kneeling in front of an imperial guard. She's begging for something, but the guard pays him no heed. The woman is persistent when the guard started to walk past her, she grabbed his foot and begged again. The guard is now irritated so he kicked the woman off.

Farjan knows this woman; it's her mother after all. Seeing what has happened he immediately rotated his cultivation base, he forms his hand into a gripping motion. Suddenly, the guard who kicked his mother had his head exploded. Chunks of meat and some brains are scattered, luckily this man is now away from his mother if not, then his mother will be full of blood.

Many people saw what happened and a blank look is now seen on their facial expression.

After doing that, Farjan is now on the verge of collapse. His vision became blurred, after a few seconds, he will fall, but a middle-aged man catches him then said,"I've told you to just rest, but you still pushed yourself." It's his master, Tromer."You may now rest for a bit and let me handle this matter."

Tromer gave Farjan a blue potion, "Consume it, it will help you recover from this weakening body."It is a potion he especially concocted for Farjan's condition. Then, he asked Farjan who is now collapsing, "Do you have a request?"Their gazes met and from that Tromer got his answer."Copy."

Tromer did some stretching for a minute then he said while grinning, "BRING IT ON!"

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