Chapter 3: Chapter 3

It's been two weeks and I still remember everything. I don't know who those people are or where to find them, I can't possibly erase my own memory. Then again they fail trying to erase my memory, they might fail again. Remembering what happened in the park made me, start to shake again. I felt chills go down my spine, I don't ever want to feel useless like that again, I don't want even the slightest hope to be lost. Now I'm getting carried away, it's better to just live a simple life.

My mom and dad aren't here, they are never here. Always busy traveling for work and funny thing I don't even know what their work is. They always kept a tight lip on it. Makes me wonder if they work for the mystery people, well anything is possible.

I don't go to school, but I do attend online school. I only started to attend school online this year after getting permission from my parents.

I took a rare nap today, In that nap that lasted till the next morning I had a weird dream. I was in a white dress and my hands were tightly chained and I was forced to walk in a line with other girls in similar clothings. The one forcing us to do it were humans too, but they gave off a scary aura and something about them just wasn't right. They had orange hair, not that I haven't seen people with orange hair, but I don't know how to explain it and it was based purely on my instinct.

One by one the girls entered a large area, in the middle was a open space and the sides had benches and viewing towers. Screams erupted from the benches and the girls around me started crying and wailing. From their mumble and mutters I couldn't make anything out. Though I felt my body shake and I felt warm tears on my face, I was calm in my mind. I thought to myself, was I in someone else's mind?

My legs couldn't handle it anymore and I fell face first onto the dirt. I felt a force pull my hair and I was force to sit and have a look at my surroundings. As time went on I started to figure things out that an auction was going on and the girls were the prizes. As my number got called I was dragged into a cage. "Number 66, a young girl around the age of 13, she is found to have some energy depot inside of her..." A loudspeaker was shouting the information about number 66, "Now let's begin the bidding!"

As time went on the biddings got higher and higher until the finale bidding put a halt on the rest. I was knocked out after the bidding was done. I woke up on hay and I continued to shake. "It's fine now, you won't become a slave," I look behind to see a handsome youth around the age of 20. " just know that you'll be safe and out of this place soon. The handsome youth smiled " you aren't the only one who was saved" I look around to find ten more girls huddle together and glimmers of hope showed in their eyes, I felt hope to for some reason.

I woke up before I found out more about anything else. It was weird, I was in the body and I was seeing, smelling, and hearing everything the body did, but it wasn't my body. Just like most dreams I couldn't remember some part of it, I couldn't even remember the face of the youth I thought was handsome. I didn't dwell on it for too long though, I had stuff to do.

I have no idea what to do today, I have no work, no nothing, I was free today. Should I work out? Totally!

Who am I kidding, I'll just take a walk with some snack it hand, just...just incase I lose to much of my lovely fat.

Strolling around in a different park, then I usually do. I took my time walking with some potato chips in my right hand and apple juice in the left hand. Oh, what a lovely day for snacks and juice, I thought to myself.

Suddenly I heard a scream, I had a bad feeling about this, but my nosy personality got the best of me. I threw away my trash in a nearby trash can, I am a good person I don't litter, I thought. I gave myself good karma point for doing such a good deed and I will definitely reward myself with more snacks when I get home.

My instinct went on full blast, it was the same as last time, again, I had a bad feeling about this, it felt like Déjà vu.

This park was located around the mountain area and part of it was private land. Walking through the area, I can see some trees had purple paint marks on it. Walking in deeper I could only hear the constant chirping of the bugs.

Going further I can hear crying of children's.

I can see that there was a group of kids age around 9-15 being surrounded by a big bug like monster.

This monster gave me the chills, it was as ugly as the last monster maybe even more. It had huge hairy like limbs, and several eyes on its head. It was like a spider but way scarier.

Behind the monster I can see that there were three big cocoons. Two was fully wrapped while one was still being wrapped.

The kids were being wrapped, and surrounded. Suddenly I remember something, I took out my phone and entered a number.

While at the headquarter of the organization I secretly took the number of Dennis. I forgot I had it or I would have called sooner.

"Hello who is this?" Said Dennis. "Oh, hi this is Mina, remember I talked to you a few week ago?"

"Wait how do you remember?" He said confused

"Sir, we can talk about that later even I don't know" I said.

"Ok, so why did you call?" He said

" You know the monster and whatever you talked about? Well I see a bunch of them right now and they are surrounding a group of kids" I said clearly.

"WHAT!" He yelled "Where?!"

I gave him the location and he said it will take a moment and hung up.

The kids scream again, the monster was coming closer. The older of the bunch came out to protect the younger, they were holding sticks and stones.

I grabbed a few rocks and threw it as hard as I can, directly hitting every single monster. They turn mad and went into a frenzy. Shit! I internally screamed, I was definitely going to die if I don't run now. At least I was going to die heroically, mama and papa I did my best. I couldn't run no more, the only choice was to fight.

The spider like monster came at me while the other just sat still and watched. I avoided the attack which only got the monster more agitated. I grabbed a random big sharp stick on the floor.

The monster came at me again and I avoided it and attacked it this time. The stick broke, it was a really hard and durable stick ,but it still broke. I swallowed nervously, this really might be my end.

I grabbed another good looking stick and avoided the monster attack a few more times until I found a opening. I smiled and I trusted the stick, the monster let out a roar and the other monster immediately came forward to attack. The first monster roared again, I made it even angrier because the place I trust the stick in was it's anus. The monsters surrounded me, at least I did something I thought and closed my eyes while laying on the ground. At that point I wasn't ready to die but fate had it funny on some people.

Luckily a group of men in black armor came to the rescue. Dennis was leading them in the front, the men's were shooting down the monster and some were slashing at them with swords. Literally a sword at this time of age and technology.

After all the monster was killed, and the kids were wrapped in blankets, Dennis came up to me. "Wait, hold we can talk about this later" I said first and then I fainted.

Aunty Aunty

I forgot to update this.

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  • jazzyjojo


    Way to go girl😍 fighting 😍

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